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Fixing an upside-down USB plug: A case of supporting the insupportable

Julian 8

I worked with a colleague who many years ago was fixing a PC and complained that it was not working when powered on. I took a look a litle later and the BIOS chimes were pretty much indicating "no ram". The box had 2 sticks of RAM in them so that is wrong. I took the sticks out and to my surprise, I saw 2 sticks of DDR which were in a slot where there should be DDR2. I was baffled as the notches are wrong, so I compared the chips and the notches were correct. My colleague came back I asked "how did you get these into the motherboard ?" and was told "it took some pressing, but they finally clipped in"

correct RAM and MB worked, RAM into an older bit of kit to test and it worked, so no real damage, just bewilderment on my behalf at how they didn't stop, but just persevered, and this was a colleague with years of experience in the support team - so not a PFY from college

Intel's stock Raptor Lake chip will do 6GHz and overclock another 25%, if it keeps cool

Julian 8

To run MS teams......

BOFH: It's Friday, it's time to RTFM

Julian 8


need my acronym plugin from Ameol

ServiceNow: Customers 'struggling to understand the value of ELAs', says Gartner

Julian 8

Re: Call it what it is - Gouging

Looking at SAP, is it any wonder Servicenow are going down the same path ?

Google sues Sonos yet again, claiming it stole IP and infringed patents

Julian 8

Re: Another one they copied from Microsoft?

Indeed, I wonder if Logitech realise that they have/had after biuing and then killing Squeezebox and go after Sonos for the same IP infringment

Windows Start Menu not starting? You're not alone

Julian 8

Re: Start menu? Who needs it?

Bu that is a pile of shite.

I type in the name of an app that is installed and there is no guarantee it will find it. go off and give me links about it on the web or some other crap like "it is an application" - yes, but actually a link to the installed application on my PC - nope not all the time

Just tested, Synpatics. I get everything bar the link to the synatics app that is installed on this laptop

Weird Flex, but OK: Now you can officially turn these PCs, Macs into Chromebooks

Julian 8


I only got rid of an old netbook device earlier this year when I moved. Got rid of it as even the lightweight linux distro's were not great and decided it was time to "clear out" along with an old Macbook pro.

Pity, both of those may have had another life with this

FYI: BMW puts heated seats, other features behind paywall

Julian 8

Re: I generally like BMWs

I'll keep my old merc, oh hang on, its pre 2015 and I live in London so going to be taxed for that too

Julian 8

Re: Monthly?

Ah, but the AC is the biggest fuel drain killer. Put it on and watch your fuel gauge move quickly.

Yeah, OK, you idiot, modern AC units are far superior and less taxing on the engine than when the above comment was made

Hive to pull the plug on smart home gadgets by 2025

Julian 8

constant problem

Sonos and the devices that would not work without an upgrade.

wasn't there also another heating control system that went the same way a few years ago ?

My TV's processor (Thanks Sony) is so shite, that I can no longer get iplayer, ITVHub, My5, etc on it. Not my decision, the software suppliers decision and the software has removed itself from my TV (maybe due to a TV OS upgrade). Same on an Uncles TV a year or two ago so been waiting for mine to do the same

Me, I still like my Squeezebox, Logitech killed it, but the sever is open source and the devices still go strong.

As for the TV's, a good old Roku to the rescue, though downright annoying we have to work around it

Getting that syncing feeling after an Exchange restore

Julian 8

Re: Buy this guy a beer!

Notes at the back end was great, good replication and easy to backup / restore.

The Notes client was a little bit of a pain, but the main problem was the Mail Template was ancient and never updated. If you did the work internally you could get a really good client, but not many did.

I got TUPE'd to IBM and we had to go back to Notes (we moved to MS, but kept a couple of regional servers with everyones old mail files on for archive reasons), which was not a real problem and I was interested ot see what they had done to the template. Nada, Zilch, Sweet FA. It was the old crap template.

I soon passed our template around to our "company" and we went back to what we had when we still used Notes in anger.

