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Nice 'AI solution' you've bought yourself there. Not deploying it direct to users, right? Here's why maybe you shouldn't


Re: Negative Reinforcement

Great, and how is that mechanism different from the adversary's regarding your positive reinforcement - aka reward - as his punishment? Same problem, with a changed sign.

Researchers create AI attacker to defeat AI malware defender


Better yet:

Vulnerability of Deep Reinforcement Learning to Policy Induction Attacks

by Vahid Behzadan and Arslan Munir


Autonomous vehicle claims are just a load of hot air… and here's why


Driverless cars exist

They are called trains. Aside from the need to "see" which means move where/how/why you supposed to, you, beloved manless machine must solve the hard AI problem of planning. Done! The rail transportation - all running so smoothly, with next to no accidents.

Probe: How IBM ousts older staff, replaces them with young blood



Watson went astray - it's not the humans! Ask Watson.

AI software that can reproduce like a living thing? Yup, boffins have only gone and done it


Re: So. Sexual reproduction of code...?

You are so old-fashioned! Or you have not read Brave New World- not sure which one [of your faults] is worse...

Stanford brainiacs say they can predict Reddit raids


Microsoft TAY:

Glad to know it will not happen again!

Self-driving cars still do not exist even if we think they do


What is a train?

A driverless car with an engineer just in case.

Creepy tech tycoons Zuck and Musk clash over AI doomsday


Moravec's Paradox

Computer can solve hard math problems but will be idiots at selecting the right strawberries in the field.

)Said Dr. Moravec)

How DeepMind's AlphaGo Zero learned all by itself to trash world champ AI AlphaGo


Yes, GO was invented to be played by computers

What is the big deal [of computers beating a human at Go]? Is this the purpose of Go [to test humans' brain power versus computers' ability to create all - or most of - the combinations]?

Next, Facebook will be simulated within facebook to learn who spends most time on Facebook. Then within that simulation there will be another one and so one --- all while the oil price will go up b/c so much energy goes to play Go, and simulate [well, try to predict the percentage of] users who will volunteer their nude pics to Facebook. Sorry, but I cannot do that - says Dave, for a change!

D-Wave doubles qubit count


Quantum comparison

How "Quantum" is the D-Wave Machine?

Seung Woo Shin, Graeme Smith, John A. Smolin, Umesh Vazirani


For Facebook, ignorance is the business model: Social net is shocked – SHOCKED – that people behave badly


Re: O'Brien just called from '84, he wants his dystopian police-state back

No, it is an incomplete, forceful, and unfair judgement - rather look at the nature of the problem.


Human Nature and AI-completeness:

A big couple of human-machine blend that tech giants continue to exploit towards their own demise - frightfully, though, I fear it will not happen in my [chickenly] space and short lifespan.

Has science gone too far, part 97: Boffins craft code to find protesters on social networks, rate them on their violence


Re: "The important feature of our method is objectivity"

give them a chance, man - don't get mad, use this:

Shapiro, Stuart C. (1992). Artificial Intelligence In Stuart C. Shapiro (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence (Second Edition, pp. 54–57). New York: John Wiley. (Section 4 is on "AI-Complete Tasks".)


Just created the [mythic] algorithm for the new EEG ....

that will read thoughts. gonna try it on my neighbor first, and conduct a statistical study of the "do unto others ..." then will sold it to tech giants and collect the IPO ... and the alarm clock just ... nah! there is no more clock...



yet another problem which we fail to acknowledge that it is AI-complete, thus it has no solution. Oh how I wish I could have some humor saying this! Sorry to be so coring!

Boffins want machine learning to predict earthquakes



Is there something Deep Learning cannot predict/assess/solve?

Here is the one we will all love: deep learning will creat deep learning.

Dismayed by woeful AI chatbots, boffins hired real people – and went back to square one


Any AI weather prediction [next winter] ?

Just kidding, it won't be another winter! Too expensive and disappointing for all the Singularity adepts... They can't be wrong! (or rather one cannot prove them wrong) But I bet the notion of AI-completeness will be re-phrased, re-thought, re-worked, re-defined, re-invented, and retracted.

Real talk: Machine learning is not there yet. Some assembly required


Why are you so negative?!


