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Microsoft has open-sourced PowerShell for Linux, Macs. Repeat, Microsoft has open-sourced PowerShell


Re: Microsoft Open Source ©

Knock off the noise, you bunch of wet nerds!!1!

The. Buck. Stops. Right. Fucking. Here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenix

End of story. Rather the beginning. Now go back to your favorite shells and start making funnier comments, you pricks!

Google had Obama's ear during antitrust probe


Re: Revolving doors

Exactly! This is the same fucking tune, played by a different band. Just replace Obama with Bush, and Google with Haliburton/Blackwater/etc. It's how the game is played. Don't bitch about finding out in a more elegant and open manner, let's promise to all vote for the ending of this bribery bullshit for influence and stop calling it "lobbying" and put a fucking stop to it. It won't happen overnight. No shit, sherlock, but get with the program, get a fucking clue, and let's stop letting corporations, however much you want to suck their dicks, run the country and set policy. And let's put in place a system that does not approve its' own ethics policies and their own pay increases (that never ever decrease, even when they fail to do any fucking work)

The people are onto the bullshit. This will end when the money is cut off from the pigs who crave it, in both major parties. HAHA! Thought I was going to favor one? You're a fucking dope, if you did.

We need a LobbyExit strategy, and we need to get the hicks on board. But that's easy. Look at the hillbillies rooting for their own economic demise over there in Blighty UK-town. What a fucking mess. Trick them, just like that, but in a direction that improves our country, not kicks it in the balls and says "good job, mate." Fucking hillbillies are just shit-people. Sorry to say, but they are.

Microsoft to overhaul Windows 10 UI – with a 3D Holographic Shell

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Re: align

Yes, they are "super aligned"... with the good old trusty, can't think of anything else, desktop metaphor. yawn.

Did these idiots every watch ANY episodes of Star Trek Any Generation? Holy buckyballs! Let's get to the future by NOT repeating the crappy desktop friggin' metaphor. Again.

IT security pro salaries: Silicon Valley? You'd be better off in Minneapolis


Re: Minnesota not so bad

Don't forget the mighty mighty Mystery Science Theater 3000 hails from MN. One of the all-time greatest nerd-shows of forever and ever!



Clinton outphished by Trump


I've seen this all before

Trump's half-hearted attempt to slide into public office that is. It's been tried before, by a much more clever person than he, but with much different effects.


see 1993.E2.80.9394:_Private_Parts_and_running_for_Governor_of_New_York, my link would not display correctly on this silly site.

The fourth paragraph has the details of Howard's run for governor. The similarities are there, but the big difference is that Howard could make an appearance and by sticking to his limited platform, he could drum up a lot of support not only with the main following but with the electorate in general having garnered 2/3rds of the votes required. He almost won the election, but had to bow out due to not wanting to release his tax reports. Sound like anyone we know? He reasoning was fairly silly; "I didn't want plumbers and other service people to know how much I make because they'll charge me more." As my paraphrase recalls from listening to the shows of that period. Anyway, Trump tried to take a page out of Howard's book and run for office as a crazy outsider, but he's not; Howard, funny, clever, or able to duplicate the frivolity or interest that a morning radio DJ could. Just saying crazy shit is what Trump must have taken away from Howard, because that's just about all he does apart from the failure to release the tax info and the run for office in general. He talks some idiotic bullshit to get anyone to listen, yet can't pony up the tax papers so we can verify this so-called "high income" and where is his bitch wife's fucking birth certificate? Wow, this fucked up party dies with a fucking whimper, not a roar. Republicans, the party of hypocrites, pretend millionaires, and real douchebags.

Bungling Microsoft singlehandedly proves that golden backdoor keys are a terrible idea

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Re: re: von Neumann

Sorry to be late to this party, but I'm on to you, friend. You need to watch an old PBS special called The Machine That Changed The World. It's five parts, and produced around 1992, so the Internet was still all text, and it predates www too, but all the important bits are in there; Babbage, Conrad Zusse[sp?], Eckert and Mauchly, ENIAC, EDSAC, all the SACs! The early IBM days, just the whole of computer history up until 1992, and there was a lot to cover. But, you are correct, many people are not knowledgeable about the history of computing in general. This series bridges a gap and provides the story from nothing until Internet and x386 desktops ruled the ancient skyline.

