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Google Chrome's HTTPS ban-hammer drops on WoSign, StartCom in two months


Re: EU Anyone

There will be certificate holders in the EU who have used those companies. And going by some of the rulings the EU's "experts of the interwebs" have made in the past; any lost traffic will be Google's fault "due to their abuse of a dominant position in blah blah blah".

Although I suppose any lost traffic to a site using one of those certs (a legit cert) would be the fault of Google (they blocked it); obviously the CA is to blame really for being an arse.

Black Helicopters

EU Anyone

How long until some crank at the EU decides that Google is abusing it's position in the browser market by causing companies which behave unethically to be shut down (as its not likely startcom will survive this).

Obviously Google and the others are doing the correct thing here; but some EU idiot will decide to get a promotion by fining them billions again.

An no I didn't vote for brexit.

TV anchor says live on-air 'Alexa, order me a dollhouse' – guess what happens next


My phone goes "PING" (or some noise along those lines) when I get an email. In this day and age (much like soviet Russia) I don't check my email, my email checks me.

I am however permanently connected to the inter-webs in some way or other as I am that sort of person (currently reading the reg and ignoring the software I am meant to be writing; I blame the dog for making me get up so early so it could pee).

I do however take your point; but not paying attention to the notification doesn't absolve the person in the original post. They may not have purchased the echo but they turned it on and set it up; so they know what it could do and what steps they should have taken to be "safe" (checking their emails, etc).


The amazon app is in Google Play (most of their apps are https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Amazon+Mobile+LLC&hl=en_GB) so no "install pain" at all.


I have an amazon dash button (it amused me to have a button to order loo roll); and yes guests who use the facilities push the button for sh#ts and giggles (pun intended). But each time they do it pops up on my phone saying "Giant box of andrex on its way" (or something like that); so I just hit the "woops didn't mean to do that button" and the order never gets placed.

You also get emails for every amazon order you make within seconds; if you have an Amazon Echo in the house I am sure you also have a smart phone that picks up your emails. Are the parents of this little (very smart) girl claiming they didn't get the email and didn't think to cancel the order?

Me thinks that someone might just be after a quick 5 minutes of fame.

As for how well all these things work; if only my Google Phone and Watch could realise I don't want them both to 'OK Google' at the same time!

--Beer icon for when I can say "ok google drive my self driving car to the pub and get me a pint of what ever guest ale they have today; and on the way back can you find the deliveroo guy with my curry and give him a lift. Also record it all in the intake screen on my fitbit app please".

Eat my reports! Bart ransomware slips into PCs via .zip'd JavaScript




Geek's Guide to Britain – now a book. Permission to geek out granted



Don't get me wrong I will be getting a copy; but where is the kindle/epub version? Sell it for 99p on Kindle and 90% of reg readers will buy a copy. Sell it for this amount as a tree corpse and only 3.142% will buy it.

<Statistics bought to you by the EU Referendum statistics team; make sure you don't buy more than three bananas>

SELECT features FROM bumf... What's new in MS SQL Server 2016


Oh wont someone think of the EULA

Some great features, and some bumph. But hey who upgrades on day one (he says installing the release version on his development server).

Just make sure you read the EULA as Brent Ozar did for us all!


<stops install on multi instance dev server, and spins up new VM/>

EU mulls €3bn fine for Google


Re: Seriously...

If google put the words "ADVERT" at the top of the search listing with Gmail or Cal or similar would that be ok? All they are doing is suggesting their products; which are often what the user is looking for.

Are you suggesting that a supplier is not aloud to suggest their own product? If I go to bing and search for email I get result #1 as hotmail? Yahoo shows ymail as an option above gmail? Why are they not the target of the commission?


Re: Seriously...

No I am saying that many organisations suggest you use their product for a "such and such". Google simply suggests their email service when you look for email, etc.

My BBC comparison is a overly simplified one; you search a show on their site and they show you iplayer as its their product.



That is one way to hinder progress. Lets take loads of money away from someone who did a job and did it so well that everyone uses them.

