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Billionaire CEO tells Googlers 'we shouldn’t always equate fun with money'


Google CEO (just before giving himself a $100 million payrise) says "you don't need more money to have fun". then cuts employee payrises, bonuses and perks to pay for his undeserved payrise.

Florida asks Supreme Court if it's OK to ban content moderation it doesn't like


Step 1. get list of ALL internet companies in Florida

step 2. vague accusations of anti-trust. even for small mom n pop stores (include facebook, google, bing, twitter, microsoft, apple etc)

step 3. Automate filing of several hundred million URLS/IP Addresses to Florida government

step 4. Florida government can't use ANY of these services

Salesperson's tech dream delivered by ill-equipped consultant who charged for the inevitable fix


I once saw a company using the "local update" functions built into windows update. Basically instead of every one of 20k PCs downloading an update from Microsoft, they would 'give' the update to other PCs on the LAN.

Well some smart guy had also configured the system to not allow data to be copied from PC to PC (it had to go to a network folder THEN the other PC could download).

This system had a blocking-ability. So if 2 PCs tried repeatedly sending data to each other, it would blacklist them on the network.......essentially considering one PC was trying to infect the other PC with something nasty.

Cue MS update...every PC starts asking every other PC if they have the update.....essentially the entire network blacklisted every single PC from itself.

took 5 days to fix (literally someone going around with a USB key with the fix to every individual PC), and the company lied to its clients claiming it was "an ISP issue".

Microsoft mistakenly rated Chromium, Electron as malware


Microsoft have refused to explain why the update targets chrome.exe and ALL chromium based browsers except Edge (Microsoft's own) nor why the 'update' tries to change the default browser back to Edge.

A normal antivirus update would detect "bad software" but wouldn't normally be in charge of changing your browser settings.

maybe MS hoping to change a few million browsers to Edge to increase market share and praying people just put up with it and don't know enough to change it back?

Want the very latest Windows Insider Dev Channel build? Check your disk space


Games on the Xbox are the same.

Xbox 360 version? 8GB. xbox one series version? 200gb.

Basically its like soap powder manufacturers. make so many different products that are essentially the same thing to "push" rivals off the hard drive/SSD.

its why NBA has gone from 15gb install to an expected 350gb for 2023.

Martin Shkreli, out of prison for running a Ponzi scheme, now pushes Web3 thing


Shkreli is already under investigation for FURTHER fraud since his original conviction.

Giving even a single dollar to his new ponzi scheme is basically just funding a few lavish parties until the cash runs out and back to prison he goes.

Being declared dead is automated, so why is resurrection such a nightmare?


The solution is to find a way to earn money but not pay tax on it BECAUSE YOU'RE DEAD.

the government will fix the issue and add an UNDO option within weeks of finding out someone is gaming the system and not paying income taxes / has written off their credit card debts etc.

Florida man accused of selling fake, broken Cisco devices from China to hospitals, schools, military


Thousands of people in hospitals could have died when networks went down and they were unable to receive lab tests etc.

Should give him 1yr in prison for every single patient in each hospital at the time the equipment was installed.

Oh thats 30,000 people? well we'll give you 15,000yrs off for good behaviour. And you'll be eligible for parole in just 5000 years!

Huawei looks to staff for strategy to reverse declining fortunes


Stupid thing is, the solution is staring Huawei in the face, but they won't ask anyone outside the CCP for the answer.

So obvious and 100% simple. Ah well.

China's blockchain boosters slam crypto as Ponzi scheme


Another post by a massive Chinese crypto mining farm that was forced to relocate outside China and is trying to short the market.

And that has MASSIVE outstanding buy orders for BTC, ETH and SOL.

SpaceX: 5G expansion could kill US Starlink broadband


Re: Don't Forget

You know post history is publically available right?

You've been anti-musk even when he's only a tangent to the story.

I wonder why?

