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Somebody's nightmare? I'm a veteran VNX array with a BADGE

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The EMC VNX 5100 did only feature FC, not iSCSI; there be some redesign...

1-in-3,200 chance* that a fiery satellite chunk will hit someone on Friday

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The 22.4 trillion possiblity...

...is made on the erroneous assumption that all 7 billion people on earth are outside, watching the downfall (pun!).

In fact chances are even much smaller, that any human being is hit. So all those with the tinfoil hat, swap it for a drink in your pub, somewhere inside, when the parts land.

User Data: Here, there, everywhere

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No lunch for you

I was skipping along page two because I was hoping to see the author coming up with the fabulous idea of desktop virtualization (aka VDI, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).

But no, it was rather some 90s cough-up about roaming profiles, where only reading the words of it made me sick. You even mention the "strangled scream" of admins who used the {R word} profile before, but that's where the article ends - so you offer basically no solution at all.

Samsung ships phase-change memory for mobes

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Condoms anyone?

"We need to push the pram a looot..."

*jumps up and down to the Monty Python chivalry song*

Million pound Usenet indexer found guilty

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@MPA screws the public again

The only difference with a public library, which conducts an index of books (or music if you want so) is that the library does not tell you how to get the books illegaly (or music for that matter, unless if they have it in archive and lend it to you).

OTOH I agree with the sentiment of the posters who mentioned that sueing others is not a good company strategy (except for lawyers).

Mine is the one with the injunction in the pocket.

ESX 4.0 to hit the dancefloor in May

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While it certainly has some interesting and experimental pioneer character, it might be barely usable for mission critical applications, since it only works with a single CPU - who wants to run a mission critical app on a single CPU?

But I'm sure it is a good path and with this going public and certainly be perused in various niches, it will be a good base for a possible multi CPU lockstep technology. But if one knows how complicated it may be to make SMP efficient even on one OS, you also know how difficult it will be to keep two OSs with SMP in lockstep.

Hello, this is Oracle - we're not in right now

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@ AC: same here...

...I also read "nuisances" instead of "nuances", which is probably not so wrong in this context.

Another problem could be the Oracle backend to the forum...it might have failed and now they cannot look up the error in their Knowledge Base.

Mine is the one with...um, wait I can't look up which one it was.

VMware admits 'time bomb' rolled past quality control

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@Russell Jackson

I don't think Rob "bought into the industry propaganda", when he states:

"Criticizing poorly implemented DRM that allows a vendor to abuse customers' rights is what we need to fight against.".

The industry propaganda wanted (for a long time) to make us feel guilty for music that is not restricted, because "the artist" would be cheated that way. If he mentioned that DRM would be there to protect the income of the artist, THAT would be "buying into the industry propaganda"!

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@More fail

For all those wondering:

Seems like they had troubles with 'kb2' after they had long time trouble with the usual 'kb' server.

Replacing 'kb2' with 'kb' in the failed URL brings you to the same page on the other server respectively.




But as of now both servers just started responding again.

Analysts slam iPhone security and battery life

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RE: nobody has mentioned it yet ...

"Not to mention that OSX is just Linux under the hood and Linux evolved from BSD :-D"

Of course this is a flame-bait, but you could at least get the facts straight:

OS X underneath is not Linux, but Darwin. Darwin is derived from NetBSD while NetBSD is derived from System V/AT&T UNIX (simply put). Linux has not much in common with UNIX except a few commands and left-overs, hence the GNU "standard" which acronym implies "GNU is Not UNIX".

While NetBSD and OSS Darwin (mostly) do not exhibit the same security issues like Mac OS X, what do we learn? All the GUI bollocks and apps which are screwed on top, hastily, are what lack security review.

VMware slashes ESXi price to zero

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"Is perfectly fine if you're doing development and testing with short lived environments. Only a monkey would use it on a critical/production system."

Then we serve hordes of monkeys (would be our customers). The 3i/ESXi is only a cut down version from the long-time production safe ESX 2.x/3.x of which the latest version 3.5 is now in the racks.

Our companies entire infrastructure runs off two clustered ESX servers. Yes, we have Virtual Center to it and the full blown ESX version, but I trust the 3i/ESXi version as much as I trust the full ESX 3.5 version.

Japanese tiny PC fans offered 50p Eee

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...I'll take her.

Scientology threatens Wikileaks with injunction

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Re: Is it a religion....?

I am not sure where you live, but where I live it's a clear definition:

Every Church that somehow prays to the one same God as mentioned in the Old/New Testament (so that includes Allah, Jehova or how it may be called) can call themselves a Religion.

Anything else is a sect.

IBM unveils nano-projector based VirtuaHuman with 1TB of memory

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...Amanfrommars is all over the place! ;-)

MPAA copyright punch up knocks out TorrentSpy

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Paris Hilton

@Steen Hive

Steeeeeen, hello, think please! Please explain "copyright" again, if you are so convinced. I'll try to make it simple and very logic by deducing it by the words the noun consists of: It's the 'right' to 'copy' (but only for the copyright holder). If you say it's a theft of the copyright, then you are stealing the 'right' to 'copy' - which is not what you mean.

Correct - and by the way widely used by the MPAss.A and RIAss.A when they talk law instead of desinformation - is the term copyright infringment, because there is no actual theft. They only *feel* being robbed of their money - that's why their marketing likes to call it theft.

Paris, because even she could get a basic grip of the issue - if she would care.

How safe is VMware's hypervisor?

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VMsafe to prove that they are dead serious about security

Seems promising:


and yes, it's not only VMware alone developing this in a quiet chamber - it's being co-developed and audited by anything that holds a name in the security sector.

Nvidia to launch top-of-the-line mobile GPU on Monday?

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Re: GPU Monday

Error, no such term found in article. Please specify.

What are you talking about?

Virtual narcs boot Second Life casinos off the island

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Main problem: convertability

Well I just wonder why did Linden Labs cross the boundary of the First Life by making this Linden Dollars convertible?

They should make an end to this and make it a one-way process - you buy Linden Dollar - you are stuck with Linden Dollar. Plain and simple.

Then you could gamble as much as you want in-game and nobody would bother about it, because you could only use the money in the game to buy new things for your characters or (in-game) friends. You become rich or die trying - all virtually.