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Connected car data handover headache: There's no quick fix... and it's NOT just Land Rovers

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RE: Ownership

"Therefore the retailer doesn't own the product they've bought?"

I did give you a thumbs up, on the condition of your original thought: you haven't considered that contract law has many levels. If you go to a specific food store, you might want to purchase a certain soft drink. You might find it in a certain aisle, and you pay the food store for the item. The larger stores limit the number of employees to keep costs down. At times you might see a uniformed soft drink representative stocking the the shelves however. They are paid to deliver and maintain the level of stock by the manufacturer of that sweet fizzy soft drink. The food store you are shopping in does not necessarily own the product, but, by contract, shares in the profit and/or simply rents the space to that brand of sweet goodness. There are agreements with many other product suppliers. The specifics of the contracts differ, but are essentially the same where the store does not own the products: it just makes things convenient.

If you think about it, it makes good fiscal sense for the food store since you won't have to roam about looking for the product if you know exactly where to find it every time you visit and in the size of packaging needed. You're in briefly and dropping cash. There is a lot of science in how food stores are run. And don't get me started on the self check-out lanes. LOL!

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Sorry I didn't add that a vending machine could be either privately owned or subject to a contract with the property owner. The many vending machines where I work, a multipurpose sports arena, are subject to a contract with several companies. The vending company is required, by their contract, to check and maintain both the stock and functionality of their machines on a set number of days each week. (I suspect they come more often when needed of course.)

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"So why hasn't the labeling been challenged..."

IANAL, however big selling items in some, generally, smaller private shops are purchased at a slightly higher price directly from the manufacturer. The shop owner, not having an agreement with the manufacturer, is therefore not subject to the rules set in the contracts larger food stores or certain family chain stores have to abide by. The labeling is still the same to save money by the manufacturer. The store's employees are responsible for restocking and rotation in the independent shops.

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If they've omitted something legally-required, it must be very subtle.

I'm not sure if the system in food stores is the same everywhere, but here in the states some items are stocked and locations of the items being sold are maintained by manufacturers representatives, including rotation of expired items: in essence, the manufacturers signed a rental space for various food items with the food stores. The packaging of the items are subject to the specifics agreed to in the agreements. It's much the same where a vending machine company places their machines.

US court system suffered 'incredibly significant attack' – sealed files at risk

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Big Brother

Re: Popcorn

Probably star chamber stuff from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court...

Pass the popcorn plz.

Russia fines Google $374 million for letting the truth about Ukraine be told

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Re: Censorship

Read all about that in RT, or Sputnik. Oh, wait.. they're blocked to those without a VPN.

Sorry to prove you wrong, but I don't use VPNs often, but do read articles at RT occasionally. Dunno about Sputnik, however: I never tried to access that site.

Btw, I find the articles at RT are quite slanted and the commenters are nutters. Now get off my lawn!

Ukraine invasion: We should consider internet sanctions, says ICANN ex-CEO

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Re: A sillly idea that unwittingly justifies the invasion

"Russia felt that her space -- her sovereignty -- was being violated"

Sorry, but you should understand that the war was / is not supported by the Russian populace: it was a decision to invade a sovereign nation which posed NO threat to Russia. Basically the decision of a paranoid leader who holds the rest of the government in thrall.

Europe's largest nuclear plant on fire after Russian attack

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There is a price on Vlad's head: a cool million dollars offered by an oligarch.

Genetically modified E coli bacteria produce ink for 3D printing programmable objects

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Re: nano bioroids

Back to Raccoon City with you, Bob!

Samsung is planning to reverse-engineer the human brain on to a chip

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Re: I'm Enthusiastic


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"If it was possible to copy and paste a brain into a computer and run it then I would suggest that the reproduced brain would essentially be imprisoned in a state of sensory deprivation and is unlikely to cope at all well with these conditions"

The research on this would take a great amount of time and many steps in my estimation. Also there is the probability that the contents of a complete brain would be copied and pasted without training in accessing available networks is slim. I would guess that creating a virtual world prior to powering up the personality would be a necessary step.

If you would like to consider another philosophical point, would turning the program off be considered murder?

This drag sail could prevent spacecraft from turning into long-term orbiting junk. We spoke to its inventors ahead of launch

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Re: designed to operate even if the host spacecraft is inactive

Please give the engineers credit: they will find the way. This is only a test of a system after all.

As for slowing down in space using thrusters, simply rotate the craft 180 degrees from the direction of travel and accelerate. Simple physics.

COVID-19 cases surge as do sales of fake vaccination cards – around $100 for something you could get free

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Re: A long way still to go

"Several studies have already come out that a booster doesn't increase immunity in the fully vaccinated, except in the immunocompromised."

I can't comment on the studies you mention, but it does make sense about the immunocompromised.

As for a Mark II series of Covid vaccines, there have been discussions about that. Some even looking forward to treating Covid as we do the regular annual influenza virus shots. However the current Mark I series still seems to work with the identified variants.

