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MacBook Air now uses PCIe flash... but who'd Apple buy it from?


Re: A true Apple design

Does anyone bother to do a little research before spouting off?

With the exception of user serviceable RAM (4 slots) or the PCI-e Flash storage (1 slot) all of the expansion is external via Thunderbolt 2 (6 ports for a total of 36 devices) and USB 3.

A number of third parties already offer RAM, PCI-e cards and Thunderbolt PCI-e breakout boxes for the MacBook Pros, so it's safe to assume this will be true for the MacPro.

Keep in mind that "Thunderbolt 2" is 20/gbps or 2.5 GB per second or x4 the speed of USB 3 bus. That should be more than sufficient for any external storage needs or an enterprise class RAID.

Samsung posts record profits as Galaxy sales crush Apple


What a silly article.... how much did Samsung make from phone sales? Samsung didn't report that.

For all we know they sold a lot of phones and yet most of their profit came from TVs. Who knows?

As of Q3 2012 Apple made 70% of all handset profits worldwide. Even BlackBerry still sells more phones that Apple but they make nothing compared to Apple. Samsung even selling twice as many phones probably still makes far less that Apple.

Hell, HP has to sell 7 PCs to equal the profit Apple makes from one Mac.

Microsoft Surface: Designed to win, priced to fail



An ultrabook WITHOUT an SSD is not and ultrabook in my opinion.

What makes a MacBook Air so compelling is the standard SSD.

Apple 15in MacBook Pro with Retina Display


Re: ....you failed.

Do they all come with Retina displays?


Re: Alienware

No rentina display? 1.5x heavier and twice as thick? Small crappy trackpad.

How is it "equivalent"?


Re: you still use optical drives?

OSX comes with the laptop and all of the updates and upgrades are digital now.

All the Adobe stuff too.

Acer claims first discrete graphics Ultrabooks



Hmmm.... how many do I own... none.

Apple will have discreet graphics in there new 15" MacBook Air this spring.

I bet this one won't beat Apple on price.

PS - To be an UltraBook it should have an SSD. The difference in speed is like night and day. I'll never have a boot HD again. SSD from here on out. I could never go back. It's like jumping into a pool of tar.

Apple crushes rivals under its heel in Euro fondleslab sales


Sales or Sold?

Apple only reports sold to customers and everyone reports sales into the channel. So Apple is easily in the 90 percentile. Meaning their is no tablet market, just the iPod, err, iPad market.

By summer it will be game over. Google is too late. They will never be able to match price anyway.

Apple gobbles iPhone, iPad flash chip baker


Exit Microsoft - Enter Apple

Apple is the top shop!

Asus Zenbook UX31E


So basically you get a fake MacBook Air for the same price.

Where is the Windows PC price advantage? Gone with the wind...

Siri gets Android rival as Cluzee goes live


Total Failure


Jobs: 'I'll spend my dying breath destroying Android'


Android steals...

Android steals Mac notification, voice control, multi-tasking and widgets .

Ah, maybe the first tablet was the Newton? No, it was the in the Movie 2001, right?

Did you know Edison didn't invent the light bulb...

"Edison did not invent the first electric light bulb, but instead invented the first commercially practical incandescent light." - wikipedia

Did you know Henry Ford didn't invent the automobile... he just made it practical to buy and use.

Steve Jobs did the same for MP3 players (iTunes), iPhone and iPad.


Microsoft and Google didn't invented anything either

Microsoft and Google didn't invented anything either, by your standard.

Most products evolve based on prior work often established by others.

The genius is turning those products in to usable devices that someone would want to by.

The Windows tablet market was a true failure. Apple changed that with iOS and that's innovation.

Android outsells Apple 2:1


Be careful what you wish 4...

Android is quickly becoming commoditized and with it will go the margins. Android is also being used primarily as a feature phone with marginal after market sales as uses are either unwilling or unable to buy apps and services.

