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Apple takes flak as AT&T drops iPhone bomb

Rob Walch

Wow - Get some of the facts straight

Apple stocks went up more then it retreated after Apple gave their numbers. Also AT&T said 40% of new signups were switchers. Please do some fact checking.

It looks like pieces of the article were missing - you mention the extra 100,000 units. But do not mention that Apple sold 270,000 units. The reason for the difference in numbers has been widely reported. Apple sales also included all units it shipped out on Saturday to the AT&T stores - that pretty much all sold out on Friday. So about 90,000 units were in transit. The remainder of the difference can be explained by those waiting until Monday to activate via their work computers or those that purchased extra units for ebay and resale.

The editor of this site should be flogged.

Rob W

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