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Commvault scale-out appliance gunning for Rubrik and Cohesity


Talk about late to market !

Gartner's Magic Quadrant flashes up pure flash array-pusher prize-plucker. It's Pure


Re: Reality?

This post is hilarious. Your individual experience is better than the analysts ? The fact you want to put Dell EMC in the bottom left tells us all we really need to know.


Re: Revenue should be the measure for ability to execute

The proof of ability to execute might indeed be a sale, but that is not how Gartner defines it for their MQ. The full report quite clearly articulates what they mean by ability to execute - and revenue is not it.

There are plenty of flash vendors out there that made a sale, but are not executing effectively in the broader market.

If you want to use revenue as a measure of performance in the market, you might like to hop on over to IDC.

Also, there are a number of vendors that have a software storage capability that is not limited to their own hardware. NetApp is not unique in that field.

Pure opens XtremIO, VMAX swap shop as Dell EMC party kicks off


Re: Support

Provide an example pls

Tantalising tidbits from XtremIO to be revealed at Vegas expo in May


Re: Dell-EMC Positioning

It's all about the highest commission ? What a ridiculous statement.

Cisco and pals reveal backup bundles for Borg's slow-moving converged rigs


Reference architectures. LOL

Why did Nimble sell and why did HPE buy: We drill into $1.2bn biz deal


Largely irrelevant given the final valuation.

Pure unsheathes the FlashBlade, cuts out NetApp legacy system


We'll tweet publicly that we swapped out some storage (again) but we can't/won't tell you who it is when asked. Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap.

And it's NFS only, where the multi-protocol NetApp device with all the enterprise features you need, is "legacy", insert *eye-roll emoji

A single protocol, object platform #beastmode lolz

HPE says 3PAR problem that broke Australia was a one-off. Probably


it hardly 'broke' Australia. JFC.

ExaGrid, Pure, and Veeam want IT to march to their drumbeat


or you'd just buy Data Domain.

NVMe SSD? Not yet, says Pure, but promises to deliver it


Re: Upgrade

Most storage vendors can perform controller swaps without bringing the system down. That's not really new.

Pure's argument is that there is no Forklift upgrade because there is no migration of data from one array to another. Swapping controllers is just like your grandfather's axe. You might never have bought a new axe, but you certainly don't have the old one either.

EMC publicly denies Fairview borkage involvement


The statement released by Dell EMC was approved by the customer. Did Chris check sources or just report someone else's shitty article ? Tabloid jornalism at its best.

Pushy Pure, cheerful Cisco fortify FlashStack


Because reference architectures for CI are so hot right now.

Dell-EMC races to add and extend flashy bits into its boxen


Re: por que eXtremeIO?

Last time I looked, customers chose who they bought from. "Forcing shit products on customers" ? Get real.

EMC XtremIO has its quirks but rumours of its death are overblown


"Trust me" says Ken, standing on the outside looking in. If you can't spell XtremIO, then I am certain your views on the product aren't very credible. Cool story though.

And BigJM poses all of the BIG questions, which really answer themselves unless you're simply flinging FUD. If EMC didn't introduce flash into their other products you'd be calling them out on that as well. So which is it? Move on.

XtremIO heading for the bin? Total BS, thunders CTO Itzik Reich


Re: Poison Kool Aid

Spinning rust ? Must be a Pure employee...

EMC will hawk Dell's Nutanix-powered XC kit


Re: Let me try to translate canadian for everyone

Substitute "translation" with "interpretation". FWIW, its a subtle difference, but Dell bought EMC, who own a majority stake in VMware.

Does it even make sense to buy a VTL today?


"and while it lasted" ... ? EMC still enjoys very strong market share with Data Domain. It was clearly a very good & profitable acquisition. Not sure you can credit ZFS with the same success.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff tells Reg data loss 'minimal'


Whilst its disappointing to see a company lose customer data - and take the matter so lightly - customers that are very serious about their data wouldn't have relied solely on Salesforce; there are data protection offerings out there for SaaS applications. The protection of your valuable data is your own responsibility - be it on premise or in the cloud.

Pure swats away EMC patent punch, mulls $14m verdict appeal


Clearly the courts don't agree with most of these comments. Vendors should be able to protect the investments they made in developing a patent.

Pure pleasure with stonking final fiscal 2016 quarter


Re: Uh yeah...

EMC tapped out ? Is being dismantled ? You're not too bright fella.


Re: Happy Customers buy more

Surprise Surprise, Nimble reports another loss, blames "seasonality" and the stock tanks.

Go you Unicorns, Go!


Re: Uh yeah...

AC - your omments here around customer's procurement methods are sound, as customers are generally pretty good at ensuring they get good prices initially and subsequently. But that's where your logic stops. Gross Product Margins are indeed good at Pure - as are most vendor's gross product margins. But you've neglected to address the negative operating margin (Rolex anyone). And whilst the net losses for the quarter WERE lower, they are still significant. Burning cash at a pretty good rate.

They really need step up the momentum AND maintain it if they want outrun the losses they're still incurring. As like most vendors, there's a point when the growth tapers off. Add into the mix competition from HP, Nimble and EMC ..... and its hard to see how these guys are going to turn (not return) this business into a profit making machine ; currently, the share price is driven by the hype and looks like a lousy investment to me.

Time to stop giving away Rolexs boys. Wonder what their customers think of that ?

And regarding your comments about EMC "selling itself" and cashing in the chips, you're kidding yourself if you think these start-ups are going to out-run EMC. Not only is EMC the biggest in the game, they've got the cash, the portfolio and the sales reach. Now Dell is taking them private, they're not going to be smashed by Wall Street as they navigate their way through all this change. And they are certainly not divesting the business. How do you figure that ? The company will remain intact and in fact becomes the largest IT company in the world. How is that divesting itself ? The semantics of being sold, bought, merged don't really matter. Both companies agreed to it and the customers appear to be pumped - so whats the issue ?

And that's what happens when you buy a public company btw - you purchase the shares of the company you're buying.

Pure as the driven CEO: El Reg chats to Scott Dietzen on taking the flash array high road


Re: clueless

*their numbers

This EMC is bereft of expansion, it is formerly increasing ... it is ex-growth


Haters gonna hate. Still a $45B behemoth.

Zes, zir, zank you, zir: Zerto zucks in 50 zillion zucks in zenture zapital


No mention of the lawsuit between Zerto and EMC where it was ruled Zerto infringed on 4 out of the 5 patents EMC claimed ? Best to make hay whilst the sun shines.

OOPS: Red-faced IDC reissues backup market data


Re: EMC including Isilon Nodes?

For the record, Isilon is not a Purpose Built Backup Appliance, so those figures would not include Isilon obviously. Whether the backup teams get commission on it or not is of no relevance here.

Pure and simple: Why Gartner's and IPOing storage biz's numbers didn't line up


Re: Orange Jumpsuits....

but they're Puritans....lol

Pure as the driven IPO: Upstart tells SEC it's go for stock market debut


I drink your MILKSHAKE ! I DRINK IT UP !

Big Blue bafflement: Anyone in IBM Storage know which way is up?


Re: protect profit by sacrificing revenue

If you don't have any revenue, can you ever have a profit ?


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