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RIM sues Motorola


RE: Err

U.S. and Canada involved here.

I feel that there is an easy solution for these no-compete agreements... establish a contractual agreement stating that Motorola can prevent a former employee from being employee by a direct competitor if they continue to pay the individual 20% of their salary... it should make the company think through terminations, and will also help narrow down the 'sensitive' individuals instead of casting a wide net.

RIM Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220



Regarding the GPS piece of the review... the 500m reference and Google Maps leads me to believe it was using the "my location" feature to identify your location based on the connected cell tower.

Could you confirm whether you were actually looking at the GPS location? I have noticed that when using Google Maps on a GPS enabled blackberry that you actually need to authorize use of the GPS to use it.

Hands on with the RIM/Vodafone BlackBerry Storm


why does wifi matter?

I wish there was more said about the functionality of browser, e-mail, calendar, etc... whether keyboard shortcuts are still easy to use - if I can use both full keyboard and suretype shortcuts...

internet on a cell phone is for internet on the go - if I need internet where there is wifi available, I'll pull out the laptop.

data limits is the only reason I can see wifi being a 'necessary' feature. I see it as more a battery drain than anything.

HP leaves Dell with an EDS-shaped hole


Texas based IT services company?

HP picked up EDS, why doesn't Dell make an offer for Perot Systems?

Conveniently HQ location of Plano too... makes good sense.

Tasmanian tumours blamed on inbreeding


@ chuck

Read the site again... 2000 year estimate is for when the thylacine disappeared from the mainland, not from the earth...

From the linked site:

"Although the precise reasons for extinction of the Thylacine from mainland Australia are not known it appears to have declined in competition with the Dingo and became extinct on the mainland not less than 2000 years ago. Its decline and presumed extinction in Tasmania was hastened by the introduction of dogs, and by people actively hunting the animal."

SCO faces financial crunch after Unix defeat


re: Primary source / Typo

thank you for clarifying - I was starting to think that SCO's "growing concern" might be a solicitation for E.D. medication.

California clamps down on in-car mobile use


of course it would come from California...

It is not about 'reaction time', but about how cautious drivers become with experience... a driver of 10 years experience may still send e-mails with his/her blackberry while driving, but he/she is more likely to glance at the road frequently while doing so, because he/she is more aware of how quickly the traffic conditions can change at 60mph.

I like the age limit of 21... hand someone bottle of vodka and a new iPhone, and see how quick they learn to use moderation when driving!

Apple slashes iPhone prices


@ Enough with the "Anti-Apple" crap

Fool #1:


This is not bias, it is the editorial style. The only thing that's different here is that they happened to hit on a product/company that you like

<end quote>

This anonymous observation is rather ignorant of the real difference between most Apple, and non-apple bashing. Insults are mostly aimed at Apple users rather than Apple itself - the news coverage mostly amounts to trolling for readers that buy Apple products, and readers that despise Apple and those that buy Apple products. non-apple bashing articles do a much better job of aiming criticism at the company, rather than those that choose to use the company's products.

furthermore, to claim that the slanted commentary written by "Cade Metz" is not bias, but rather editorial style, is just plain stupid.


Fool #2


On the day it launched the hardware bill of materials for the iPhone was only $265.83.

Are you seriously suggesting that, in the space of 2 months, Apple have managed to reduce the BOM to $65?

This is pure, blatant, profiteering (and is obvious to anyone that isn't sitting inside an Apple reality distortion field).

<end quote>

I really don't understand why "profiteering" is being thrown around...

How much does it cost to print a data CD, and throw it in a jewel case with a printed cover? It can't possibly come close to the $50+ that Xbox and PS games sell for new!

That annoying cost of development and company operations overhead has to be paid for somehow - and the more successful the product is, the more likely you are to see the price continue to drop to promote a continuing rate of sales.

This is the same reason why MS intends to stop supporting XP in the future, even though it is so widely used --- if you aren't selling the software any more, the cost of supporting becomes a major 'loss' area for the company.

