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LaCie to shutter Wuala cloud storage service, data deleted Nov 15


Secure the cloud

Wuala has started to secure the cloud. We share Wuala’s belief that storing and sharing files securely should not be the privilege of techies, Many systems today provide users with access to their data, but at a loss of control. To maintain full control of data a system must be completely secure from start to finish.

I predict that as time progresses the pressure to provide optimal data security in this form will increase. This can be seen in the growing concern about where and how data is stored in view of the increasing power of governments and other organizations to collect and evaluate massive amounts of data. This means that any system that is not designed to address the extensive data protection needs of its end-users, will fail. There is a need in the market for a secure service like Wuala. I found TeamDrive as an very secure alternative to Wuala. TeamDrive was designed and implemented with these fundamental security requirements in mind. Therefore TeamDrive is confident that it will benefit from the shift in security consciousness as users search for better ways to store and share their data.