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Saudi royals seek ban on .virgin, .sex, .catholic, .wtf and 159 MORE



No - that's mine ;)

Renault Mégane 265 Trophy 2.0 turbo



There's no such Porsche as a Carrera GT4. Under 7m30s is a Carrera GT or 911 GT2 RS, however you've linked to a Carrera 4 GTS.

Dell boxes VGA cable to within an inch of its life


Who uses VGA cables anyway(?)

People that use real computers in a datacentre.

NASA firms up space shuttle launch manifest


re: I'd love to see a shuttle launch

Yeah, there are places you can go to watch and get a good view. My parents took my brother and I for the first launch in 1981. Alas, it was delayed and we missed it by a day :( I would have loved to have seen the first and last launches.

BBC deploys the Tw*t-O-Tron


9 billion names of God

Is Clarke, not Asimov :)

NZ charidee cybersquatter fears burning in Hell


Palmy North

Driven through it a few times on my way to Wellington. Grim it most certainly is.

Unholy trinity of flaws put Google users at risk



JavaScript and Java don't have the same "crappy" foundation at all, I wager you just don't know what you're talking about. Plenty of bozo-bits being flipped there.

UK gov offers car CO2 rankings by class


Illegal performance levels

What are they?