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China’s preferred Linux distro trumpets Arm benchmark results


Re: Remind me

What is there to stop any other Gov/multy-corporation or equivalent agency that can extend control from firmwares to higher process layer from doing the same?

This is the age we live in.

Rother than resist and avoid it is probably better to develop counter-tools.

One click and you're out: UK makes it an offence to view terrorist propaganda even once


Re: I think that viewing terrorist propaganda is good

There is also an important matter of principle.

If one cannot access primary sources of information how can one decide what's is whats?

The law directly impinge on the most fundamental of our rights: that of be able to think for ourselves.

While distributing or producing illegal materials could be a reasonable subject for legislation, the mere fact that one if forbidden to know about them is preposterous and incredibly idiotic.

Ecuador says 'yes' to Assange 'freedom' deal, but Julian says 'nyet'


Re: Assange is a political prisoner, in the United Kingdom, end of

Nonsense! Someone on run that found a sanctuary is not doing it out of "a choice".

He revealed the wrongdoing of powerful people, forall his faults it deserves to be able to live somewhere without fear of prosecution.

Russia claims it repelled home-grown drone swarm in Syria


Far from being an efficient weapon. Even assuming all of the drones had reached the target and exploded, they would do so over a large area, causing alarm but little damage.

Likewise Hitler "terror weapons" did not hinder significantly the allied war machine.

Drones without a sophisticated aiming and targeting system are not better, in fact slower and significantly less damaging, than the kassam homemade rockets that periodically shoot out from Gaza.

I do think they could only become a significant military treat if used in large numbers by a competent technological and resource rich organisation.

As a "terror weapon" they could however have their own niche.

Parcel bods Hermes become latest London drone delivery droogs


Southwark is a borough of aging council estates and new gentrification high-rises. The street network is poorly maintained and the traffic congested.

I saw one of the drones the other day, with a human chaperone on its heels, with the present technology there is no chance for it to succeed. Perhaps in some flat, broad expanse California suburban sprawl could be of some use, but as I saw it struggling across a tree-root crack on the pavement, I think not here.

Trial to store benefits claimants' personal data on blockchain slammed


Re: Why would the DWP need to use a blockchain?

"The only two parties involved are the DWP, who have the records, and you, who wants to see them."

And the security apparatus of the State of course...

We all know that they are good and look after our interests.

Here in fairy-land we do not worry about power-madness.

That's cute, Germany – China shows the world how fusion is done


The analysis is fundamentally correct.

I would add that Black-Box types of governance are not new or rare in history. Not all them dure and bleak autocracies. The Republic of Venice being one example.

Fusion technology is just an example of the potential and failure of our species. As we, collectively, have managed to expand our reach and influence the destiny of the planet, our ability of do so efficiently or rationally has not.

When talking about the West, china, USA etc we all make the mistake to consider that any solutions have now to be global to be significant.

The fact that one Country accumulate the means to destroy the world rother than another is marginal to the rational resolve of not doing it.

How much of one year's Californian energy use would wipe out the drought?


Re: Seawater Greenhouse

This is probably the best solution (one of anyway) the infrastructure can be built progressively and a modern reiteration of a simple and historical used form of condensation (http://science.the-environmentalist.org/2008/04/creating-drinking-water-from-air.html).

These projects however work on long term bases and only underlay the real problem.

This boils down ( :-) ) to how as a society we value collective welfare against individual interests. In other words: drought is not the point, it is only how society is able to accomplish the solutions to it that becomes the main hurdle.