Web pages, Word docs, PDF files, fonts – behold your latest keys to infecting Windows PCs


Re: Are you seriously telling me...

And it gets even worse when you consider it as a service, that you pay for, with real money not barter rocks and squirrel tails, real world money money. Or, perhaps the model is now; OS is a service, adverts can help offset your payments, viruses and malware are always free for charge, sir. Have a nice day. Also, please take the survey at the end of this comment and let my supervisor know I provided you with excellent service today. Thank you! Come again!

Facebook to forcefeed you web ads, whether you like it or not: Ad blocker? Get the Zuck out!


Re: I'm wondering

Yes, they do that already and call it "Sponsored Content" or some such thing. South Park has a fun sendup of the term in a trilogy from last season. Yahoo! has been doing it since the front page got updated a few years back, and those are not too bad, you just skim over them and onto the next item... then, you click on some juicy news link and get some more ads, but only two or three extra sentences to the "article" which is then linked to the real hosting provider for it, and I go back and do that again. I get to a real article about once in five tries, which is not bad, but not super clean either. It's like qualifying for a swim event at the Rio Olympics; you win, but will you be swimming in a nicely chlorinated pool, or a local toilet?

BlackBerry: Forget phones, Lawsuits In Motion is back – and it's firing off patent claims


Re: Hmmm ...

Meh. They are Dead in Water. Sell your patents, RIM, and go drive a fucking ice cream truck or retire to the beach. Their days of "new ideas" are long gone. Most of what's patented are vague ideas without a specific product that will ever see the light of day. Sell them. Get on with your life.

Let's face it, we all got used to using on-screen keyboards, they are not that bad, and when they are there is this wonderful invention called a fucking bluetooth keyboard. RIM trying to keep everyone else from doing anything near their keyboard design only made us figure out how to deal with on-screen keyboards all the more, because even on the best of days the Blackberry App store was a ghost town. Nice try. You fucked up. Now no one want those little trumped up pagers. Evolve, or die. There is no wait and see. And playing the Android game is a sell-out. Only Nexus is a viable Android platform. All others are orphan-town garbage like all Sammy phones are. You got a sammy? When was the last time you saw a fucking OS update? Yeah, you're a fucking high-tech wizard. Dopes.

Facebook spam canned


Don't worry, Yahoo! will fill in those blanks...

With the all-time Yahoo! front page super hits! Like, Sponsored Link, "Check out these 10 cool iPhone apps that are free only today", "Looking for a credit card with low rates?", "Now you can track your car from your smartphone", "69 coolest gadgets that will blow your mind", "837 worst movies of 2016 so far", "1247 secrets of the producers of Cop Rock", "400 NBA stars who are broke", "900 hilarious things you can do with your smartphone charging cable and a bag of uneaten potato crisps" AND MANY MANY MORE!

Hurry now and you'll get links that expand to weird shit like this one right here:










Forget security training, it's never going to solve Layer 8 (aka people)


Thank you!

"While a quarter of the people clicked in the phishing email, only 15.5 per cent admitted doing so, and of the Facebook testees, only 18 per cent reported clicking."

That is the number of psychopaths in the test, and in general, if the sample had a nice spread. I like to keep the stats of how many unreasonable idiots I'll be running into, on avarage. This jives with my other stat: 25% of people are too stupid to communicate with. And of those, 15%-18% are completely insane.

*makes notes*

Two first-gen flaws carried over to HTTP/2, warn security bods


You are correct! I sat across from the Windows admins and the security folks at a hosting company I used to haunt(me am was sloaris/linux/unix admin, duh), and witnessed the release, detection, and reduction of this so-called threat in real time. All told, it was about a half hour when our top security guy, okay he was the only guy, basically had it nailed down and we were back to our projects(aka porn). Meh. Code Red was a bump on the ass. The new threats are far more cancerous.


Don't want to vote for Clinton or Trump? How about this woman who says Wi-Fi melts kids' brains?


