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Solid state of fear: Euro boffins bust open SSD, Bitlocker encryption (it's really, really dumb)


Samsung 850

2 x Samsung Evo 850s here....

According to MS article and manage-bde -status results on my two, I'm not using the hardware encryption...


"Run ‘manage-bde.exe -status’ from elevated command prompt.

If none of the drives listed report "Hardware Encryption" for the Encryption Method field, then this device is using software encryption and is not affected by vulnerabilities associated with self-encrypting drive encryption."

Both appear to be using different variants of AES, but neither states 'Hardware Encryption'...

Sysadmin cracked military PC’s security by reading the manual


Re: Fun with Android...

Some of the older variants of these tricks have been plugged by security updates. But when it's an older device and it's had a factory reset, it's back at the original security patch level. Rescued a Lenovo tablet a few weeks ago with one of these. First two I tried didn't work. Third time's the charm.

Aviation regulator flies in face of UK.gov ban, says electronics should be stowed in cabin. Duh


There was a Nat Geo episode of the Air Crash Investigation series on this. Not only am I a techie, but a (student) private pilot. These things don't usually get to me, but watching this on Nat Geo did.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UPS_Airlines_Flight_6

Google bows to inevitable, stops forcing Google+ logins on YouTubers



So when will they bring back Latitude? The only functionality of Google+ I use is that of Latitude that was ported into it.

I also see they have nicely broken the Maps Location History by bringing back the Dashboard view they killed off a while ago as Timeline but not keeping the Location History separate as was historically. So now when my phone decides to plot the location of a cell rather than a GPS or WiFi based fix, I can't remove it.



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