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People who've been vaccinated are getting sick.

Just wanted to make a point that the vaccines don't prevent disease as such. They do, however, prevent serious symptoms in most people. Also, depending on how one's immune system responds to the vaccine, death is a possibility from the infection hence, boosters.

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Re: Forgery

Sadly you're correct on. your points, Bob, but you certainly can be prevented from flying by the TSA, for instance.

South Korea creates ‘metaverse alliance’ to build an open national VR platform

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Second Life style perhaps?

Samsung boss Lee Jae-yong awarded Get Out Of Jail Free card

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How is that supposed to work?

IANAL, but possibly hired as an independent marketing consultant as I assume the law specifies that he cannot be employed in his original position.

eBay ex-security boss sent down for 18 months for cyber-stalking, witness tampering

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Re: That’s some bender

An enforced period of alcohol rehab should have been added to the sentence, although it's unclear how much time Cooke will actually serve in gaol.

There is also the fact that as a company officer he was probably being paid a salary to be available 24/7 and can be assumed to have been on duty even during the time he was in India.

Facebook granted patent for 'artificial reality' baseball cap. Repeat, an 'artificial reality' baseball cap

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Re: "hats solve the problem presented by AR glasses"

> "I was thinking top hat. A nice stovepipe hat can actually act as a chimney. Put a few louvres in the side, and keep the heat generating electronics at the very top - and you can have a nice through-draft to keep both head and gizmos cool."

The top hat idea might work in areas that are normally cool, but in desert places outdoors in the summer, e.g. Arizona, the environmental heat would probably fry the electronics.

Apple: We didn't take commission on 90% of App Store sales and billings

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Re: Why not Amazon?

Perhaps the biggie companies own a large enough chunk of Apple: I. don't know however.

Pics or it didn't happen: First images from China's Mars rover suggest nothing has gone Zhurong just yet

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Thumb Up

Re: They lied about COVID

I'd suggest Bob's Burgers as it's dine in.

43 years and 14 billion miles later, Voyager 1 still crunching data to reveal secrets of the interstellar medium

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Re: Sky is closing

@ ThatOne

Sorry for the thumb down, but I understand that your thought was if the instruments weren't doing any science but the probes' transmission strength wasn't attenuated NASA would write off any monitoring. That may yet happen, but monitoring the signal already needs a network of antennas: adding others is pretty easily done.

I personally don't think NASA will quit monitoring of the Voyagers for a while: it's not every day a probe passes the heliopause.

NASA’s getting really good at this flying a helicopter on Mars thing

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Re: Awesome

Redundant systems are a good choice for when repair staff are years away, I would think.

Origami... in spaaaaace: Inflatable folded objects discovery brings new meaning to blowing up buildings

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Re: Cover story of Popular Science material for sure....

I dunno, but I can see where a product such as this might be useful for military applications where there are a lot of refugees need to be moved out of the combat theatre. Then it also could be used on a country's borders for housing large numbers of migrants e.g., just inside Mexico and the US border areas.

Ah, you know what? Keep your crappy space station, we're gonna try to make our own, Russia tells world

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Re: It does have a finite life

@ Keith...

Saying all that one wonders if Bigelow Aerospace might have a presence there during the building of a new space station.

Sadly, the catastrophic impact with Apophis asteroid isn't going to happen in 2068

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Re: placing it even closer than some satellites in geosynchronous orbits

Beat me to that, Ken.

So it appears some of you really don't want us to use the word 'hacker' when we really mean 'criminal'

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Kludge vs hack

@ Martin

I recall my mother using the term kludge as I was growing up. I think I'll go with that for the one time or transitory fixes. I prefer the term hack for more permanent solutions or dev creations / apps whether for good or evil.

Mum was trained as nurse, btw.

Hacking is not a crime – and the media should stop using 'hacker' as a pejorative

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Re: Too late

The argument against using the term hacking describing a criminal activity has been going on for many years now. It seems to be a cycle that someone brings this up.

I see this as a greater argument against the media pushing partisan politics in general. I've reluctantly voted for Alyssa's argument, but would prefer it be expanded to large media's manipulation of the public in general. As it stands now this is an example of someone shouting on a soapbox in the park.

Texas blacks out, freezes, and even stops sending juice to semiconductor plants. During a global silicon shortage

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Re: Power Grid

Sorry, Adelio, but they worked very hard to create their separate state-wide grid. Now the lone star state is reaping what it has sown. Texas still produces a great deal of oil and natural gas which it uses to power non-nuclear electrical plants (Apparently there are two operational there.)

Over long US weekend, GitHub HR boss quit after firing Jewish staffer who warned Nazis were at the Capitol

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Re: No thanks, the US can keep her.

It would be interesting to know the identity of the original snowflake troll and the specific wording of his / her complaint to HR. However I suppose that information won't come out for various reasons.

It would also be interesting to find out if HR's head was given a choice to quit or be fired by management.