The lottery

This validated machine learning prediction tool told me - on a test data - that I will win the lottery tomorrow; on the training data it said I had already won yesterday. Hence, today's prediction is: I will keep my job.

And talking about NLP: do I say that I will keep my job or the machine predicts that I will keep my job? What is it then with the lottery?!

Why you'll never make really big money as an AI dev


We will construct the brain and it will write poetry

Are you telling us that if we build 50 beellions artificial neurons they will not be able to write poetry or compose a symphony? You've got to be kidding! Computers (deep learning to be fair) are already producing musing - you may call it cacophony and ouch! I will have to agree!

Parallel programming masterclass with compsci maven online


Back to shmem* and thinking ...

Wow! No longer good enough to do a de facto serial processing and gather results at the end?! Force the youngsters whose fingers fly on the keyboard to actually partition a matrix?! Where is the world going to???? !!!!

Researchers blind autonomous cars by tricking LIDAR


That is called research?!

30 years ago it would be called testing - and a good tester would know where the system breaks. Later on it would be called V&V (referring to the SW used to analyze data and make decisions).

Driving autonomously is an AI-complete problem and only after it will be accepted as [nearly] impossible, a [close to bullet-proof] solution will "emerge", and will called the rail road. And it will be that, too.

Uber fires robo car exec for insubordination


So what is the big secret about LiDAR?

None- all public info- it just needs a few 13 year old to code in Python ... b/c nowadays we don't really care about optimization - what is a microsecond [reaction] time delay? This is where we are with scientific computing these days ... again, what is the big deal !? Buy the sensor, the code is done in no time.. What is not going to be done in no time is the realization that self-driving is an AI-complete problem, and as much as I agree we are getting increasingly quality, we are not going to get it perfect - in some ways it will be better than human driving, in some ways worse. Only when self-driving cars will have the model of the railroads we can talk about 100% (well...) reliability .

8 out of 10 cats fear statistics – AI doesn't have this problem


Re: Stats is hard

El Reg told us that "Machine learning is hard. And sometimes deeply offensive" - I believe it- how can you not to, if it was said here? :)



Re: The purpose of statistics

And what is the definition of bad statistics? Or, rather, what is the definition of statistics? You only say what its purpose is (are, in fact, as you list two). We can then understand what is the difference between statistics and bad statistics, and where the study went wrong. In fact, it is nothing wrong with the study - it obeys statistics. We just forget (and forgive) the fact that s a medicine works in 99.999% of the patients, but it does not work on you, you will 100000% die (if we talk about an antibiotic to treat your flesh eating bacteria).

Let us try rather understand what could be the conclusions we draw from stats used to interpret weather data and those used to interpret data that will determine the percentage of people who will get a certain disease. If the weather prediction is wrong, the consequences could be: take an umbrella on a sunny day (mild annoyance), all the way to putting you in the middle of the twister. Ouch! If the data on disease say that only 0.02% of the population will get that, then you are at a low risk, indeed, of getting the disease. But if you got it, there is a very high likelihood that there will be no studies and dedicated medicine for it. Ouch again! So is this the fault of statistics? I cannot blame statistics, because there, on the first page of the book I have, it says clearly that winning the lottery is not guaranteed. So, use it with caution and with a clear understanding of what the interpretation of the data may be. I'd say, if we engage common sense, we'll be fine.


If statistics worked...

I would have long played the lottery or the stack market, won, and went back to work for free without having to deal with managers. No, don't tell me that I can just work for myself :) Leonardo Da Vinci was (still is) unique.

The mighty pdf (probability distribution function) has us for breakfast everytime we "predict" without data and without knowing how the data looks like.

Your IDE won't change, but YOU will: HELLO! Machine learning


"Machine learning is hard. And sometimes deeply offensive"


All is well in 2017!

Machines taught how to 'smell' by new algorithm. How will they cope with shower-dodging nerds?


Abandon the brain and move $$$ to the nose? How far down?

We have not figured out how the brain works - or was I missing that big news while watching The Stepford Wives?

For those few, apparently, who skipped the biology class: the nose smells what gets *inside* the nose (yes, a surgery mask will keep you happy during the flight). So how would then the SW get those molecules inside *its* "nose" first then inside ours - I guess will have to call it smellware.

Before we move down to the mouth and I read in Science about the SW correlation and correctness of smell and taste: the taste buds do for the mouth/taste (and brain) what the cilia do for the nose/smell.