If you're a developer who is providing software and/or services then the money is on iOS. Apple only sells 28% of the phones but pulls in almost 60% of all handset profit. Clearly, developers will follow the money.

If anything Android manufactures are barely turning a profit now. With Moto gaining favored status I see a lot of them jumping ship for Windows Phone 7. Either way Apple will be unharmed.

The perils of possession without utilization


Biggest mobile loser? The non-smart phone


A new view into the phone market


Apple plans to prune iPhone 3GS price



... this is not the Android forum for discarded toys!

Apple provides fairly longterm support for their hardware. I've been testing OSX Lion a fully supported 2006 white MacBook with 2.0Ghz Core2Duo, 2GB RAM and a 80GB hard drive and it runs like a champ.

It's not uncommon for Apple to provide at least 5 years of support for most of their products. There are some exceptions, like the original iPhone. Unfortunately it's hardware was not up to spec. Most Android phones from 2010 we're felling no love one year later, so Apple has done good.

New Mac scareware variant installs without password

Jobs Halo

Your cookie crumbled?

The user still has to approve the install, even if it doesn't require a password.

If you're going to approve the install, then you would have given it your password anyway, because you want to install it, right?

This changes nothing.

Google sued for scanning emails of non-Gmail users


If this was Apple...

... you'd all be calling them evil. But when Google does it it's ok.

A young and pretty Linux server OS that takes a bit of work


Hot Chick

I was only interested in more photos of that super-hot chick... who is she?

Windows malware dominates Mac malware detection chart


Macs don't have viruses...

The really difference is that Macs do have viruses just malware.

That's a big difference since a virus can infect your system without user interaction, where all the Mac malware requires the user to be tricked in installing or clicking on something.

BlackBerry boss renews disdain for Steve Jobs



Wow you really don't get it. Smartphones, tablets and computers share a lot in common. They have an OS, software updates, applications and are use as communication tools. A microwave is something completely different and shares none of these common computing attributes.



Pricing Problems

No if they can only make a 10" tablet that cost the same as an iPad. right now 7" Android tablets with 55% less screen space cost as much as an iPad. A 10" will surely cost more.

Dixons drops exclusive Toshiba Android tablet


AppleTV is out selling the Galaxy Tab

Price drops this soon indicate poor sales. The word on the street is that Samsung is slashing production in half. Amazon not having any also means little. How many did they have in the first place?

Did you realize that AppleTV is out selling the Galaxy Tab? What does that tell you?

Apple TV now listed as #12 on Amazon’s ‘Best-Selling Gadgets’ list


Samsung's Android tablet: split and eviscerated


Too big?

Your netbook/laptop must not be getting any love.


What packet?

Are you a kangaroo?


Yes and women disproportional buy Apple

Thus plenty of room for an iPad. For women size matters!

Apple’s iPad lead will face pressure from Google and Nokia



BB Playbook = Vaporware

US smartphones – Once you’ve had Android there’s no going back


What do you have to believe for an Android dominated future?

Might want to read this before you make a comment. Shows that Android simply absorbed the Windows Mobile (Horizontal Market) market and has made no gains on the iPhone, RIMM or Nokia (Vertical) smartphones.

What do you have to believe for an Android dominated future?


iPad to lead netbook and Kindle market munch


iPad crushes Netbook

That sums it up... while Android is diminished by iOS on Verizon.

Google TV transplants Android on Intel



The bill of goods is around $61. AppleTV is less about making money from the device or media, than bringing you in to Apple's eco-system of products. After all, you can stream from your PC (Mac) to AppleTV and control it with the Touch or iPhone.

Apple TV Costs $63.95 to Build: iSuppli


The idea that Apple makes and significant amount of money from selling media has been debunked a 100 times. It's not their model. Apple sells hardware. In this case AppleTV is a trojan into the hearts and minds of consumers.

Apple: Billions of Songs, Billions of Apps, Not Much Profit


You have no idea what you're talking about.

