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Hololens for biz shocker: Surprisingly, it doesn't totally suck


I absolutely love my Vive. Despite the expected g1 niggles, it's still a fantastic piece of kit. I've yet to try a rift but I'm looking forward to seeing how well the new touch controls work.

Behold, Microsoft SQL Server on Linux – and a firm screw-you to Oracle


Re: Yes and No

Wasn't native MSSQL support was dropped from v5.3? To be fair, I've only developed one PHP application that connects to an MSSQL server, but that did indeed require FreeTDS

How to help a user who can't find the Start button or the keyboard?


Having done both I would gladly spend an eternity debugging the most awkward of issues than return to the days of tech support.

Microsoft in 2015: Mobile disasters, Windows 10 and heads in the clouds


I've had a couple of Lumia phones over the past few years and my wife owns a Lumia 640. Really nice handsets for the most part but I think 3 or so years is long enough to wait for the wider app ecosystem to adopt the platform. I'm tired of the myriad half-arsed efforts (such as Anything from Amazon) that have a lot of functionality issues and only ever get token update releases. As much as I liked Windows Phone 8.x I think I'm going Android on my next handset upgrade.


Re: I can't understand the hatred of Win 10 from techies.

Personally I've been getting on with Windows 10 absolutely fine but to be fair I only ever use my desktop for programming, gaming and web browsing. I'm a power user but certainly no sysadmin so maybe I'm just missing something.

Gaming souk Steam spews credit card, personal info in Xmas Day security meltdown


Yup, kinda regret logging into my account page now...

OK Google? Firefox to nibble Chrome extensions from 2016


I'm really looking forward to this. I've had quite a few requests to port my Chrome extension over to Firefox but as much as I'd love to do so I simply don't have the time right now. This kind of functionality, assuming it works as advertised, could potentially save me dozens of hours or more.

Your taxes at work: Three hours driving to turn on politician's PC


Back in my technician days I once had a happy customer gift me a selection of fine ales from Waitrose - genuinely one of the nicest gifts I've ever recieved

Budget UHD TVs arrive – but were the 4Kasts worth listening to?


I've had a 42" Panasonic plasma for about 5 years now and have yet to see anything within the "consumer" price range that would make upgrading worth the investment.

When this one gives up the ghost I'll probably get a second hand Series 60 to tide me over until OLED makes a dent on the scene but even then I'd be quite happy with a 1080p panel; My eyes aren't nearly good enough to make out any extra detail at all on "smaller" 4K sets from typical viewing distance.

Maybe in a few years time seeing a demo clip of Pacific Rim 2 in the wider colour gamut afforded by 4K will change my mind but until then I think I'll stick with the Luddite position.


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