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Canadian province's supreme court orders Dell to pay nearly $500,000 to sales rep fired in his twilight years


One of the best

I had the pleasure to work with Mr Hawes back in 2009-2010. He was consistently one of the very best in the business and had a elevated position of trust with his customers. It was an honour to work with him.

Nimble Storage revenues soar as mainstream rivals experience droop


Re: On the right track

You are correct, 3 years not 10. I am not sure how I got that wrong. If they can maintain their growth rate and be a billion dollar Company by FY 2018 that would be impressive.


Re: On the right track

Thanks for digging up those numbers. It is a downward trend, and definitely worth noting. Their next couple of quarters will be very interesting to see if they can reverse the sales growth decline or get back up over 50% per annum. Their smaller hybrid competitors, Tegile and Tintri, are both growing at over 100% per annum. If these trends continue, the two T's are certainly going to catch up and pass Nimble revenue wise.

If they can maintain a 49% growth rate, it will take them a decade to create a billion dollar company. I think that means they will need to acquire a technology sooner rather than later to prop up their slowing sales growth.

Pure Storage's 'disingenuous' financial figures still out there


Re: Ethics matter

Ethics do matter. If their CEO lies, then the assumption is that being a liar is part of their culture.

Too bad, I like their technology and think it is probably the best out there, especially if they get QoS going properly on their units.

This looks like it is really going to hurt their marketing and IPO activities.

Too bad for the employees and VC folks.

First Nimble screws their VP of Sales, then Nutanix screws with Storage Review and now Pure screws around with fake numbers. All bad for the industry.