Jobs Horns


New $5,000 Multimedia Computer System Downloads Real-Time TV Programs, Displays Them On Monitor


Wow, a computer acting as my TV. Awesome, just awesome Google.

Apple Magic Trackpad


pressing hard was part of the problem

It takes a bit of practice to use a gesture trackpad after coming from a mouse. It's like riding a bike, you're going to crash the first couple of times. Just from your description I can tell you pressing hard was part of the problem. Use it for a week and then tell us how it when. You'll see it differently.

Judas Phone: more Photoshop tomfoolery

Thumb Down

Don't Hold it Wrong

Funny, nobody seemed to care about the problem before they noticed it on the iPhone...

“Mobile phone manuals that describe where not to hold the devices”

Collected by David Chartier.


Funny how it's in the MANUAL Nokia, Samsung, , HTC, BlackBerry and Droid phones... plenty of spots you shouldn't touch...

Apple MacBook Pro 15in


Yep you fail...

So that machine would include a mutli-touch/gesture trackpad like the iPhone, a backlit keyboard, magsafe power connector, auto-graphics switching, solid aluminum case, slot CD/DVD drive and an 8 hour battery?

Where is this magical machine?

Apple video shows Flashed iPad



Flash is crap. HTML 5 is the way to go. Open standards for developers and users.

Survey shows strong demand for Apple tablet

Jobs Halo

Only Apple...

Can form a virtual line for a mystical magical product.

2010 will be 'boom time for Apple'

Jobs Halo

Apple will succeed where Microsoft has failed...

The tablet will open whole new markets to Apple. The medical fields will have a use for a truly useable tablet. Big money. Its easy to see the possibilities in business as well as with consumers. Sorry, but Microsoft and its partners have failed where Apple will succeed.

Apple will ascend while Microsoft declines over the next decade. We are witnessing the rebirth of the vertical business model and the taming of the horizontal in IT.

Samsung's Galaxy stuck in history



Apple got it right. A handful of models will be easy to support and update vs. dozens and dozen of models in dozen of configurations. What a nightmare to support.

Plus, most of these Droid model have paltry amounts of memory, unlike the iPhone, so they won't have much luck updating or holding many apps for that matter. Oh yeah, Droid doesn't support memory sticks so WTF.

World's first iPhone worm Rickrolls angry fanbois


Just shows that Apple was right...

The lock down with a secure AppStore is there for a reason.

Nokia to develop Intel-based pocket internet gadgets

Jobs Halo

It's called an iPhone

Already been done... next!

January's Windows 7 hole still open

Jobs Halo

Sweet Justice

I guess it's not just Apple that goes on for months without plugging security issues. Sweet justice...

Apple slices retail staff as sales slide


This article is WRONG!

1) This has already been debunked... fully...

No, Apple did not fire 1,600 retail store employees


2) The number of full-time equivalent employees went UP year-over-year from 12,000 to 14,000...

"Apple's SEC 10-Q filing, dated May 1, 2008, clearly and unequivocally stated, "As of March 29, 2008, the Retail segment had approximately 12,000 full-time equivalent employees." 14,000 today - 12,000 a year ago = 2,000 new employees! Okay, "full-time equivalents" or "man-hours," whatever. "

3a) This is also wrong... it's 15,900 not 15,600...

"The Wall Street Journal noted that the filing also indicated that Apple's estimate of roughly 14,000 "full-time equivalent employees" is down from 15,600 reported in Apple's 10-Q filing from January."

3b) As someone already pointed out the reduction was a result of holiday staff...

"[The cuts were] in retail. After Christmas. Meaning holiday staff, as usual, did not continue past the holidays. Also in the same 10-Q filing, conversely, Apple increased R&D headcount in the current year to support expanded R&D activities, but did not provide a hard figure, perhaps in order to protect that information from competitors. We predict that these facts will not be present in many (if any) other media outlets' news stories about this issue."

4) The Register just had a system failure on the facts. Please re-boot and fix your article.

5) These are much more fun to read... these are not holiday staff... since MS has no retail stores!