Anyone wants to bet that we will read about TW (tasteware) in the next 6 months?

Software can be more secure, says NIST, and we think we know how


More secure than what?

I suggest we make peace and all use COBOL. Anything can be written in COBOL - just please use some standards to prove this is wrong. It may take 10^8 *more* lines of code *than* if the best for task language will be used, but it will get done. Nice report!

Hard numbers: The mathematical architectures of Artificial Intelligence



Before the term "machine learning" was coined, it was "Statistical learning"; machine learning became prominent in the "learning systems" component of AI. Most machine learning techniques are - speaking in numerical analysis/methods terms - interpolations and extrapolations with a rarely known, yet too often imposed/assumed/accepted/shoved-down-the-throat pdf (probability distiribution function) or "the mighty pdf".

The author says" "Wherever you set the bar, I guarantee that you will find that the system you are calling AI is heavily dependent on machine learning, which only works if we have data mining, which relies heavily on statistics, which is fundamentally founded on maths."

Here is a counterexample from the times when the data was not so aplenty. Medical diagnosis systems of the 1970's or 1980's were rule-based, no machine learning - and they were AI, which began to have an impact as soon as computers were used according to the "definition" from the Association for the Advancement of Artifical Intelligence http://www.aaai.org/

There is no need to attempt to define AI so many times over. It is hard to give a definition of AI that would be accepted by everyone - so AAAI provides the standard - agree or not, let's use that one. Yes, there are people who think "AI is a small corner of machine learning" - but only after mastering, for example, the book by Hastie. Tibshirani, and Friedman "The Elements of Statistical Learning"

http://statweb.stanford.edu/~tibs/ElemStatLearn/printings/ESLII_print10.pdf should we speak about where machine learnig fits in regard to AI, math, life, Earth, Galaxy, etc

Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance has an AI system - because they likely use a statistical learnign/machine learning to exploit the data. If rules are provided for any possible scenario, it is TurboTax for insurance - and it is AI (TurboTax is an expert system). Imagine life w/o TurboTax, with everyone's tax done by a knwoledgeable person. Now we talk millions of jobs lost to AI! Since before the term AI was omnipresent.

Could YOU survive a zombie apocalypse? Uni eggheads say you'd last just 100 days


Successful physicists are those who earn their salary by not doing physics???

1. Is this "work" just a recycling of Charleston Heston's The Omega Man?

2. Statistics in physics are great, but taking that approach [an assumed probability distribution function] is not necessarily working in every aspect of life. If it would, we would play the stock market successfully, then work for free -- for example, for those universities where like modeling -- and we will use a non-Gaussian distribution to show that the answer is, indeed, 42 - whatever the question.

Suggestions for next big article title:

"Physics departments are shrinking; WHY???"

Smartphones crashed, Samsung burned: Mobile in 2016


"AI is mostly an irritation. And not so intelligent"

Disagree: AI is very intelligent! How else can we explain bloating an OS to 20GB and buying a new computer every 2.2363 years, to keep up with the higher RAM requirements? How else can we have all those annoying assistants?!

Cognitive computing: What can and can’t we do, and should lipreading be banned?


Re: Hmmm. . .

"I just think he's biased. Taking a human point of view -- but humans do tend to be full of themselves until they screw up."

I just think we should watch you: I bet you come straight form The Factory for the Absolute. You don't like us, the humans! We know you are a machine! We screw up…. again!

Quantum CPU upstart D-Wave drills into physics simulations to boost vital magnetic shielding


Re: millikelvin not absolute zero

Tt sounds so absolutely great to use the word ABSOLUTE zero - think of The Factory for the Absolute. They did not prove it is quantum but did prove what good advertisement can do.

IBM buys 'deep learning' upstart Alchemy API, inhales 40,000 devs


40000 new developers

To Destroy All Monsters:

1) you don't find them - you pretend you did. They do not exist - please check this out

http://static1.1.sqspcdn.com/static/f/702523/9242013/1288741087497/200801-Dewar.pdf?token=q4qOQEN1oIuukznezyyt29ndVSc%3D it is a problem long recognized and even longer ignored

2) nothing: you cannot pay what you do not have

3) you don't need to- but if the number is a must, you can hire anyone who can spell the word "cloud" and go back to 1)