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Consumer orgs ask world's competition watchdogs: Are you really going to let Google walk off with all Fitbit's data?


I don't trust Google and I don't trust the Government and I don't trust cybercriminals.

Sorry if I was reduntant.

But they all share data amoug "themselves" and between themselves.

Good grief, Google is already harvesting data from medical records for "reseach" purposes.

I'm looking to fund an DNS, VPN, and search engine with no memory I'd pay $30/month to screw them all over.

Totally shock claim: Comcast accused of gouging TV rivals


Re: Neutral (Pedal to the Pendulum)

Pai seemed to have slept through classes that had to do with natural monopolies. He obviously, like many Senators and Representatives, such as that IDIOT Ron Johnson, can't tell the difference between Con Ed (Power Distribution in NY) and Hamilton Beach (maker of blenders for neat drinks.) Pai and his uneducated friend Ronny, think that innovation occurs with Con Ed. What do you call the excrement that come out of a male cow? I want a blender that crushes ice, Con Ed has nothing to do with that.

They wouldn't have a problem if Con Ed would charge you MORE for electricity if you didn't use their TV or watch their TV stations.

These are just a Whitman sampler of the uneducated, and/or corrupt "leaders" in United States that sadly are destroying the United States by looking after themselves.

I'm neither a Republican nor Democrat because they are BOTH stupid or corrupt or both.. They get to choose.

Canadian sniper makes kill shot at distance of 3.5 KILOMETRES


Re: A new low for The Reg!

Murder is the wrongful taking of life. No Country defines the killing of an enemy soldier as murder. If you, my little child, thinks that the taking of any life is murder; the sadly you are going to be unable to come to peace with the world as it really is.. and probably needs to be. I suppose you don't have a problem with rabid dog biting children either... because killing a dog is "murder" too.

So take your misuse of words and find another forum to preach your simplistic view of life on Earth.

You... my good sir are an idiot.

US state sues Comcast for $100m in row over 'worthless' repair plans


Re: My Comcast sob story

You see, you were expecting some amount of intelligence above a paramecium. But Comcast management has the neuron count of somewhat below a roundworm (302). (Wikipedia needs an update to reflect the "new" species). As such, they can't hire anyone with something like a jellyfish neuron count (5600). So they are basically restricted to pond scum.

The average intelligence/neuron count in the US is above that, so, outside of Hawaii, Nevada, Mississippi and Alabama, they are forced to go overseas or get funding to set up a call center in those fore mentioned states. (Mississippi's IQ Gaussian curve predicts there are not enough. but could be close.)

I am sorry you had to experience commercial transactions with lower life forms while living in the US, but the fearless leaders of Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the US Federal Government believes that the life forms ala Comcast and their management need special protection. (Or at least their pocketbooks do (both sides of that equation). If we could only get their neuron count up to something like 11,000, then like a Pond Snail, we could enjoy Comcast employees with butter and garlic.

Write if off, and just make it a good story going forward. (They said the same thing in Nero's reign.)

Donald Trump dumps on Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg


Re: Good for Trump

No US based company really wants to base it's R&D and major headcount in Western Europe. That is legal and financial suicide. Name ONE major Hi Tech (Computer/Network) that has centered its development in Europe and has any world wide presence. (Minor IBM and HP sites don't count) all product development (or what is left of it) is mostly in the US)

Selling IP to Ireland based company so that it can do business with China/India and avoid US taxes is very different than having to do with the BS of the French employment laws.


Re: Good for Trump

Simon 11,

I'm so sorry that you think you will get a true understanding of how things REALLY work from a United States government site.

As to "breaking the law", well, all you have to do is to post a job with such exacting job specification that one can not clear the qualification filter or at least imagine being paid $60K when the offer finally comes. The secret is mapping a Job Description into a salary level. "Looking for a Staff Engineer to solve World Hunger". Then HR looks to source from a company or an employee that came in India, that has the "perfect" candidate. Viola, you have passed the 3 micron hurdle to a H1B visa request. A 2 year experienced Indian will pass the hurdle. The hiring manager has no choice as the Job Description, as approved, places a lower limit on salary.

If there are 100K visas / year, how the hell do you think anyone in the US Government is going to do any REAL vetting. Do you really think that they have the man power? Good grief, VA employees lie on documents, IRS employees use their power for their own political reasons, NSA employees use their data banks to track ex-girl friends. The Department of Justice can't/won't prosecute any of them. Do you really think they they are going to go after MSFT, Cisco, FB for H1B violations. The Department of Homeland Security is too busy feeling up attractive women.men and stealing from searched baggage to worry about some imported employee.

A simple answer is:. if the company or any of it subsidiaries have had any layoffs within the US, they can NOT get any more H1B visas until they get back up to their original end count. (Yeah.. an accountant doesn't equal a programmer doesn't equal an admin.. but you know what I mean.) Cisco, MSFT, IBM, Dell, ... all of them, have had massive layoffs over the last 5 years.


Re: "...details a plan to build a wall between the United States and Mexico."

But as the Great Wall of China and Hadrian Wall... it did slow it down or at least mitigate it.

The problem isn't the migration.. it is the size and the refusal to let/encourage them to integrate into the culture they want to be a part of.

A society MUST have a single set of values and must be able to effectively communicate if they want to be able to effectively and efficiently function to create a real nation state.

That some US citizens don't want to turn the US into UAE or Saudi Arabia where more expats live than native citizens, or into that long established country of Belgium (that hasn't been able to protect itself in the last 200 years), might validate that xenophobia DOES protect a society. Let's see how Sweden does with over 12% of their residents born outside of Sweden.


Re: Mind you

This is a very useful observation. Hair styling practicing say a lot about the validity of Trump's observations.


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