Amazon accused of obstructing probe into deadly warehouse collapse


7 Weeks?

Amazon needs to hire someone with better photoshop skills to create the completely 100% fake documents they'll turn over, in which it states the dead employees signed away their safety rights and/or agreed to binding arbitration in the event of their death.

A miserable work week spent toiling inside 'the metaverse'


Anyone posting anti-VR stories needs to declare if they themselves have any conflict of interest (Monitor manufacturers have previously paid to put out all sorts of "VR will kill your cat" type nonsense.

Investors start betting against Bitcoin with short-trade products


Proshares. Run, Owned and secretly managed by various large banks that are trying desperately to kill off crypto.

Google, EFF back Cloudflare in row over pirate streams


> any other service provider which has provided services or in the future provides services to defendants

This instantly renders the order null and void in the United States as it forbids the defendant from seeking the services of or retaining legal representation.

Because thats 100% unconstitutional, none of the remainder of the order is legally enforceable.

PLUS the site owners can sue for violating their constitutional rights

Engineer sues Amazon for not covering work-from-home internet, electricity bills


Just because it was pornhub doesn't mean he wasn't tasked with finding videos for Bezos.....

Smart homes are hackable homes if not equipped with updated, supported tech


Please remember this is Centrica/british gas that has been caught THOUSANDS of times ripping off the elderly.

In trading standards cases, new boilers were fitted, a single wire was disconnected and British gas called.

because the engineer was on commission they'd tell the elderly resident (actor/actress IRL) they needed a brand new boiler as the current one was dangerous.

Not just one area, but this has happened all over the UK, indicating corruption from on high.

Who would trust them with home security?

IBM ordered to pay $1.6b to BMC


IBM's defence will be that either BMC staff are over 40yrs old (and some of them are black) and therefore aren't deserving of legal protection.

That's their ACTUAL defence for firing anyone aged over 40, or who isn't white. Even internal IBM emails have revealed they hate the [N-Words] and oldies with a deep deep passion.

California Right-to-Repair bill quietly killed in committee


More proof that companies like Apple 100% own the entire legislative branches of many States.

Apple basically is allowed to funnel MILLIONS of dollars straight into the personal private bank accounts of democrats and republicans to pass or destroy any legal change they want.

How the F--- is this legal?

IBM ends funding for employee retirement clubs


No-one ever got fired for b̶u̶y̶i̶n̶g̶ working for IBM. Unless you're over 40 or non-white.

Clearview AI fined millions in the UK: No 'lawful reason' to collect Brits' images


Hoan Ton-That is a fascist on record saying that future governments could use clearview's face recognition to "round up undesirables".

Clearview is a company that should be outlawed in the UK, and pressed to be outlawed everywhere as its stated goals are basically to round up various ethnic groups etc into death camps.

Legacy IT to blame for UK's inflexible benefits system


This is a total 100% lie by the government. The DWP system relies on "tokens"(you're on benefit 1 2 or 3 which fills a 2nd field with the amount of money you get) but this field can be manually edited to any value you want. Adjusting the value notifies a superior staff member who confirms the value is OK and thats it.

Amounts are then paid out. The fact they are saying paid values are fixed is total barefaced lies.

But they won't let ANYONE outside the DWP see the system....I wonder why

A discounting disaster averted at the expense of one's own employment


I worked for a major UK TV company.

Pointed out massive potential liability because they were using several thousand copies of Office software (guess which one) unlicensed. Was ignored. Raised again.

Was told my job was at risk and to not mention it again.

two weeks after I left they got "fined" £15 million from MS.

Karma is sometimes a bitch.

BOFH: Something's consuming 40% of UPS capacity – and it's coming from the beancounters' office


Once had a company with a gigantic UPS. CEO's office was wired direct to UPS power because he was running a from-the-office website "of an adult nature" that he hosted himself.

Why should I pay for that security option? Hijacking only happens to planes


Re: Ah, yes. The dreaded "fix it NOW!" call ...

The trick is to agree BUT out of hours work you're allowed to bill the company $50 per hour and for non-work related (my personal laptop got wine on it), you're allowed to bill the company $250 per hour.......

