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Hacking Team hole still unpatched, exploit pop doc claims


Re: What's the embedded device?

IP Webcam! Nobody suspects the electronic eye...

High-heeled hacker builds pen-test kit into her skyscraper shoes


Stilettos Only...

Considering that this is DIY I wonder what (the proverbial) they can fit into the heel of a Stiletto...

Apple splashes dough to keep Big Cheese safe


Re: I was Monty's double.

Plenty that don't even resemble him would take that bullet and ask for more, such is the grip..

HTC caught storing fingerprints AS WORLD-READABLE CLEARTEXT


Eyeball on a pen...

I honestly don't know why people are amazed when a fairly recent technology combined with fairly recently written software turns out to have the same capacity for securing a device as a sieve has for carrying water.

On a daily basis my underlings scoff and poke fun at me for having a phone that doesn't do contactless payments, unlock via my fingerprint or even 'go online'. I tried pointing out that to me a phone is simply that and I'm more than happy without carrying nearly a thousand pounds of easily taken equipment which contains a wealth of personal data critical to the functionality of my life.

Call me old and boring but hey I've never yet been mugged for my cellular phone and if I had been well at least it would make any difference to the security of my bank logins...

I suppose what I'm trying to say here in a round about way is that mobile phones have become too heavily integrated into our lives for their own good and that collection of vintage pda's I use to store contacts and passwords and meeting notes is entirely un-hackable by today's quick fix script kiddie "hackers" who wouldn't know the IRDA protocol if it slapped the iphone6 out of their grubby mitts.

Have you ever watched a modern tech user try and perform a serial based hot-sync? Used the "pc card" interface with an Atari Portfolio? They mock me for not toting up to the minute pocket tech, I mock them back for having no idea how a computer actually works and being too gullible or naive to not fill their back pocket with every login they hold dear.

Security = out of date technology.