Re: she may or may not be right about green issues but:

HAHA! She can't sue any pretend deity, so any product manufacturer will do! It's how morons operate; "everyone else is at fault, my mind is workoring perfuncktly. God is a real guy, and you can't sue him for money, yet all the churches seem to need more money and to not pay any taxes."

It's a fuckfest for fuckheads.


Re: Now That Bernie is Out....

"Trump remains the only sensible option" for those of us still in the Klu Klux Klan

There, fixed it for you!


The one thing all the media, and this one too, won't be telling you...

is this little-reverberated fact: people have already decided who to vote for months ago, years even. Anyone who says; "I'm on the fence." Is a fucktard who is pretending they haven't yet made up their tiny mind due to lack of <some bullshit> so they can get some attention. Like assholes who get tattoos. Everyone has decided, some will tell you, some won't, and no one, I repeat NO ONE will be changing their minds mid-stream while having some political epiphany because of some thing they read on the Internet, or saw on TV. It's already decided, except for the actual voting part. These "news items" are just crap to get you to tune into an otherwise boring as shit news day, guy. Get a clue.

The other interesting tidbit is this; whoever is president of the USA does not have that much influence on your day to day lives, idiot. The lack of "greatness" in your life is all due to YOU! And if it sucks, that's the truth trying to tell you you suck and are a dufus^2. Read some fucking books and pull yourself out of the fuckhole you're in. No vote or billionaire president is going to fix your shit life. Not one. It is known.

Apple gets judge to hit ctrl-alt-delete on $625m FaceTime patent troll


Key combo correction

It would be Command-Q, in normal cases, and for patent trolls it would be Option-Command-Escape to forcibly halt the case.

Going! going! pwned? 200! million! Yahoo! logins! leaked! allegedly!


It will if they are using the Yahoo! mail servers to store the mail, and probably their own branded front end. AT&T did that over here. I had a very old Yahoo! account, then got some local SBC(formerly PacBell) service, which they are an entity of AT&T, and they "migrated" my email address into the AT&T branded section of Yahoo! Mail. It's quite annoying, because then I had another email address for SBC that I don't use or want, and the one I do, which are all tied together behind the scenes somehow. Anyway, like I said, if they rebrand Yahoo! Mail as BT! Mail, then yes, change that password, straight away.

I wil mention again I used to contract for Y! for a time. First in the mail property and then in search. Super interesting environment, lots of cool tools to make taking care of huge chunks of systems(like 300,000+ servers when I was there) as easy as you please. I even got to see Marissa up close the day they made the Tumblr purchase. They were all out on the purple carpets they lay out in the courtyard when we had special visitors. Her golden parachute seems obscene, but take into consideration the amount of responsibility she had to hold, and the extra time it will take the next company to consider her as a viable C-level exec. Unless she starts her own company. The pay is crazy up there because it's crazy up there. Leave me in the data center. The people are too much work.


"Strengthening" your dictionary word password or phrase by simple special character substitution is almost useless. Those "special" characters are not special at all. Merely substituting so-called special characters that look like their regular alpha cousins is a waste of your time. The latest data fuzzing techniques rip right through them like you had used the normal alpha character. Try again. You're on the right track. A strong password looks like a typewriter threw up on your screen, and if you code; any text string can be memorized. It's just not a issue at all. Basically, if you print out your password and anyone can tell you meant to spell coffee when you have it as (0ff33, then you have failed, young Padwan.

US state sues Comcast for $100m in row over 'worthless' repair plans


Re: My Comcast sob story

Here's my handy Comcrap story, I'm sure you'll appreciate. I had to have them for a time, since there was only one service provider in the area and I thought I'd give them a try. Holy crap these guys could not get it together to get the signal for the Internet to be usable. I think the TV was okay, if you don't mind paying for hundreds of channels that do little more than feed you advertisements. So, they end up deciding to replace 30 year old coax, all on their dime, and do a new run to my demarc that involves several days of work and a trench across my lawn, and a new conduit under the driveway... one month later I dropped their service for a normal ADSL provider. Now, whenever I see those Comcrap douchebags at the local Fry's trying to push their garbage, I ask them "where's the ala carte channels?" That shuts them up quickly and cleanly. I also like to do a "snip snip" with my fingers at them to remind them many people cut their cord and won't be back anytime soon.

