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Wacky Jacqui spanked by husband


He pressed "Yes" when he meant "No"

Leave the poor man alone; he was simply trying to access "Driving Miss Daisy," however stumbled upon "Bangkok Chick Boys" instead...

NASA celebrates return of the Zeppelin


Zeppelin Museum

I visited the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen this year and I can highly recommend it.

I had no idea that the US even had airships like the USS Macon, which actually acted as an aircraft carrier, launching propellor-driven planes by dropping them out the bottom.

There's also a great big partial reconstruction of the Hindenburg which you can go inside. Very swish.

I actually only went there because I was going to Germany (and nearby Switzerland) and Friedrichshafen's tiny airport happens to be a Ryanair destination, but it was well worth a visit.

Apple takes wraps off rumour-matching MacBook Pros


Not so great in France

Apple's French web site was pretty harsh about the changes:


World's biggest ISPs drag feet on critical DNS patch


BT seems fine to me

We have BT here (albeit a business line), and comes up clean (haven't tried our secondary which is

Scottish gov OKs Europe's biggest onshore wind farm

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Great Scott!

Excellent, we're nearly half way to generating 1.21GW!

YouTube rolls out Scientology double standard


YouTube comments not allowed

It looks like they have some horrific custom-built flash interface that makes it difficult to get to the actual YouTube video URLs.

Managed to extract one of them, which then leads to the rest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6aG6PN0rgI

Oh my, how surprising.. the "Church" doesn't allow people to embed or comment on their videos. Why on Earth (or Teegack) would they do that?

Google opens private cloud to coders


Email API? 10GB bandwidth per day? For free?

"Your app can send emails to users, and we make it easy: no SMTP setup, no other fancy footwork required. Just create a Mail object and send it."

Superb. Now I just need a wee bit of Python plus the "bulk data uploader". Finally, no more purchasing botnets for me!

O2 to launch Stella/Stellar in December



After you've done the initial setup after you've lost power (i.e. screen alignment and all that), just hit soft reset immediately to bypass all the O2 crap getting installed.

Anyway, Microsoft finally sorted out the annoying lose-power-lose-all-your-data situation with Windows Mobile 5.

Reference kilo shows mysterious weight loss


Just rugby they're doing badly at?

Scotland would suggest otherwise! :)

Microsoft spins standards defeat into victory


Stats on the voting countries

Rob Weir has a great comparison of the voting habits of the countries Microsoft allegedly brought on-board, along with the perceived levels of corruption for the countries involved.


MIT in Matrix 'Crowd Farm' plan


Been done before..?

Wasn't there a similar thing done last year or so, but with cars?

I remember seeing videos and everything. Cars would drive over a some blocks, sunken into the road like a cattle grid, which would dip down, do some magic and generate current.

Too lazy to locate the link though.