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Halfords invents radio signals that don't travel at the speed of light


Updated but still wrong

It still says "better quality" when we are not on DAB+ and the bitrates on most channels are scrunched down as far as possible...

Outage? No, phones are playing silly buggers, insists Sainsbury's Bank


Clueless Out Sourced Call Handler

Well I am not surprised they had long delays. The person I got did not know the English Alphabet, Took about five minutes to work out what my post code was. Repeatedly asked for date of birth despite front end insisting I put it in before I was passed to a person. Could not answer basic question when I did get through. Put complaint in on-line system, to get e-mail saying "try ringing the call center".

Gmail is secure. Netflix is secure. Together they're a phishing threat


Its "almost" fixed

you can no longer register an address with extra dots. Note what google does is perfectly legal in internet standards terms. The mail standards are clear. what is to the left of the "@" can be interpreted in whatever way you want. Most systems already ignore upper/lower case but some don't, so Dave & dave are different...

Microsoft officially hangs up on old Skype phones, users fuming


Re: R.I.P VoIP CRAP!!!

Except, that certainly in the UK the backbone is VOIP...


so a PSTN connection is just a VOIP gateway...

Wannacry: Everything you still need to know because there were so many unanswered Qs


Re: hunts down vulnerable public facing SMB ports


Well there are no technical reasons, but when there is pressure to save money it can happen by accident, or because a senior manger over-rules the Technical staff and says that it MUST be done other wise you will be dismissed. Of course once the sensible ones have been dismissed.....

... the other factor may be the abolition of the Primary Care Trusts which again resulted in huge disruption to local IT services....

... lastly every local government office has to undergo penetration testing every 2 years. Why doesn't this apply to the NHs. Shouldn't GCHQ be doing this and warning people of unsafe practices...

FBI Director wants 'adult conversation' about backdooring encryption


We have seen the fiasco with TSA locks

So a photograph of the keys has been published and many people can now 3D print copies. Now no one with any sense would ship anything valuable in checked in hold luggage, si its just about livable with. With Internet encryption its not the case, we entrust many valuables to SSL and other encryption systems

Basically what he wants is TSA keys for our internet security. If he asks for it I am pretty sure we would soon see front end add-ons that add an extra layer of encryption.


Get root on an OS X 10.10 Mac: The exploit is so trivial it fits in a tweet


Re: The real culprit

Interesting to note that the current Windows Kernel evolved from the Windows/NT Kernel, and the team that wrote it was led by Dave Cutler who had worked on VMS...

That's not an Ofcom email about your radio licence – it's a TROJAN


Tech Savvy!

If you read the Ham lists and Forums whilst there are many who are Tech Savvy, there are also many who are not especially IT literate, and an equal number who continue to use very old versions of software because they don't want to change.

I also frequently see folks been told to disable User Account as a way to make old "HAM" software work, and most just do it despite the warnings.

So I would say they are as good a target as any one.

You should also note that the same address is used for non-Amateur licences such as the Private Mobile Radio (PMR) sets used by Taxis and some Council Parking Wardens...


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