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Japanese diggers unearth dino skull

Chickety China
Jobs Horns

Hey look, another Bush supporter!

Hahaha... superstupid is more like it.

All religion is evil. Why? Because it breeds ignorant idiots like you.

Jesus this and Jesus that... You all never look throughout history at what Jesus truley was and could care less for the missing chapters of his adolescence.

So, let me get this right... we are all supposed to believe in a invisible superman in the sky who has a special place for us if you do not live by 'his' rules that is filled with fire and pain and agony forever and ever... But he loves us?

Sorry... I'm not not buying the plausibility here.

I can touch a dinosaur bone. It is as real as my own. Tangible. Proof.

Your GOD... no proof. Faith by definition is belief without proof. It's apparent any way that if he did exist he has been on one hell of a long holiday. Just because mommy and daddy believe it does not mean you have to also.

Grow a brain.

Don't pray for me... I will, however, think for you.

Eminem sues Apple - again

Chickety China

Eminem is a douchebag

You'ld think he would be happy and thankful for all the press he got on the iPod commercials. It just goes to show you that you can dress up a turd and it still stinks. Maybe K Fed and him can team up and for the next great white rap duo: "White Trailer Trash MC's"

Apple takes flak as AT&T drops iPhone bomb

Chickety China

Pulled article... but not totally

Obviously, El Reg decided this was not a substantiated article and hopefully bitch-slapped the author with iron gauntlet. It no longer appears on the main page. They, however, did not pull it from their gadets page though... So much hatred for Apple coming from here, I'm not surprised.

I stand corrected though on the reason for Apple's stock dipped for today... yesterday was what I was referring to on my original post. Today the dip is from FUD on production changes for the iPod (most likely) and a lawsuit from Eminem (most likely not) in a huge Bear attack of the shares. A outstanding buy opportunity is here. 136 is a steal.

Chickety China

Duh, Ummmm

"Nokia sells more phones than that each day. And that's without massive hype and a product launch. "QUITE BLAND AND UNIMPRESSIVE" would have been closer to the mark."

Hi oblivious.. Where are your stats that show that Nokia sells 275,000 phones in 2 days (that use EDGE, admittedly OLDER tech) that cost over $500.00 each and that have been labeled as breakthrough? That is truley impressive considering some of the other devices out there and Apple having NO... that's right... ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, Nothing, Not an inch... of the cell phone market.

I bet my bullocks that if any of the Nokia phone owners were offered a trade their device for an iPhone they would... but don't worry your little knickers off chap-o, your version will be 3G.

Chickety China

This is a crap article, I'm shocked that The Register is not doing homework...

The author of this article must not have had anything better to write. When AT&T announced their activations it was for the first 30 hours. So what? Yeah, the stock did drop then. Big deal, It also popped back up when Apple released it's earnings as well as announcing the 275,000 phones it sold in two days. UNPRECEDENTED!

The continued drop is due to the overall market. The DOW and NASDAQ continue to suffer largely due to the housing market collapse.

But what would I know... I'm only vested long in Apple stock.

Sounds like this author is a day trader trying to manipulate.



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