The price of any product should at the very least include the fixed cost of manufacturing, as well as pricing considerations for development (based on expected sales volume), and pricing to cover the expected costs of supporting each product sold....



Yet another beautifully unbiased article by Cade Metz.

Seriously though - why is the Reg still allowing blogging quality reporting on the site? This article is 20% news, and 80% Apple bashing and general insult lobbing.

How about more content and less crap?



You need to understand that the iphone is a luxury item with functionality that is duplicated in many other devices... Selling a luxury good at an inflated price does not constitute profiteering - instead it suggests a basic understanding of economics and how to maximize return on market demands.

Do you also view the folks over at Tesla Motors as profiteers for offering preorders for the Tesla Roadster at a premium cost?

AT&T turns screws on iPhone unlocker


likely vaporware

UniquePhones has thus far failed to provide any evidence that their software does is able to unlock the iPhone without a 3rd party sim card, or hardware methods...

By every appearance, the claim looks to be vaporware, and it is a definite possibility that the claim of legal threats is an excuse for not having the product advertised.

I think that AT&T would have every right to be ticked at someone trying to profit from a phone that they have an exclusive contract on... but I would expect any threat of legal action to be in document form, not a voicemail left right before a release date....



anyone who complains that $500/$600 is too expensive for the unsubsidized iPhone must be ignorant of the $500 retail price of the Blackberry 8800, $600 Blackberry 8830, and $600 Palm Treo 750 - all locked to a single network.

The real crime is AT&T requiring a 2-year service agreement when they are not subsidizing the phone.


@ joe

speaking of not knowing things....

- The +7, Central time zone, included approx 33% of registered U.S. citizens as of 2004. The Pacific time zone included approx 14%.... not really that large.

And if you are going to bring Bush into this, I will point out that he is a native of Connecticut, and has homes in Texas as well as at least two Eastern states (ME and CT)... but that is neither here nor there, and is irrelevant to a discussion about the iPhone.

Comcast throttles BitTorrent users


what is average?

They must be using my grandmother as the measure for an 'average user' bandwidth usage.. I think she turns on the computer once a week...

Seriously though... I have almost 2GB of data traffic per month through my blackberry with T-Mobile, and they haven't complained one bit... Comcast is a bunch of crybabies...

Disability question turns on employee's abilities


Re: Going too far... & Re: Number blind?

Craig - in a job that requires reading and writing in addition to other skills, the dyslexia may limit the individual as they start finishing reports and paperwork late... often times an individual with a disability will work longer hours to compensate for this problem, and in an environment were deadlines are in hours and not minutes, this is not a problem.

A promotion exam is intended to measure knowledge... an individual with reading or writing dyslexia will have less time to think about each question, as they will take longer to read each question or write their response.

If an individual with dyslexia is promoted and is unable to handle the necessary paperwork required for their job, they should not (and in most cases, will note) receive assistance in performing their job... this is the point where it is self limiting and the law stops.


"Would you give the same extra time to the applicant who had a terrible childhood / parents / teachers through no fault of his own, and as a result was generally slow at reading / writing?"

you are confusing education with disability... to equate dyslexia or any other learning disability with poor teaching or a trait of a 'dumb' individual is a prejudice that prevent many individuals from ever taking advantage of disability benefits available to them.



the term for 'numerical dyslexia' is dyscalculia. Depending on your location and severity of condition, extra time on math exams may not be provided when a calculator is permited.


Re: a slippery slope

granting "disability" status for dyslexia is not a slippery slope. It is a simple fact that dyslexia creates a disadvantage when it comes to written exams - it has little to do with how well he scores on a test, and more to do with whether he has enough time to read the questions and write the answers...

more at issues should be the use of the broad category that is dyslexia. A person can be considered dyslexic because they have a difficult time reading, writting, or even typing... and each of these areas should receive appropriate treatment and accomodations which should vary by situation. Personally, I have trouble with reading, and I will consistently do poorly on a multiple choice exam while obtaining near perfect scores on a written (though not essay) exams of the same subject.


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