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Arctic ice returns to 1980s levels of cap cover


Re: Did El Reg get bought by Murdoch?

Ok, let's say fossil fuels don't contribute to climate change. Why reduce the use of a cheap and efficient power source?

here's some reasons:

1. It's actually not very efficient, we've just been using it so long, we've found more efficient ways to utilize it

2. Personal heath effects of breathing in fossil fuel fumes and exhaust. Look at the air quality of china, where they have to cancel events due to health risks, and watch satellite images that show how the jet stream drags that crap over land and oceans to other countries

3. Cost. I still say fossil fuels are our best source of power, but that's only because enough hasn't been done in alternative research. $3 a gallon is nuts! I'd push for us to look to more renewable sources of fuel just for the cost savings alone.

I don't want my kids hacking and coughing because every time they take a deep breath, half of what they take in is fuel exhaust in the future. I don't want that for myself. Even if we're not destroying the environment, at the very least, we're destroying ourselves. If you disagree, breath in car exhaust fumes for a few hours and see how you feel.


Re: Good news for Polar Bears

**Mind you, ice growth proves Global Warming since it's been proven that as temperatures rise, more humidity is carried into freezing regions, and that not only results in, but aids in the creation of surface ice. That is also why seasonal geographic locations may see more snow and have that snow start falling earlier in the winter season and end later.

(There, I fixed it for you)


Horrible Research

Wow! This is incredibly one-sided.

They sited 1 scientist about ice, while not bothering to mention the dozens of studies (with math and fun actual numbers) that show that as temperatures rise, so does humidity, which will cause an increase in surface ice at both polls. These studies were done 2 years ago when the arctic ice was in decline.

The climate models actually predicted this.

This article also fails to mention from that same scientist that the ice in the arctic is getting snowier, which happens when the air carries more moisture.

Am I saying we're all doomed and we're causing global warming? No. Global warming exists with or without human interference (though the evidence does point to us exasperating the effect to an incredible degree). All I'm saying is that this is expected behavior given a warming trend.


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