As for a restore. Easy, get the NSF back, tell the user where it was, let them open it alongside their current file, copy/paste what was needed

Meta: We need 5x more GPUs to combat TikTok, stat

Julian 8

As long as there are still cat video's, all is good

HCL to end all support for old versions of Notes and Domino in 2024

Julian 8

IBM had no clue about Notes internally so I am not surprised

I worked for a company where we had a large Notes infrastructure and TUPE'd across.

I was intruged to see what they had done to the email client as OOB it is shite, and we did a lot of modifications to ours. IBM rolled out the OOB one.

Also a number of colleagues had issues post migration that I identified in seconds saying "it is this, that or the other". Took their teams seconds to dismiss my comments, but a few weeks to fix the broken users and all were the comments we said.

Original killer PC spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3 now runs on Linux natively

Julian 8

Re: Never mind 1-2-3

I remember it was Display Write 4. If you wanted to do anything fancy, you saved to the RTF, headed over to the Compaq 386, loaded Ventura in GEM, read your RTF, made some changes and then in the old HP Laserjet 2686a, you put in the relevant font cartidge and printed.

LaserJet II's were brilliant when they came out.

At one point my old company had a few IBM Display Writers with their 8" floppies and took those along with a few old XT and AT's to a local youth club.

IT technician jailed for wiping school's and pupils' devices

Julian 8

Re: outlook and teams

Also,if your account is a non admin, that does not work as you would need to login to get that to work. Just migrated us here to our parent's system and i have refused most of it and one of their guys was peeved I would not type in the local admin password to allow some of the changes.

Sorry mate, my machine, not yours

Also the same with email on the phone. won't let me use my preferred client and insist on me using Outlook. Gave me the security prompt so I removed outlookl instead.

Insurance giant Lloyd's hires DXC to migrate org off legacy mainframes to AWS cloud

Julian 8

Knowing how antiquated the whole of the Lloyds market was with regards to IT back in the early 90's, this does not surprise me one little bit.

Microsoft tweaks Teams and Viva to help bridge gap between frontline workers and their managers, among other things

Julian 8

All I want from teams is......not to hog all the resources, forget everything else.

The ideal sat-nav is one that stops the car, winds down the window, and asks directions

Julian 8

If they don't fix it soon, that is all that will be left

Brit MPs blast Baroness Dido Harding's performance as head of NHS Test and Trace

Julian 8

I don't Boris did as he missed the first 5 COBRA meetings on Covid

Intel's €80bn European chip plant investment plan not bound for UK because Brexit

Julian 8

Re: Bad Business

Nissan ?

Want to check out Windows 11 but don't want to buy a new PC? Here's how to bypass the hardware requirements

Julian 8

Re: Even better....don't bother yet!

None of the above.

Got my T450 back from my son has he has finished migrating to his Mac, so the "spare" T450 needs a rebuild so went W11 to see.

Windows 11 in detail: Incremental upgrade spoilt by onerous system requirements and usability mis-steps

Julian 8

27MB - that all ?

Windows 11 comes bearing THAAS, Trojan Horse as a service

Julian 8

Re: "and in a few short years we were liberated."

(Teams on Linux is woeful)

Its woeful on Windows too. Absolute machine killer

For a true display of wealth, dab printer ink behind your ears instead of Chanel No. 5

Julian 8

Had a problem with an old printer. Each time we went to print it had pretty much dried out - new cartridges or ink. 3rd party cartidges were really hit and miss, refilling original cartidges were also the same and often resulted in a new cartridge or set.

When our son was doing his GCSE's and A levels it was getting ridiculous in costs as while we may not have so many dry out, the rate he could use them was mad.

I went out and bought a colour laser instead. Only last year (year 4) did I need to replace the cartidges it came with and not too bad for all inks. Reckon I have another 5/6 years before the cartidges need replacing again

Hubble, Hubble, toil and trouble: NASA pores over moth-eaten manuals ahead of switch to backup hardware

Julian 8

Had this during training once. All the machines had been left from the previous class and only a few bits were "reset". During the training I had something fail and would consistently fail. Most of the class left and there was the trainer, myself and one other person left. It took us around 2 hours to find and fix the problem, but it did reoccur a few times over the next few years with that app.

