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Intel and Nvidia take licensing kerfuffle to court

Robert Henry Sullivan


Did I miss something or did AMD have the controlLer first as well as the so called quick path.

Shouldn't amd have some say as to whether Intel can use either controller or Hypertransport er quick path

What happens when u have a monopoly


Mozilla pilots second release candidate for Firefox 3.0

Robert Henry Sullivan

Tired of couldn't find the site message

I love the download system on firefox but just got tired of every time I tried to go somewhere on the net I get this message couldn''t find it, have to do it again to get there.

so went back to opera, but do not like their download system.

Angry investor offers to buy Transmeta

Robert Henry Sullivan


I was really worried but after listening to Travis, there is still hope, there is intelligence on planet earth. They need to start prosecuting these monopolies but then to not do so is the Republican way.

PS go get em Travis!

Sun's Rock chip waves goodbye to 2008 ship date

Robert Henry Sullivan

the best of the bes, the men of men have MONEY!

I'd say the moneys on Intel ha ha ha ha ha!

No email privacy rights under Constitution, US gov claims

Robert Henry Sullivan

Privacy is according to ur position in society

Case in point, why does the congress have to subpoena the white house e-mail, or why does AMD have to subpoena Intel's e-mail.


Microsoft drops South Korea anti-trust appeal

Robert Henry Sullivan


I'm surprised microsoft don't just pay a fine like that and just keep on bundling, it reminds me of a casino near me that gets fined 10000 doll when found in violation of casino laws, Hey they just pay the 10grand and keep on keepin on.

I'll bet intel is shakin in their boots as to the outcome of korean anit monopoly fines.

lol looks good on paper anyway

Fresh Xeon to rough up twittering Opteron

Robert Henry Sullivan


To Anthony,Leroy,Lozzyho


Researchers: AMD less power-hungry than Intel

Robert Henry Sullivan


Just bought a brand new desktop, Guess who's board and processor is inside?

After getting that new fangled set of windows stabalized, meaning several reinstalls, now my new computer running an AMD processor and board are nice am satisfied, and I didn't have to buy a monopolized product.

Hey Joerg wake up! That Centrino archeticture is a dead horse, why do you think intel is busting it's "butt trying to develop it's own athlon (floating point-hypertransport) it's not because of the superiority of their present design

Boy racer cuffed for 140mph YouTube jaunt

Robert Henry Sullivan

Stupid Cops

The really stupid thing is for the cops to arrest him for doing 140mph in an escort!


However guess it could have been souped up.

If it wasn't that wuld be kicked out of my court if I were Judge, on grounds of stupidity

Oklahoma offers War on Terror numberplates

Robert Henry Sullivan


Down with everything that is against our American Freedoms, and of course down with should start at Home!

But reallly what should have been done to the terrorist overseas,

the U. S. Air Force could have done with a 1ea. B-52 & a 20!!!

Bush wuld have had better luck in Iraq starting a state of Methodist-ism than democracy.

Intel responds to EU's anti-trust statement

Robert Henry Sullivan

Anti Trust

Kinda reminds me of the anti trust against General Electric of the 1950's, Only in this case the Big Bad Guy gets away


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