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RFID wants to TRACK my TODGER, so I am going to CUT it OFF

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Label Free

Had some M&S undies that had their label printed directly on the inside of the garment at the back in some kind of rubberised ink.

When new, part of it read 3 PART SET (there were 3 in the packet)

After a couple of months is read AR SE

Which was kind of appropriate.

Lessons from the Mini: Before revamping or rebooting anything, please read this

Stephen Keane

Re: Where is that museum?

Motor Epoca Classic Car Show on October 22, 2010 in Valencia, Spain.

Mercedes answers autonomous car moral dilemma: Yeah, we'll just run over pedestrians

Stephen Keane

Re: Identification issues

The airbags are located by the windscreen wipers and are triggered when the front of the car impacts with the pedestrian (or whatever). The idea is that they are inflated before the pedestrian's head would have impacted the windscreen or windscreen wipers area as neither is an effective crumple zone for a human head.

You can be my wingman any time! RaspBerry Pi AI waxes Air Force top gun's tail in dogfights

Stephen Keane

No one has said it yet ...

Pi in the sky?

Jokes of no more than 2 lines

Stephen Keane

The dyslexic atheist who laid awake all night wondering if there really was a dog.

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

Stephen Keane

VR is a fad, ear today ... gone tomorrow

Get whimsical and win a Western Digital Black 6TB hard drive

Stephen Keane

Siri, if I don't get a sensible answer in the next 5 minutes I'm going to throw this handset all the way to the moon.


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