Good luck to you on your travels be they work or pleasure! Comcrap will forget all about the $40, if they're decent people.

VC vampire: Peter Thiel wants to live forever


SNES Research Foundation

If you want to learn more about the SNES Research Foundation, you'll have to wait until Dr. Mario returns from the vampire transfusion clinic, or lunch. They are the same thing.

Meet the chaps who run the Black Hat NoC and let malware roam free


Re: Weird

Maybe they bit the had that fed...

Why is it NoC? The proper acronym for Network Ops Centre is NOC, not NoC. Silly, elreg, can't be bothered with the shift key... me forgets how it hurts them so... But really, it's Internet, not fucking internet, dufuses. When I see the terms used properly, I'll know the site is about the come down and turn themselves over to their new overlords; the Fox IT Channel. :P

Here you go, for free even...


FBI electronics nerd confesses: I fed spy tech blueprints to China

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It's okay because...

This guy never smoked any marijuana, so he MUST be okay for an FBI security clearance! My guy in Shenzhen says he's a good dude and this is a big mixup.

You think Donald Trump is insecure? Check out his online store

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Where is the certificate?!?1?!

Oops, I mean where are Trump's and his wife's birth certificates? I think one of them is one of those darn foreigner-types, and not the kind that like the band of the same name from the 1980s. I'm pretty sure the other one is too. How did they get in the country?! We must build a wall to protect us from Scotland and Russia, and then ourselves.

HAHA! I make big joke, of course, comrade. Everyone knows his wife is part KGB, so no problem. No hackers are going to be visiting from United States of Russia. It is known.

Smartphone sales stall at ~3.5 million per day


I think they would be better off concentration on the tablet market, as the slate seems to be their strongest product aside from the Xbox. And it makes sense to put all their eggs into that basket to remain relevant, even though their captive SBM market is always ready to forgive their missteps. Trying to unify their platforms is a great idea, but keep it behind the scenes and do it right when released to the public. They were too much in a hurry to gain back some traction as the desktop market shrinks, and phones seemed like a great idea, at the time. Win10 is not a complete disaster, and unifying it to the slate tabs, and possibly any new platforms or devices is still viable. O365 needs to keep the feature set tight and the uptime at five nines. Azure too. This is a tough time for MS, but they have good market cap, and the ability to turn around the failures of the WinPhone and the dying desktop market. While growing their tablet offerings and keeping the cloud biz in the forefront. Then again, what do I know? I'm not a salesperson, or a market wizard. I just write scripts and make computers go fast and not crash. :)

Pokémon Go tragedy strikes


Ever since I was a young boy, I played the Pokémon...

...That deaf, dumb, and blind kid, sure plays a mean Pokémon Go!

*guitar solo*

As my grandfather once said: "Tesla Autopilot: 1, Pokémon Go: 0"

My youngster downloaded it on release day, played the shit out of it for four days, then when I asked, why the drop-off in play, young person? "The game is not that fun." HAHA! Lesson learnteded; the Pokémon games are fun, if you are seriously into collecting the characters, the gameplay mechanics on the "games" themselves are quite crappy. This ain't "Grand Theft Pokémon" it's so much less than that. Gotta teach 'em all!

Want a kick-ass game with shitloads of replayabilityness? Try Pinball Arcade, friend.

Kaspersky so very sorry after suggesting its antivirus will get you laid


Re: The Puritans called


People, if you haven't used your "at works" skills in a private setting repairing/antivirusing a laptop for a cute member of the opposite, or same if you prefer, sex, then you are not a real tech wizard and you should pack up your books and laptop and chuck them into the Thames.

On the other hand, do NOT use your super-skills to hack into your heart's desire's laptop. That's stalking, bro. Be smooth. My first chance was in High School when I learnted the BASIC. You know what I'm talking about. So, the cutest girl in the class needs some help with her code... I just demoed a little bit of BASIC, then threw in a input question block, and proceed to fill it with "Do you have a boyfriend?" Ahhh, young tech love. Don't knock it until you try it. Be respectful, boys. I'm looking RIGHT AT YOU. You know what is proper and not, hopefully. Thank you.

