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It's now 2017, and your Windows PC can still be pwned by a Word file



Yeah, Windows is still that vulnerable. If it ain't good on the inside, polish on the outside won't help.

However the next version of Windows will be better, I heard from MS. That is, the bling bling


It's 2017 and you are still working with Windows?

Even MS is migrating to Linux

Who killed Cyanogen?



Microsoft you silly: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embrace,_extend_and_extinguish

Brexit? No impact at all, chuckles reseller juggernaut



It'll be a joy to observe the steep fall of the Brits.

First, the UK will be broken into Little Britain, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Except for Little Britain, the others will join the EU in record pace.

Then, Little Britain will become the bitch of the EU where they'll have to beg for every deal.

Then, the pale-faced freckled gingers will beg to join the EU again.

And we'll let them join, for we have no grudge against Don Quichotte. It's just a bit slow. Like their King. Or Boris. Or well, you get the picture!

We love you, funny challenged fish-and-chips eaters!

Linus Torvalds says ARM just doesn't look like beating Intel



If Linus really cared about open, he would've chosen OpenPOWER as his favorite platform, not Intel.


New Gnome emerges blinking into the sunlight


Re: It's still smartphone-GUI-on-a-workstation.

Old people don't understand improvements nor are they able to use it.

GNOME 3 is incredibly efficient, fast, beautiful and ergonomic. Why else do you think Linus uses it?

Stick with Cinnamon or MATE you fossil, and keep your negative reactions to GNOME in you retirement home.

Microsoft's Windows Phone folly costs it another billion dollars


Microsoft is like a supermodel with a deadly STD.

The kiss of death soon follows the courtship, after which they leave an empty body and move on to the next innocent to prey on. And while this was profitable for the shareholders before, now has the time come for an uproar against this chicken game.

Soon the day will come that MS has to transform from a Marketing Machine into a real Software Company and it will be interesting to see the laws of Darwin applied to them >:-)


MS Windows is finished

MS is in panic now they know Windows is finished.

Windows is finished on phones (iPhone & Android).

Windows is finished in the Cloud (Linux).

Windows is finished on schools (Chromebooks & iPad)

Windows is finished in China, Russia, India, Philippines, .., (spyware security risk: Linux).

MS is incorporating the Linux Kernel into Windows and changing their software stack to Linux for a smooth transition.

Windows has become irrelevant and the M$ fanboys will have to conclude that their time spent in learning the atrocious Windows is time lost.

90 days of Android sales almost beat 9 months' worth for all flavours of Win 10


Microsoft is finished

The only people I got spam from through their phone had Windows Phone 10. That security is so bad I would never advise this to anybody. Also, no Apps, so only fools would buy them.

As for desktops, I see people ditching Windows everywhere for ChromeOS, Apple and even Linux.

It is over for MS Windows and they are the ones to recognize this the first, for they already are building the Linux Kernel into Windows and porting their software to Linux so in a few years, they will bury Windows as we know it.

Ah well, evolution and survival of the fittest :-)

Baby Ubuntus toddle forth into the big scary world of beta


Re: Give Unity a try!

NOP, Unity is a sorrow rip-off of Gnome3 icw Gnome Tweak Tools.

That's why everybody should try Ubuntugnome.org

Putin's internet guru says 'nyet' to Windows, 'da' to desktop Linux


Windows and MS are finished.

Windows and M$ are finished.

No state should use Windows and pay for being spied on and finally - dictators first - are learning this lesson.

With joy I note that dictators and more and more democracies are busting the criminal organization M$.

Let's hope it's finished soon so we can bury and forget it like a bad taste in your mouth.

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Microsoft and Google ink SECRET TREATY to end all their patent wars


Re: Aw shucks

Cause that's what they do. It's in their DNA. They hate and kill everything not M$ and even they kill after acquire a company: Nokia?

They're evil and should be destroyed!

Dell, Google dangle Chromebooks over IT bosses sick of Windows


Re: Fail

"For $600 you can buy an Asus ultrabook with Windows 10 installed"

The majority of the costs for a company is not in buying hardware but in maintaining.

At this moment, ChromeOS is SUPERIOR in maintaining costs. Close to 0 if you have thousands of devices done by just 2 persons.

Windows Server 2003 support has gone. Here's how to survive


FOSS for ease and security

Actually, it doesn't matter much what you choose as long as it is Free and Open Source Software.

Because it's much more secure, it is lower on recourses, support is better and cheaper, it is easier and it is future future-proof since it is well known that Microsoft is finished.


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