Cisco's Webex app phoned home audio telemetry even when muted


Re: Nonsense comments

I hope you got a performance payrise from Cisco for all that typing even if the quality / believability was 2/10 at best.


Re: I have an external mike

When you switch your external mike to Mute, Webex can still just switch to using any OTHER installed mike on your PC/laptop/webcam etc, without telling you.

Gotta steal that sound data for $$$$$s baby!

Axed data scientist sues IBM claiming he was discriminated against as a man


IBM is facing a vast number of lawsuits also pertaining to threats of a physical and/or illegal nature related to H-1B workers.

Specifically that they threatened if the worker made any sort of complaint about unequal treatment, IBM would ensure the worker was blacklisted not only from H-1B but from every country that IBM operates a visa-based worker program, and that they'd ensure no company would hire them ever again.

Very illegal. very morally wrong, and apparently the sheer volume of lawsuits indicates this isn't just a disgruntled employee.

Prototype app outperforms and outlasts outsourced production version


Re: Scouts UK

its for the Scouts. it probably had a finger command somewhere in there.


I once wrote a system for a well known tech company. Total size was around 8mb. (yes megabytes).

It was replaced by a system over 40GB in size (yes gigabytes). new system did basically the same thing as my system, but every now and again would just up and randomly delete customers TV/broadband accounts, cutting them off randomly.

Eventually it was decommissioned (think slightly over 12months later and £150 million spooged down the drain) and my system went back into use.

Reg reader rages over Virgin Media's email password policy


Actual call I had to VM support:

Once told them a router hadn't arrived.

Can you turn it off then on please?

No, because it never got delivered.

So you're refusing to go through basic troubleshooting?

OK I've turned it off then on.

Did that help?

No, because the box never arrived

OK I will send your case to a tier2 agent


Insecurity by design.

Deliberately weak passwords, then when (Like equifax before it) Virgin suffers "a breach" (i.e. the top execs sell off all your data for millions) they can blame the password system and throw some admin/programmer under the bus.

it's been set this way deliberately so any 'investigation' will stop short of asking where those Virgin execs suddenly got those millions of pounds in their bank accounts from.

AMD confirms Ryzen chips' stuttering performance on Windows 10, 11


TPM can be abused. it's basically Microsoft/Intel's "permanent ID number" fiasco all over again.

Essentially Intels system could track you based on a serial number ID built INTO the processor. And thus they and Microsoft planned to track everyones web usage on every single website forever.

They abandoned the idea when there was a massive privacy backlash, but every few years they trot the same spy-tech out.

Proton and the TPM being mandatory are basically the exact same thing again, as TPM data can be exploited mathematically to ID you whatever website you're on and build up a history which will let people find out who you are.

Then your data can be quietly sold off.

IBM cannot kill this age-discrimination lawsuit linked to CEO


"there is no discrimination at IBM and if those [N-words] say there is, thats because all of them are cannibals or paedos or something. PLUS their defence lawyer is aged 50+ and should be in an old folks home, not out here trying to do law with his advanced age and senility" - IBM lawyer if they used IBMs behaviour as a defence.

Intel blasts Bitcoin mining, unveils own mining kit


Intel's system is slower, consumes MORE power and is around 5x more expensive to purchase than an Antminer.

Hell its less efficient/costlier than an OLD antminer ASIC.

there's no way in hell any big mining outfit will take any of these, unless Intel is secretly paying for their electricity costs. Even then they'd just be a small addition to whatever equipment the people already have.

Be prepared for FUD from Intel as they set up their own mining farm and lie about it being run by [Insert celebrity name here]

BOFH: All hail the job cuts consultant


I actually saw something like this happen.

Entire department was formed to find "savings". someone else in firing line pointed out this department was going to end up as 10percent of net profits....disbanding before it got started "saved" that 10% and bonuses ahoy!