Microsoft quarterly revenue drops for first time in company history; net income plummets 32%


Analyst predicts more Microsoft layoffs than 5,000 already announced


Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ - well, kinda

Gates Horns

Intel passes on VISTA-ME

Intel will have no use for it...

Chip Giant Won’t Embrace Microsoft’s Windows Vista


Windows XP bests OS X in RIA test on Intel

Jobs Halo

Proves Vista is a dog if they won't test it!

"tested a range of RIA frameworks on an Intel-based MacBook Pro under Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.5 and found that XP consistently outperformed OS X."

Well that says it all. If they ran XP on an Intel Mac they were using BootCamp, which means XP was using Apple drivers for the hardware. Of course it ran well. Drivers make all the difference and those drivers came from Apple. I also wonder if the graphics card has some native support for DirectX.

Also, XP is an older OS with less overhead than 10.5 Leopard. They should have compared it to 10.4 Tiger.

How about testing Leopard against Vista, instead of a decade old XP. I bet I know the winner.

Vista ME is a dog. Wait for Windows 7. By then Apple will be on 10.8. By the way, a point update or Service Pack is 10.x.x (e.g. 10.5.1) not 10.x. (10.4 or 10.5).

Gates Horns

Paid for by Microsoft

This "fair" test was brought to by Microsoft.

Apple to announce handheld games console at WWDC?

Jobs Halo

Wrong Kevin

Kevin@ "yes a 3g model will push em into #1 especially when every mac fan has to buy a new one for 3g and throw their old one away. But hell there used to doing that with their mac computers already when they wanna upgrade."

You mean just like the BlackBerry Bold?

Of course it won't come out until after the 3G iPhone.

"The Bold is RIM's first BlackBerry to support (3G) networks"


At least Mac users aren't using subpar OS like XP or being forced to upgrade to one that is a total POS, like VistaME. Wait for Windows 7 vaporware my friend.

Jobs Halo


jai@ "one thing that does lend itself towards this theory though - how come there are STILL no games for the iPhone or the iPod Touch? could it be that developers have held off from releasing big screen versions of their iPod games because they know something is around the corner?"

Maybe because there was no way to develop Games or any other software for the iPhone or Touch, at least until the recent release of the the developers SDK only two months ago.

The iPhone or Touch is Apple's platform for phones, video and music, email and web browsing, and GAMES. Duh.

Oh wait, there is a name for that. It's called a (handheld) computer.

Jobs Halo

Ahhhh... Wrong

Will@ "An accessory that you plug your iPhone/touch in to that incorporates a controller, now there's an idea!"

It's called touch screen + accelerometer. Does anyone who comments on this forum know anything about the iPhone/Touch, other than assuming it's like all other phones?

The built-in accelerometer is the same technology used in the Nintendo Wii, but with a touch screen. Um, I think they use the Wii for games.

Apple demonstrates it games on the iPhone/Touch


Jobs Halo

A Large Failing

Richard Large • Monday 12th May 2008 13:33 GMT

"So after failing in the mobile phone business, they're go to have a good shot at failing in the games business."

How is capturing 28% of the in less than a year a failure? That's only with the 2G model and no 3rd party development. The 3G/GPS model will only push them into the number one spot.

Firewire chip maker touts 1.6Gb/s silicon

Thumb Up

Firewire kicks USB to the curb...

Firewire is by far the superior technology. Only dopes get fooled by the numbers, which remind me of the MHz/GHz arms races, which was meaningless when comparing different architectures.

Firewire is faster even when rated at a slower speeds like Firewire 400 (400mbps) to USB 2.0 (480mbps); Firewire uses Peer-to-Peer" architecture vs. USB's "Master-Slave" architecture.

Firewire does not use CPU cycles.

Firewire can daisy-chain 63 devices off a single port.

You can boot the OS from a external hard drive powered by Firewire.

Firewire 400 & 800 are backward compatible.

USB is junk, which is why it's great for keyboards and mice.



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