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American auto dealer offers free handguns


I love when gun debates come up...

People always take sides without having their facts straight. The first thing I noticed in the ad was "Proper background check required". They aren't just giving them away to anyone who wants one...as it should be. We're not talking arming masses of insane, violent, criminals here. Everybody has the right to protect themselves. Sure, it may be a bit extreme and gimicky, but I have no problem with it as long as it occurs through the proper channels. Hell, anything but would be illegal!

I firmly believe in the right to carry arms. I am a normal law abiding citizen. I would never use my guns to commit a crime. However, if you threaten me or my friends and family with intent to cause bodily harm...I WILL shoot you. I would first pursue every less lethal option at my disposal, such as my martial arts


As far as the argument that private citizens do not need guns... I lived in the city of Philadelphia for five years when attending college and currently live in the suburbs. The murder rate has averaged 1+ a day for several years, with bursts of sometimes 3 and 4 a day. That doesn't even begin to count all the other violent crimes. Obviously, the police cannot be relied upon to protect EVERY innocent that is out on the streets. When I travel to the city, my gun is like my American Express card...I don't leave home without it!

Three Gorges Dam an 'environmental catastrophe'


Destroy one of the natural wonders of the world...and then fail miserably...

The Three Gorges was one of the natural wonders of the world...one of the most beautiful and historic places on earth. They destroyed it because they thought the benefits outweighed saving it...and now this. Damn commies always F everything up!

eBay rethinks firearms policy


Sorry for the knee jerk reaction...but...

I just find it annoying to me, in particular, because I am one of those people most directly affected by their decision. I can appreciate everyone's point of view here, even eBay's business perspective. The comment about eBay buying Paypal (like everything else), I found particularly amusing. It just aggravates me that eBay used to be an open forum to sell (almost) anything. That is what got them to the top of the intenet marketplace and I, myself, have been active in that climb to the top. I've been a member for 8 years! My favorite is when they ban an auction because someone forgot to put one of their key words in there to warn the buyer of something or another. Anymore, they come up with reasons to ban this or that because it is potentially offensive to someone, can be used in a wrongful way, or just plain controversial. Isn't that best left to the Republicans? ;)



I have used eBay in the past to purchase parts and accessories for my guns and will greatly miss the ability. It was cheap, convenient, and with the right seller, quick shipping. When will the fascists at eBay learn that they can't police the world? Why hurt the normal, law-abiding citizens because of the actions of one crazed nut? Don't they realize that all they are doing is hurting their business because loyal customers, like myself, must now go elsewhere? It's not like they are going to keep me from getting what I want. I guess I will have to go one of their competitors, like gunbroker.com, instead. The only problem is that the majority of the sellers there won't take PayPal or other online pay services.