Internet connection now required for Windows 11 Pro Insider setup


OSX / MacOS also requires an internet connection (just to be able to install apps).

But no-one seems to be complaining that Apple can see what apps you have installed, what apps you've sideloaded and what applications you're currently using.

Somehow they get away with a full-on NSA level audit in real time of every single mac. (Hence how they can remotely decide to uninstall software and you're given no choice to prevent this).

Google Cloud takes a gap year. It may come back with very different ideas


Google said Stadia was "taking a break from updates".

Google said Nest was "taking a break from updates"

Both things in the middle of cancellation (layoffs of all support and technical staff and management first - announced cancellation sometime in Q2 2022.

Now Google cloud is "taking a break from updates" - hmmmm

Apple, Broadcom allowed to press Ctrl-Z on billion-dollar Wi-Fi patent payout to Caltech


Whenever a large judgement is 'suddenly' overturned, the Judge and everyone in the court system for that case should be fully IRS Audited.

Just to ensure the Judge doesn't now have $42,300,000 in unexplained offshore holdings.

No, I've not read the screen. Your software must be rubbish


Wire up the system / users to one of those Dignitas Suicide Pods.

It appears C: is full.

Would you like to die now or free up some space by deleting files? [Bye Bye Cruel World] [Yes I'll cleanup the Drive].

Make option 1 the default if you just press enter or escape. The problem has solved itself!

Welsh home improvement biz fined £200,000 over campaign of 675,478 nuisance calls


If this company "doesn't know" where its list of phone numbers came from, then one can only assume they breached North Korean sanctions.

This means the individual people at the company will have the corporate veil pierced and be fined 10s of million of pounds each.

Well? go ahead...prove your data WASN'T from North Korea.......

Crack team of boffins hash out how e-scooters should sound – but they need your help*


Just a long drawn out fart sound as you travel. Nice loud and horribly moist-sounding.


Just have a voice saying "TWAT!" every 5-10seconds.

Any blind people will instantly know its a loser on an e-scooter

Google dumps interest-based ad system for another interest-based ad system


Is there an addon for chrome that destroys ALL cookies except ones I mark to be kept (logins for sites)?

I'd like to just erase the cookies as-I-go as it wouldn't slow the browser to have to delete just 1 or 2 cookies per page change.

UK government opens consultation on medic-style register for Brit infosec pros


In unrelated news, little johnny (whose mom describes him as 'a whiz with those computery things') may be only 12yrs old, but he he's had to take out £40 million in malpractice insurance before being allowed to connect his Xbox to the family TV.

Email blocklisting: A Christmas gift from Microsoft that Linode can't seem to return


Is this going to be like previous "accidents" where Microsoft wants to buy Linode for cheap and is illegally devaluing their product via email blocking?

US-China chip cold war? It's only helping the Middle Kingdom, silicon makers warn


Chinese made gpu and cpu parts have hardware-embedded backdoors for the CCP that are pretty hard to locate unless you know exactly what to trigger.

So they'll be solely used in China, and not in any independent country such as Taiwan, Japan or the US.

No defence for outdated defenders as consumer AV nears RIP


MCafee and Norton as companies paid for and created some of the worst viruses over the past few decades.

The aim was to say "only OUR product handles XYZ", but thats because they created it so knew exactly what signatures to add.

There have been cases where BOTH of them "somehow" had anti-virus signatures added before particular viruses/malware was even released onto the public.

A bit like answering the door to the police and saying "I haven't hacked my wife up and fed her to the pigs officer. " <pause> "what do you mean my wifes missing?" <shocked look>

Snap continues to make a spectacle of itself as it tries to trademark the word spectacles


SNAP...because our products are poor enough to break your wallet and your mind.


Snap's entire business model is to claim millions in R&D. Release a product that doesn't do whats claimed, looks awful, has terrible controls and is just utterly shitty.

Then they claim millions more in further R&D and 'marketing'. Rinse & Repeat. Someone should be referring them for a massive tax audit, as surely their entire business model can't be fully legal?



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