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NASA weather error sparks global warming debate

Arthur E Lemay

Global Warming is not caused by man

The current theory is that we can figure out what climate change is natural and which is caused by man seems on very shaky ground. It is not clear to me that the theory that man is causing global warming has any proof, or even a statistical chance of being proven. There are just too many variables: the Sun, Volcanoes, clouds, and aerosols (particles in the atmosphere which dim the sun’s rays).

It would seem that the variations in global climate we have seen in the last 20 years are not unusual, and, in fact, the NASA measurements show that there has been no warming since 1998. But, there was an increase in CO2 concentration during this period of stability. This is not a surprise because the oceans absorb CO2 and makes the ocean more acidic (ocean acidification). Conversely when temperatures rise, CO2 is released into the atmosphere. The oceans act like giant buffers which prevent rapid changes to the climate, and they lag by hundreds of years.

Man's contribution of CO2 into the pool of greenhouse gases is very small as a percentage of the total. Water vapor composes 95% of all such gases, and CO2 concentration variations measured as fractions of 1% cannot possibly control the whole. The climate models used by the anthropogenic global warming crowd ignore water vapor and all the models assume temperature follows CO2 concentrations. They do not. When asked why water vapor and clouds are not included in the models, the modelers admit they do not know how to do this. The models have been jiggered with factors to make the results look believable, but when run with historical data of the 20th century they overestimate today’s temperatures significantly. And, after this bit of information, are we are expected to believe the models? The answer is yes.

Conclusion: If you believe reducing CO2 emissions will have any effect on the climate, you are either a moron or an intellectual. Or, more realistically, you are an environmentalist who wants to stop growth in its tracks, have the Governments control everything, and see a dramatic reduction in the quality of life for their own quasi-religious reasons. .

The skeptics are gaining ground, but the world’s Governments are hell bent on taking over control of everything, and the global warming swindle is their bogeyman.

IPCC report: no surprises, not much hope either

Arthur E Lemay

The IPCC is worthless

Global Warming is, as President Chirac of France says: "a wonderful way to introduce world socialism run by the UN."

It is well known that the scientists on the IPCC complain that UN bureaucrats tell the press things which they do not believe are true. And, every year, the IPCC makes its annual report predictions more dire and awful. There has been little new work in the last two years, in comparison to the decades of work done in the 20th century; yet, the IPCC keeps making its predictions more definitive.

Climate scientists have re-run the same models used for these predictions with real data from the last hundred years, and, guess what? The models severely overstate the temperatures and climate conditions we can observe with real measurements. They reject the theory that the sun's energy variations have anything to do with observed warming, yet the there is very good correlation; they say it is CO2 greenhouse gas, but the ice core records show that temperature changes, then, CO2 levels change. So, there is no correlation with CO2, and good correlation with the Sun’s activities. Yet, they say its greenhouse gases!

Their conclusions can be translated into this language "the world is warmer now than it has been for centuries and there are no reasons we know why this is happening, except it is likely that man is doing it." Oh, really, well they can't explain why the climate changed before the industrial period either. Well, if they cannot see the correlations with the Sun’s energy, I doubt if they can see anything else either.

The efforts of the Competitive Enterprise Institute and other skeptics like Bjorn Lomborg threaten to put the whole Global Warming wagon into the ditch. Senators Rockfeller and Snow have sent a muzzling letter to Exxon to stop funding CEI and other small think tanks who, increasingly are saying "the Emperor has no clothes."

But, of course, if the Sun is causing climate change there would be no carbon taxes to pay for a UN administration of an anti-Warming bureauracy and there would be no cushy UN jobs for them.

So, there is nothing to worry about: it's a scam, like "end of growth" of the Club of Rome, Global Cooling, and other scams whose solution is always the same: Stop industrialization, transfer wealth to the third world (this time with the environmental carbon tax trading system), put heavy controls on economies -- just like the Kyoto protocols, but much worse. The costs are staggering, and, if implemented will cause economic crises.

The whole Global Warming scare is overstated and not based on science. It is a political movement of socialist countries in the UN. Their facts are wrong, their models are wrong, and the press has got it wrong too.