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Report: Women make up just 17% of IT workforce, paid 15% less than men


Re: Oh fuck...

You've walked in their shoes?

That doesn't sound like fun, and it is probably painful too. You know they aren't (really) made for men, right?

If they've simply averaged men and womens pay without regard to company, job type/description, seniority, hours worked, and so on, then they've compared apples and oranges.

The only way there wouldn't be any difference at all is when there are 50/50 employment and everyone everywhere is paid the exact same salary regardless of job type/description, hours worked, etc (as I mentioned above).


Saving the economy

Saving 15% overall would do wonders for any company so why don't everyone exclusively hire women?

That is, if this isn't just feminist "facts" (apples vs oranges)..as usual.

For now, GNU GPL is an enforceable contract, says US federal judge


I would assume it is..AT LEAST as much as a regular EULA.

One of the arguments the defense claimed were:

"That since it did not sign anything when it downloaded Artifex's software there is no contract to be enforced."

If that point were/are accepted it would have to be applied to EULA's without a written SIGNED contract/license too. (as in, physical/digital signature, not just a button press)

Especially when you consider that businesses usually(/almost always) have less protections than individuals.

Windows updates? Just trust us, says Microsoft executive


"ironically dear old auntie or granny with her computer set to accept patches automatically is LESS of a disease vector..."

Obviously. I mean, if they/you get a borked update they/you might not even be on the net for a while. However, those around them might learn some new words. That is, if they didn't learn them already because of earlier updates.

French publishers join Swedish 'Block Party' to pester ad refuseniks


I assume they'll foot the bill and recover the data

..if their campaign infects one or more computers with mal/spy/ransom/etc ware and other things because someone actually disables the adblocker.

I mean, not using an adblocker when lots and lots of computers get infected that way is, well, not recommended.. When someone knowingly tricks somebody into doing it anyway, and as a result they get one of those..wouldn't/shouldn't that be punishable by law?

If it were physical property it would probably be called willful damage or something, but..

Little warning: Deleting the wrong files may brick your Linux PC


Re: So, exactly...

I think you'll find that using that command is the absolutely worst way to do it.

One of the reasons is, it will wipe absolutely every (mounted) device it has write access to.

It would be better to use a partitionmanager to delete or wipe/format partitions/drives.

At least you'll only be wiping what you (probably) intend to.

Microsoft sets end date on Windows 10 support. Hey, wait, WHAT?


Re: Simple messages?

Well, those two together at least imply Windows dies at that date.


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