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ICANN further implicated in .Africa controversy


Re: ICANN has gone rogue

If this was a government process, a severe discipline will happen

Looks like the decision to the end is stage managed by ICANN via the redaction process.

Having been slammed and embarrassed, ICANN tells the world: We've done nowt wrong


"hard to get close enough to get a good view"

How could DCA CEO be in with ICANN when she is suing them? and won if I might add. She has been fighting ICANN publicly over corruption all over the media, for most it is not "hard to get close enough to get a good view" maybe you should try as well.


Re: Sleeze all around

On what basis should the TLD go to ZACR, they did not even have the required endorsement when they applied and misrepresented their application and was assisted by their insider friends at ICANN. I see no wrong thanking God for a win. As far as writing her own Wikipedia, I don't know that, but it appears likely she has her critics as her best followers. See main man for ZACR who does the same. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Mpisanev/sandbox/ZADNA


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