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Wet, wild Mars stripped off by hot young star, left barren and red faced


So, what's going on with Venus which has no magnetic field and is way closer too the sun so it experiences a far more intense solar wind than Mars? The solar wind theory can not be the whole story when Venus is over blessed with atmosphere.

Dungeons & Dragons finally going digital


Years ago

WOC sold lots of content in the form of pdfs in the late 90s. But, decided it wasn't work their time digitizing skill the rulebooks for people to just put then on line for free.

Algorithm advance alleviates AI amnesia


I think it's very interesting. The only way to make machines learn like we do is to have their memories work like ours. Repeat over and over writing over some past knowledge in the process while still keeping some of the old. Problem is then, that it will also inherit our flaws like imperfect memory, recall latency, forgetfulness, mistakes, and the rest of human brain defences. Then at that point what's the advantage? We will still have a need for perfect dumb calculators.

This speech recognition code is 'just as good' as a pro transcriber


No rash of unemployed transcriptionists

I used to be an application trainer at Dictaphone on their speach recognition software. A 1 in 10 or 1 in 20 error rate is still very high for a transcript. We had a product that got rid of the transcriptionist but most doctors don't want to deal with another piece of software and correcting their mistakes and usually what they want goes. So transcriptionists turn into editors for the speach recognition program and most are not laid off.

Linux letting go: 32-bit builds on the way out


Still making 32bit x86 processors

Just last year I bought a tablet with a 32bit atom processor running Windows 8.1 ( now upgraded to 10) 32 bit. How hard can it be to find hardware still being sold at Best Buy?

Inside Nvidia's Pascal-powered Tesla P100: What's the big deal?


Voice recognition

Microsoft operating systems have been doing the kind of voice recognition your talking about since vista and if you had Dragon or something similar, before that. I don't know why google still makes you send data to its servers because phones today are perfectly capable of handling that task. It's probably a program to get voiceprints of everyone on earth so they can sell it or leverage you into buying something. Or perhaps the government may want it to identify people in disguise. Humm... I think I'm going back to typing......

Sub-atomic boffins glimpse four-pack tetraquark


Yaay Tevatron!

That's cute, Germany – China shows the world how fusion is done



And they forgot to add 32....

Sun of a b... Solar winds blamed for ripping away Mars' atmosphere


venus anyone

Hard to believe that this is the whole story given the fact that Venus also does not generate a magnetic field. Venus is two whole planets closer to the Sun but has the thickest atmosphere of all the inner planets by far. The difference between Earth and Venus is almost as great as Mars and Earth. The Venutions are asking where did Earths atmosphere go?

Prof Hawking cracks riddle of black holes – which may be portals to other universes


No black holes anyway

I'll say it again.... Black holes take an infinite amount of time to form since an increase in gravity slows down time. Therefore, black holes proper (a singularity) do not exist in our universe and all these wacky conjectures about how to deal with a singularity are unnecessary. "The laws of physics break down inside a black hole" the same way they do in fairy land and for the same reasons. It's sad that Mr Hawking has wasted his whole life on this and is clawing at something that people will believe before he dies. I know I sound heartless but how much money have we wasted on this stuff? As Alders razor states - anything that cannot be proven by experiment is not even worthy of discussion, and therefore our funding ir attention.

Intel TOCK BLOCK: 10nm Cannonlake delayed to 2017, bonus 14nm Kaby Lake to '16


Re: we're all doomed!

Only a few generations of shrinkage to go. All the technologies we hoped would save us from this are not even close to being ready. So, no more packing in more transistors soon. Chip designers and programmers are going to have to re-learn efficiency in order for us to make progress.

WHAT ARE the 'WEIRD' SPOTS seen on far-flung PLUTO?


Pluto spots?

Hummmm, why are there so many cats on a planet named after a dog? And spot is a dogs name too. Makes you wonder....


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