Also, be on your best behaviour in 2024 when the first real woman will be visiting the Internet. Brush your things.

My Microsoft Office 365 woes: Constant crashes, malware macros – and settings from Hell


Tell me what you want to do...

I'm not Clippy hiding behind a search box to make you think I'm a modern interface object... nope, that's some other well-hated e-helper from the 1990s trying to keep current. Not me. New PC?

Flight sim records show MH370 captain practiced 'flight' near search area

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Re: Debris field

HAHA! That's the best; taking a sim plane under a bridge! I do that every time I steal the black or white Lear Jets in GTA V. So much fun!

Try ditching the plane on the golf course, then getting away in a golf cart. I don't even run missions anymore, just ride or fly and enjoy the "big island." I guess this is going to be evidence if I ever commit a serious crime... they'll say; "he played GTA V, so natch, a crim. He was a quiet and respectful, his neighbor's commented. Also, he was a big asshole to Windows admins at Wired's source; El Reg."


Re: I'm a flight sim enthusiast

Good catch! I also remember a few weeks after the disappearance that some FAA or other experts where looking at this guy's home flight sim and found this info early on. Perhaps it's the media getting old and forgetful? ;) I forget.

Windows 10 pain: Reg man has 75 per cent upgrade failure rate


Re: Boils...

I would imagine that there must be some GUI front ends to some the the stuff you need to do in /etc to config your box. I don't use them myself, but search your distro; update it first, then search it for administrative tools and that should bring something to light. Then again, there's not much GUI you need for displaying and editing the fstab file or other simple files in /etc, it really comes down to knowing your way around the service and startup systems, and how to tell the difference between a BSD and a SysV based system. And with Win10 you have Powershell and soon a totally native BASH implementation. My advice to you is; if you want to be more than a simple "power user" who is chained to a mouse, then learn the command line. Sometimes it's the only interface you get, and knowing what to do inside it is a valuable bit of knowledge.

I know, I got paid about US$1000 for a day's work on some down web site as a side project and it took me all of 10 minutes to fix it. The hosting provider had an outage and put the server back on a different subnet. Of course, they get charged for all 8 hours, you see. :) Command line only, the server was in Texas and I in California. No GUI, no mouse, no problem.


Re: Linux system upgrade may not be much better

Well, that has to do with the support level promised to your linux distro. I just upgraded my Lenovo x220 from Mint 17.2(Rafaela with Cinnamon) to Mint 18, while also blowing the (unlicensed) Win7/8 partition away and ALL YOUR SSD ARE BELONG TO LINUX MINT 18!!1!

The main reason is that Linux Mint 18 has LTS. The Long Term Support will add years to the life of your Ubuntu derived distro, so you can just do little updates as you please or need, and not have to worry that the branch you're on will die and you're left with dusty old packages loaded with security issues. Plus you'll be getting the same kernel and package updates the newer branches get, as long as they're stable and available to your branch. And if you never use it for dirty Internet work, then you can jolly well keep it at the older rev until the disks stops spinning. My Commodore 64 hasn't had any software updates in a while, but it still works fine, since it's not connected to the scary, scary outside world.

As for the article. Well, I feel your pain. It's easy to say HAHA Microsoft User, should have installed this or that, but in the end those Windows systems are what SMBs like to use. They can't all hire super-genius Linux wizards and enjoy the fruits of the community, with much improved performance and stability, and at such a low cost it boggles the mind. There are many considerations to getting out of the Windows environment, not the least of it being legacy systems and other compatibility needs. And so many systems are built into custom configs, even when they use off the shelf wares, that there is no one size fits all. Every single site is a different puzzle, and you may need more pieces than you realize to complete it.

Don't use a VPN in United Arab Emirates – unless you wanna risk jail and a $545,000 fine



Good point! Also, don't encrypt files, that means you're a criminal. Natch.

They need to go back to the abacus. Then, you can see the crimes right there in the beads. Shake it, and you're nicked, mate. ;)

Plenty of fish in the C, IEEE finds in language popularity contest


Re: Shell scripts

They're not languages. Puppet is written in Ruby, and SaltStack in Python. Do not confuse a framework from the underlying language that props it up.


