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Comms room, comms room, comms room is on fire – we don't need no water, let the engineer burn


Break break..

A few years ago while I was learning to fly I had the following conversation with the tower after joining the circuit.

G-KR: Final Golf Kilo Romeo.

Tower: Kilo-Romeo continue. Break Break. All traffic the tower is on fire and will be closing. Golf Kilo Romeo, you are cleared to land.

G-KR: Cleared land, Golf Kilo Romeo.

Tower: Kilo Romeo that's correct. Taxi your discretion, the tower will be closed. Break Break, All traffic the tower is now closed.

We could n't see any smoke and and the air traffic controller did not sound any different to the usual calm professionalism they excel at. It turned out it was just a monitor melting some insulation.

Insurance companies must start buying security companies


What about the other way round?

Is n't is possible that at some point one of the tech companies will decide that the thing limiting their growth is the lack of insurance on offer for their particular product and decide to offer it because they know how to mitigate the risk?

India to cripple its tech sector with proposed encryption crackdown


Public/Private keys

What if you only have the encryption key and not the decryption key? You can recreate an encrypted sequence given the plain text, but not produce the plain text from just the encrypted version. So when 'they' show up asking to see the plain text and the key that generates the encrypted sequence they are waving at you, you need the last 90 days worth of plain text to re-encrypt to scan to find the match.

Also, as this applies to hardware, will kids who use a caesar cipher disc be breaking the rules until someone gets the design certified. And then only discs manufactured by certified companies will be allowed and the kids will have to keep all their messages for 90 days.

Jeep breach: Scared? You should be, it could be you next


Mixed Criticality

If you think it's madness to have the car control system connected to the entertainment system because the risks are so obvious you should do a quick search for 'mixed criticality systems'. To reduce costs, they want the various systems to share one piece of hardware.