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IDC, IDC, o crystal ball. Who's storage's biggest cheese of them all?



can you please expand on the difference between total enterprise systems and external storage systems? Just trying to understand the difference in what these numbers are telling me.

Filer funfest: HDS buffs up its VSP product on four fronts at once


Is the cloud tiering going to be available for block or just HNAS?

EMC mulled a Pure Storage buyout amid patent sueball tennis


Pure as the mid-tier and XtremIO as the enterprise solution? Would have been fun to see how EMC would approach that one.

Don’t get in a cluster fluster, Wikibon tells NetApp users


Who else is good at file?

Who can match NetApp's file services capabilities? I moved off a celerra a few years back over to NetApp and I've got 19 vFilers that aren't going anywhere. Is there any file product on the market that can match NetApp's CIFS/NFS capabilities as well as vfiler dr feature?

Why the USS NetApp is a doomed ship


where will other vendors be?


I'm ok with your analysis, although a bit harsh. But, you've stated in comments that it may take 15-20 years for Netapp's demise. Do you really think there will be no innovation or absorption into another company by then?

Also, your analysis of Netapp isn't much help to your readers if you aren't comparing with other big storage vendors. Where will EMC, HP, and HDS be? Are we to assume they are doing things right while Netapp is dying off?