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Re: D

That is the only way to express this otherwise subjective list of "popularity;" Digging through the various code repos online. Discussion forums can also have some useful data, but let's be honest; most of what is and what is not written in code is not available online. There are many, many, many petabytes of storage and code within there that is well behind firewalls and not going to influence this silly table.

The language you use to code with is there because your site/company approves of its' use, you know it, the guy who left and wrote tons of your biz logic and other automations are written with it, it's a known thing. Sometimes it's a legacy thing and everyone either agrees with that and accepts it, or there is a push of some type to get into a more modern framework and what have you.

Most everything coded I see is in Perl and Python and shells, since that is where I do my thing as a devops admin who knows automations, but not full application building and other larger software ecosystems. I took up C99 when I needed to pick coding back up, but I rarely use it since I'm just writing simple automations to keep the systems doing whatever it is they need to do. Is that less popular with me? No, that's silly. C99 is plenty important, but it's not the language I reach for when I can get the same functionality out of Perl, with less effort. Or shell, when you don't need any fancy logic in it. If I were a hardware designer or app guy, then I'd be into the lower level languages for the obvious reasons. I guess this is where I say popularity is subjective, especially in a context of what is and what is not appropriate for your project or product. You run into trouble when you try and shoehorn an unsuitable language for a project because the syntax is pretty, or other subjective silliness that any normal enterprise would naturally avoid.

I find Python to be pretty and effective, but I'm new to it, so I do things in Perl until I get comfy with Python. I'll get paid either way, so learning Python to me is adding value to my config, but not a requirement unless my site is written in it.

Ex-Citibank IT bloke wiped bank's core routers, will now spend 21 months in the clink


Re: Everyone seems to have missed the point here......

Not to mention that his tactic was about as subtly clever as his grammar. A very low level, weak attempt at causing some damage inside a bank network. There's a reason this was not titled "Bank DBA goes postal and erases all data and backup data, then clobbers the terminals at every branch before causing all coffee machines to blow searing hot java all over the execs!"

Simply put, to be a DBA you usually need some specialized skills, the kind of skills smart people have and use to get good jobs, not shitty jobs at some crap bank where you're at best a low-level network guy. No offense to all networking folks, of course, but yes, this is a small-time lashing out of a small thinker. There's no "I'll show them by getting a better job and being successful and happy without them!" It's all self-destruction and self-pity. They probably had the network back to rights in about 8 minutes when the network guys (that don't suck at their jobs) got back from lunch. Still, one less shitty admin pretending to be a quality IT guy to deal with, so there's that.

Church organist nabbed for playing glory hole in excelsis


Re: Perhaps it's organ grindr

He's a monkey in the streets, and an organ grinder betwixt the sheets!

Keep that out of my rectory!

I'll be going now.


Re: Right tool for the right job

Just a suggestion to add to your kit; gloves.

Failing projects pray blockchain works as 'magic middleware'


Re: There's no point for blockchain inside a network perimeter

That's a very great point. Have some Uppers!

It's funny to think of CIOs running around wanting this "latest new thing that sounds so cool; Block! and then there's Chain! It's giving me a CIO boner already!" And even funnier to imagine them scratching their heads and staring off into space for an inordinate amount of time once they have to come to grips with the distributed and open nature of this security method they plan to run on individual machines behind big, mean firewalls.

"Wait! He did it again!"


"Firewalls! It's like Fire, and then some Walls! Where can I buy some for my enterprise?"

Can you go away now?

It's 2016 and your passwords can still be sniffed from wireless keyboards


Re: Totally awesome!!!

I don't think it matters to this lot. Most have failed to read the most interesting bit about bluetooth devices: "Bluetooth keyboards and higher-end wireless keyboards from manufacturers including Logitech, Dell, and Lenovo are not susceptible to KeySniffer"

Besides, you're not paranoid until you start to suspect your wired keyboard, made in China, might have a little secret that hides and waits until you are not typing to communicate with the home base about your goings on...

Bus Wankers!

Anti-theft kill switches in smartphones just got a little less creepy


Is your phone lost, or stolen, or lost, or worse; in an animal's butthole?

Good! Now you can "upgrade" to a new one!