Without that course I would never have known

The trainer said he preferred to leave the machines this way instead of reimaging as a freshly imaged machine would not have these problems.....

IBM insiders say CEO Arvind Krishna downplayed impact of email troubles, asked for a week to sort things out

Julian 8

Re: 4.2 billion emails a week?

When we were tuped so many mangement sent so many crap emails and blogs that I can see this number being there. Us plebs did no such thing - only our jobs and either left or got made redundant after the agreed period of time

Julian 8

Re: Seriously...

If sensible, they would have had a local copy of their mail file (nsf) - I know I would

Why did automakers stall while the PC supply chain coped with a surge? Because Big Tech got priority access

Julian 8

Re: "autos [...] can handle slightly outdated tech"

Tomtom Rider's use outdated tech - and boy can you see that with how sluggish they are (prefer these over my phone being on the bars)

Julian 8

Re: I can only talk about this form a German viewpoint

see that with my son and his friends.

Most passed their tests, but only 2 now have cars and those 2 do some mileage up and down the country. The others who all remain local just "uber" everywhere.

By the time the youngsters have their insurance and running costs, uber maybe cheaper for them in the long run - especially if they had to buy their car and not got it as an 18th birthday present

The Home Office will need to overturn a long legacy of failure to achieve ambition of all-digital border by 2025

Julian 8

Re: the mother of all omnishambles

surely it has to go to InfoSys now so Rishi can get his cut

Tesla owners win legal fight after software update crippled older Model S batteries

Julian 8

Re: Software Engineers

Perhaps it wants you to install NeverSpoons instead

Beyond video to interactive, personalised content: BBC is experimenting with rebuilding its iPlayer in WebAssembly

Julian 8

Re: This is all rather confusing

My Sony which has had the current iplayer pulled has a A53, 4 core - but only 2GB of RAM. No idea what spec your TV will need to run this new version

Julian 8

Re: Fuck the BBC - fuck iPlayer

You're lucky, they decided my uncles TV (2 years old) is not suitable and removed iplayer. My own tv which is the same range has the same problem. ITV Hub has gone as wellas well. He rang earlier to say he has lost Netflix

I can get BBC via the tivo but for him we have had to get him a Roku and need to install it this weekend

That Salesforce outage: Global DNS downfall started by one engineer trying a quick fix

Julian 8

Re: "We have taken action with that particular employee"

I was in a situation a number of years ago when an engineer an upgrade which resulted in lots of problems. Took a little while to full resolve, but we did. A good few months later and the same system needed another upgrade and the same engineer was assigned - but I was too - I prefer 1 late night than a week of them.

During this work it was clear that the first device to upgrade shuold be really be done on its own due to the nature of the changes it was doing. The engineer then went to the second device and was about to start the upgrade there. I stopped him and said "is this what happened last time ?" I pointed out that the first device should really finish and then we an upgrade the others at the same time as the backend upgrade had finished.

So, no, some do not learn from their mistakes and won't be more careful

Fancy trying to explain Microsoft Teams to your parents? They may ask about the new Personal version

Julian 8

Just wait for all the calls from the relatives that say "why is my machine running so slow ?"

That my dear family, is Teams in action

Elon Musk hits the brakes on taking Bitcoin for Tesla purchases

Julian 8

Re: Does Tesla actually buy any advertising ?


Accidentally wiped an app's directory? Hey, just play the 'unscheduled maintenance' card. Now you're a hero

Julian 8

That would have taken all night if it was OS/2 1.3 and all the patch disks

Julian 8

Re: "to screw up completely requires a computer..."

Would have taken all night if that was OS/2 1.3 and then the path diskettes

JavaScript developers left in the dark after DroidScript software shut down by Google over ad fraud allegations

Julian 8

Re: The computer says no ...

So you're to blame ?