When I want to watch a TV show made by the BBC; they send me to iPlayer immediately. But they could have sent me to netflix, amazon prime, itunes, google play, etc etc etc. Surely by the same logic the BBC/ITV/C4/C5/ETC need to be fined for putting their streaming service first on the list (or in fact the only one on the list).

I would love these bureaucrats to ask the population if they have a problem with Googles search practices before spending all our tax money on forcing Google to pay up.

Google really need to get around to buying an island and calling it a nation state.

Govt: Citizens, we know you want 10Mbps. This is the last broadband scheme for that


All well and good but....

The internet and access to it are extremely important. But if you choose to live in the ass end of no where miles away from the nearest city then you should expect to get poor asdl speeds over your 2 pair copper.

Has anyone asked the sheep farmer in deepest darkest wales if they actually want super-fast broadband?

IEEE delivers Ethernet-for-cars standard


Here we go

“IEEE 802.3bw, aka 100BASE-T1, is designed to give the auto sector a single homogeneous network architecture,”

100BASE-T1…. T1…. http://terminator.wikia.com/wiki/T-1

When asked 'What's a .CNT file?' there's a polite way to answer


Plot Twist

User had bought a new machine; it was a mac. He had lost his blue e.

Don’t get in a cluster fluster, Wikibon tells NetApp users


Off Topic

Interesting choice of post image, I am sat in the coffee shop next door to the boat it is on. Coincidence, or are the RegBots tracking my every move?

Sainsbury's Bank web pages stuck on crappy 20th century crypto


Seen that before

That response is exactly the same one I got when I raised it with them; not even possible to use their site with the latest chrome or on android/kindle-fire as it blocks the crypto.

They suggested that I disable the security warning; not the best of ideas. Not the main reason; but I have since closed my account with them!

>> Mines the one with the "How to Overreact guide in the pocket"

Doctor Who: Oh, look! There's a restaurant at the end of the universe in Hell Bent


Re: Impossible Girl

...Mind Blown

Mostly harmless: Berlin boffins bleat post epic TrueCrypt audit feat


Under contract....

My tinfoil hat is tingling....

I'm not saying this is true but what if, the governments know that trucrypt is breakable (they found a way somehow) the previous devs found out and told us all. Governments now trying to convince us to keep using it because its "like secure guys" rather than having us use something new that they cant crack.

Just sayin..

BT could lawyer up after Sky’s sport channels obligation removed


<shakes head/>

[They have something better than me, that's not fair]....

It's called sky sport; they pay for it's content. If you want it's content pay more for it than they do; simple.

My neighbor has a better car than me because he gets paid more than me by his employer. I want to drive a nice expensive car so I think my employer should have to pay me the same because its not fair otherwise. Or STFU.

If you can't compete in the market then close your company.

BT reveals vanishingly small detail about its fibre broadband network


"Streamed movies"

"Average super fast broadband use per line....45 HD Streamed Movies".

Yes streamed; most defiantly not torrented. And the 25GB up was also not the seeding of said torrents.

-- Dear tracking software review agent. I don't torrent.

Licence to snoop: Ipso facto, crypto embargo? Draft Investigatory Powers bill lands



I wonder if May realizes that her online banking would be viewable to all if we disabled end to end encryption?

Anyone know where I can find Ford? I want a thumb off the planet.

Amazon Echo: We put Jeff Bezos' always-on microphone-speaker in a Reg family home


You didn't ask the important question...

"Alexa, are you here to kill John Conner?"

I have previously had this response from Siri "Yes, I am here to do what ever you need." - I haven't dared to use Siri since (either that or the wife sold her fondle phone and got an android).

French woman gets €800 a month for electromagnetic-field 'disability'


Re: Poor choice of words?

I wasn't saying that a phobia/etc shouldn't be recognized, there are plenty that deserve recompense (PTSD in veterans etc). More that this is not caused by anything (unless you wish to say that EM waves caused her to have a mental condition, in which case this is fine!) external so the compensation seems somewhat odd.


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