This message brought to you by the Smartphone Anti-Theft Voluntary Committee, who also makes phones and do not really mind if you lose it or eat it or shove it into a toilet... you WILL buy another one. And THAT is good for the industry, and for you, little consumer. :)

Carry on, and upgrade your phones.

Harrison Ford's leg, in the Star Wars film, with the Millennium Falcon door

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The "talent" is treated differently at this "job site." And paid quite a bit differently too. It's all in the contracts, and they are quite wordy. Many talented young actors are forbidden to play extreme sports for fear of harming their looks or limbs, in case they need them for action movies and whatnot. The movie studios don't want to pay for giant insurance claims in case their star actor falls out of the sky on their own time, let alone on set. Better to keep your talent safe from harm's way, only because it's cheaper to do so. Same thing with the big sets; everything is made fairly safe and proper. This was a freak accident, to be sure.

Good on Ford for getting another Star Wars paycheck. He's wanted out since VI, so let him be. Let's be thankful for Episode VII and let's forget all this unpleasantness about this incident, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. That too.

Odds are your office is ill-prepared for network-ransacking ransomware


Re: And will most likely be...

Hopefully this will add to the general feeling of; "Hey, we're not fucking Google, let's get back to making routers that do not suck, or are easily hacked."

Core competency. Get to know it, Cisco. No more of those Flippy Cameras and other non-routing gear. EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT BETTER HAVE A ROUTER IN IT!!1! THIS is the way back to the top, guy. Also, that router should be a Linksys WRT54G. AmIright, folks?! ;) HAHA! Seriously, no cameras though.

Hacked? Call White House


Cut out the middlemen

And just go to the source of ALL YOUR DATA ARE BELONG TO NSA.

The fact that those three-letter idiots can't also identify who is hacking who, and just let anyone who cares know about it, speaks volumes.

1) Collect all data

2) ???

3) Tell people you are a worthwhile use of technology and other resources while at the same time doing NOTHING OF VALUE

4) Lock up anyone who tries to point this out to the public

Thanks. I think I know how to keep my tech-shit safe from assholes, assholes.

The very latest on the DNC email conspiracy. Which conspiracy? All of them, of course!


Also, where are all the birth certificates?! We need to cross-ref those with the United Federation of Planet's List of Questionable Alien Life Forms Currently Loose and Possibly Running for Office in a Nearby Star System That Should Only Be Used For food-class Human Farming. There was a inadvertent release, and now the local's are intending on voting virus-class aliens into high office! This wasn't supposed to happen! Cancel the invasion, this place is not going to survive past seedling stage.

Tinder porn scam: Swipe right for NOOOOOO I paid for what?



There aren't any real women on the Internet yet. Those are all men dressed as ladies. Real women are not scheduled to visit the Internet until July 2024. At that time I HIGHLY suggest that we be on our best behaviour. And put on some fucking PANTS! Jezz, guys, come ON! We can do this!

OneDrive go for Pokemon Go



"Hey, we're cool Pokéguys too, you guys! Never mind that every phone(other than our's) can manage photos just fine, be sure and let us host them too, 'cus no one is doing anything interesting with our environment that is not related to porn and this might be our only chance to join this hype parade." -- Microsad

Silicon Valley's contribution to the US Republican Convention: Gayness


He'll be at the end of a very long line indeed. It's no wonder there are so many poor, ignorant, non-millionaire Repubs; they lack the initiative to read anything relating to STEM that will get them ahead in life rather than some stupid morality story book written by old assholes. AKA The bible. It's how their fucked-up world works; never learn anything, then complain about lack of good jobs "'cus dem foreigners be taken em all, guy!" get a gun, shoot up a school 'cus; can't learnin' nothin'.

America is already a great place to live and work, when you know how it works, and to stay out of the middle of the US. That's where our "Brexit" idiots live and shoot themselves in the foot. Look, don't take my word for it, I'm making many many dollars an hour doing VERY LIGHT WORK. Work smart, not hard, we always say. Anyway, poor angry assholes are poor because they're angry assholes and have no real value to any industry, except perhaps the birdcall noise maker biz. Anything that is crafty and doesn't take any mind power to do. They will NEVER learn. Ever. It is known.