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Spanish region teaches kids how to crack one off

Philip Marshall


Here it is ...

http://www.cjex.org/dmdocuments/fanzine.pdf (in spanish, NSFW)

Aston Martin to build new model abroad

Philip Marshall

If its Valmet, Aston, say hello to Boxster

If they choose Uusikaupunki (Valmet), home to the Porsche Boxster and the former home of the Saab 9-3. It would be very good car.

Ring-back tones to carry adverts

Philip Marshall

Mixing it with Blyk

Is someone going to mix it with Blyk, thus adverts on the phone and adverts in the phone.

EU Google-DoubleClick probe calls for Google-DoubleClick probe

Philip Marshall

It will be like GE-Honeywell all over again

I am constantly seeing this as the rekindling of the General Electric-Honeywell failed merger a few years ago. All this time and effort in this merger will be wasted for nothing, and it will show the EU aren't a bunch of capitalist €urocrats.

Buffy mastermind returns with new TV series

Philip Marshall

Please, no!

FFS, Josh, please don't make anymore kiddy cult dramas.

Why don't you make other types of drama, you are pigeonholed by Buffy, but you need to break free and show your skills.

Cops coax half-naked Czech wolfman from Cardiff tree

Philip Marshall

@ James

//Why would they call in Torchwood? They were trying to keep his trousers ON!//

According to the Telegraph, the man did try to take his trousers off while in the tree.


Sage gets upclose to personnel with KCS buy

Philip Marshall

Isn't Sage big enough?

Is it me or isn't Sage big enough?

They have so much of the British accounting and payroll software, that I feel it acts like the Microsoft of the SME finance department.

It aquired TAS Software a few years ago and it has basically got rid of it entireally making its customers to go to Sage.

UK gov advisor proposes 'licence to smoke'

Philip Marshall

Am i the only one who supports this?

//Will everyone who wants to drink more than 8 pints a week have to attend alcohol abuse workshops?//

They existed years ago in Finland when one bought over a certain amount of drink, they received infomation (whether they liked it or not) on the dangerous of drinking to excess.

I think it is a good idea on the licensing front, smoking-related diseases kills in the UK, 100 000 people. Now if that be put down by as many as a quarter, that is the size of a small market town.

Mobile phones soon to be allowed on aircraft

Philip Marshall

Please, no mobiles!

Unless, we want to see more air-rage, please tell OFCOM to naff off over allowing mobiles on planes. I have enough trouble with mobiles on buses and trains, let alone planes.

TV firm takes £2m hit for competition line scandal

Philip Marshall

Re: So where does the fine go?

Easy, it goes to the Chancellor of the Exchequer Alasdair Darling's pockets at the Treasury.

NBC unveils self-destructing, ad-addled anti-iTunes service

Philip Marshall

Sounds like a copycat of the BBC's iPlayer

The whole shebang of NBC's player is rather like the BBC's very own iPlayer.

Similarities are:

*the 7 day limit

*the possible use of Kontiki, so it can't be used on a Vista, OSX or a Linux computer

*Forced pieces, the BBC demands you watch the ident before the programme, with NBC, it is commericals

*Possible banning of those dirty foreigners from watching the programme.

Flash memory makers propose common card

Philip Marshall

Slight problem with SD, it is proprietary.

One of the problems with SD is that, it is a closed format and the company prohibits users making open drivers for the card. This mean, Linux is out of the question for SD cards. If the company can make an USB-esque card, then I am all for it.

Half of European calls to be mobile by 2008

Philip Marshall

There is a simple reason for the high Finnish mobile calls

The reason for the 74% mobile calls is because if one needs to call someone in the local city, it is cheaper to call using a mobile at around 8c per minute, then the local phone company at 12c connection fee and then 1c per minute. And one only has to think why Elisa and Finnet are in OM HEX.