Splunk sales ace wins sex discrimination case after new boss handed her key accounts to blokes deemed 'flight risks'

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Not that I would argue the point that she may have brought in the accts, but that wasn't pointed out in the article.

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Re: Sex discrimination or just bad management?

I suspect you may have overlooked the fact that Nadine was being paid a smaller basic than the guy who had been given her acct. (Both had the same seniority.) However we don't know why she had taken her 6 month sabbatical. Perhaps it was to have a baby. You can draw your own conclusions, but I still think that it's a case of sex discrimination.

China requires gamers to reveal real names and map them to frag-tastic IDs

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Re: Well that's going to be quite restrictive

@ Pascal Monett

Unless Sim City comes out with a serial killer module it'll still be allowed over there until the censors catch it.

I suppose RPG's like Dungeons & Dragons will be next.

Boffins baffled as supergiant star just vanishes – either it partially blew itself apart or quietly turned into a black hole

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With all the stories of kidnappings and probings, one would think not.

Remember when Republicans said Dems hacked voting systems to rig Georgia's election? There were no hacks

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Re: Coup, one small glimmer of hope

@ Rich 11: Obviously you've never lived in Florida, home of a lot of cult-like crazies, a lot of whom vote.

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IT Angle

Re: Coup, one small glimmer of hope

That's quite an interesting conspiracy theory with a lot of moving parts. is that why you're posting anonymously?

US Homeland Security mistakenly seizes British ad agency's website in prostitution probe gone wrong

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Re: What the fuck does prostitution have to do with so-called "homeland security"?

@ NoneSuch

It sounds like blackmail to me. Perhaps DHS can be sued for that tactic. Making a big deal of it in the media may or may not be to one's advantage, but a second lightning strike could become a political nightmare for the US.

Wi-Fi of more than a billion PCs, phones, gadgets can be snooped on. But you're using HTTPS, SSH, VPNs... right?

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Re: We all should keep a link to this article...

But doesn't the government maintain a number of VPNs?

Good news: Neural network says 11 asteroids thought to be harmless may hit Earth. Bad news: They are not due to arrive for hundreds of years

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@ jmch

It's not clear whether you're speaking about a collision, whether into water or land or an explosion in the atmosphere. All have different effects.

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See above is all!

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Re: A Neural Network ?

Just ask Alexis, Tom.

ICANN't approve the sale of .org to private equity – because California's Attorney General has... concerns

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One hopes that PIR and ISOC refuse to disclose their data resulting in either a court suit and/or a state takeover of their offices to find the requested info. I'd prefer the second choice as it would give the green light to the state to go fishing for more incriminating evidence on ICANN's other activities.

Apple calls BS on FBI, AG: We're totally not dragging our feet in murder probe iPhone decryption. PS: No backdoors

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It's just tax payer's money.

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Re: Hypocrites

@ rdembski

It seems to me that you haven't read the article fully or understand what you've read. Maybe you're just a troll. Have a nice day and a down vote.

Senior health tech pros warn NHS England: Be transparent with mass database trawl or face public backlash

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Basic Point

"senior heads at Microsoft, AWS, AstraZeneca and other businesses met behind closed doors with leaders of the NHS to thrash out ways to create a commercially valuable repository of 65 million patients’ data"

I suspect that there was NO discussion of how to allow individuals to opt out of the DB: just how to create one. And don't get me started on genetic DBs. Just creation of a searchable pool of info with de-anonymization capability is rather abhorrent.

European Space Agency launches planet-hunting Cheops while Rocket Lab starts on a third launchpad

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Re: "using green hydrogen peroxide oxidiser and kerosene"

Peroxide is never green: it tends to bleach anything it touches at the strength used in rockets. Not to mention how it quickly it'll break down tissue even in OTC concentrations.

Samsung says sorry as union-busting chairman and VP head off for 18 months in the chokey

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Re: Tech Exec Clink.

I tend to agree with you, Phuzz. Money talks loudly in a capitalist society. But I'm now wondering: after the fall of the USSR, who runs the gulags in Russia today?

US and China wave white flags, hit pause button on trade war

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The jury is out on the abuse of power charge, but the US Congress is certainly contemptible. As stated above and in many other posts, the 2 party system is partially at fault, I believe: it tends to cause both parties to deadlock a lot. Perhaps Congressional term limits would be a way out of the gridlock, I dunno, but it certainly couldn't hurt.

The talking heads at Fox News might help enlighten you as to how stupid the Democrats are with this entire impeachment mess. I just want to ask them collectively why they keep wanting to impeach a Republican president. I believe they have tried on about 5 of the past 6. (Nixon quit before they could catch him.)

Kibble 2

I agree with the spirit of your point, and a thumbs up for that. However, there are many more both in the past and in the present.

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"If you vote Trump then you're either stupid or very rich...perhaps both"

Perhaps in your wisdom you'll suggest whom one should vote for, AC.