PCs continue to sell like hot cakes and industry can barely keep up with demand – analyst

Julian 8

Have a dock. At home I have a Lenovo docking station attached to two monitors, so I can drive both and the internal screen. Likewise the clients laptop are invariable not lenovo or newer models and so I have them connecting to a higher end Lenovo USB-C dock that provides power and dual screen.

The current clients laptop has to me, a naff keyboard and trackpad, whereas I like the lenovo keyboard and I am a trackpoint fan.

If I do have to make my way into a coffee shop or a client site, I work on the basis there is no decent keyboard or second screen so I have a logitech setup on a universal usb adaptor and a USB screen that works on all devices I have tried - also great if I am not able to get into the home office for whatever reason and need to decamp to the kitchen

Desperate Nominet chairman claims member vote to fire him would spark British government intervention

Julian 8

The government can drop in their own IT specialist - the queen of carange. Afterall, Dildo's job with Test and Trace must nearly be over with everyone being jabbed soon and we will be free of this covid malarkey - gotta give her something to do

Fancy a £130k director of technology role with the UK's Ministry of Justice? All you need to do is 'fix the basics'

Julian 8

Why not wheel Dildo "Queen of Carnage" Harding in ? Seems right up her street, IT, Government, Cronyism

ThinkPad T14s AMD Gen 1: Workhorse that does the business – and dares you to push that red button

Julian 8

Re: Price point

A long time ago my employer had a lot of T40's and while I like Lenovo (or IBM at the time), I did not want to pay the same price. I got a R40 which was the same spec but a little thicker. In everyday use it was fine, but I did have a number of different PSU's around from the various T/X series from work. I plugged the R40 into one of the smaller ones and it made an odd noise. It got worse over a period of time and it was the charging circuit. While a T or X would work with the larger or smaller and just charged the battery at a different rate, the R series took offenc - new MB.

Shortly after I visited a friend to do an installation and I had my laptop open on the desk and she noticed it was getting low on power. I was under the desk and then heard that same distinctive noise. I asked from under the desk "did you just plug my laptop in ?", She replied "Yes" so I said "Oh great, you have just blown my laptop up"

Since then I would prefer to buy a refurb'd T or X - and they are generally rock solid

Julian 8

Re: Red pointy thing

I have an X240 that has that buttonless trackpad. I found a model that can be used as replacement with some buttons, but boy is it finiky with the driver that is used. Has to be a specific version otherwise it does not play at all

Julian 8

It is why I buy Thinkpads

TBH, for me the trackpoint is the key selling point. I hate a trackpad and on my laptops the trackpad is disabled

Samsung Galaxy S21: Lots of little downgrades, but this phone is more than the sum of its parts

Julian 8

"and delivers everything you’d want from a flagship."

I want a MicroSD card too......

AMD, Nvidia, HPE tapped to triple the speed of US weather super with $35m upgrade

Julian 8

Just mine a few bitcoins to pay for itself

Smartphones are becoming like white goods, says analyst, with users only upgrading when their handsets break

Julian 8

Re: Still using my Samsung Galaxy S5

Bit like HTC when they upgraded I one of their phonee (HTC 10 I thnk) to the latest Android at the time and it killed the phone - no roll back and I managed to brick it before I found out about a fork of android that would have probably kept it working

Julian 8

Going the same way as laptops. In the older days you wanted an upgrade as processors were changing at such pace, could take more RAM, better screens and improved battery life, but now, the incentive is not there. A newer processor is great, but in real day use how much more beneficiail is that or the extra battery life ? certainly these are useful for some users, not everyone.

I have an S9+ and would upgrade, but I am doing nothing with it that warrants that and the only thing that makes me ponder is a better camera, but until we can actually get out and about again what is the point ?

Also now disappointed that the latest samsung has no microsd so that is another consideration (all my music is on a microsd card with a local player)

Just let this sink in: Capita wins 12-year £1bn contract to provide training services to the Royal Navy and Marines

Julian 8

Re: Thats that f88ked then

They will after capita training

Wait till you see the Army trying to throw depth charges at the enemy - that'll be far more fun



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