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While you were basking in the sun, the relentless march of the Windows-maker continued


South Paw?

The new Intellimouse does seem to suffer from one thing, only good for right handed people!

Although I am right handed, I have had to use my mouse in the left due to a shoulder issue, try and find a mouse that works just as good in the left as the right?

Luckly my Intellimouse Optical 1.1a still works!

MH370 final report: Aussies still don’t know where it crashed or why


Why should the Aussies know?

It wasn't our plane, it also wasn't lost over Australian air space, it supposedly crashed somewhere west of Australia. For all we really do know it could be in India's backyard. (they are west of Australia also)

Why can't you install Windows 10 Creators Update on your old Atom netbook? Because Intel stopped loving you


Rod for their own back

The point I see is Microsoft going back to change their stance on older versions of Windows 10 will not be supported, yet here we are they are already stating that they will now have to support older versions because of their own stupid push to try and turn a stable OS into a continuous changing mess.

The way they are going is they will have to be supporting at least 2 versions a year for the next 10 years, there goes their idea of a nice easy clean single version patching cycle!

No, really. You can see through walls using drones and Wi-Fi


Penetrating RADAR

Why do you have to put the word Drone in front of this?

Doesn't this already exist without the drone?

It's 2017 and Windows PCs are being owned by EPS files, webpages


Why does Microsoft still try and integrate applications into core OS

In this day and age, Microsoft should have realized that baking applications into the OS core, IE, Edge and all the new crap Windows 10 has now had added, that it will make building a bug free secure OS impossible. As soon as they start to make all these apps optional and have to be installed after the OS has been installed the better.

Just look at the UAC, log onto a computer as an administrator and you cannot run File explorer or IE as a full administrator. Why, cause they are already running as soon as you logged on as a user, not administrator. Moving to third party apps that are not integrated into the OS makes running administrator tasks easier.

Windows 10 S: Good, bad, and how this could get ugly for PC makers


Thin Client anyone?

If they are priced low enough they may become the new thin client for Citrix. Issue and forget!

nbn™ joins standards body CableLabs



I can understand NBN wanting to use the HFC cable, it is already there (but it does need a cleanup and roll out to fix the missing bits in the middle that are missing). But claiming NBN is dropping FTTP just because it joined CableLabs is a little too far. FTTC/FTTdp should be used to remove the crap FTTN roll out!

nbn™ builder prioritises easy premises, because it must work like that


Why haven't future roll outs moved to FTTdp

Was checking my suburbs install dates, nothing until 2019. Then I found out half my suburb is getting FTTdp, while the area I am in is getting FTTN. Why at this late stage of roll out are they still rolling out FTTN!

I have seen comments from NBN stating it will take 18 months/2year to change the plans to FTTdp. Then if half my suburb is getting FTTdp and my area is getting FTTN in 2 years time, why wasn't the whole suburb replanned for FTTdp. Its not like it is going to push the roll out any longer, I still have a 2 year delay. Yet the area of my suburb getting FTTdp was getting FTTN up until this year!

Wanna protect your data center? Take tips from the US Secret Service


SDN are not the answer

So he is say plan out your networks, know the traffic, block anything that is unknown, restrict access to it lowest level, Roll based access. Anything that doesn't need to be in the Data Centre should stay out of the data centre.

I guess forcing your application developer or supplier to document every access they require and hold them accountable for anything that isn't recorded in their documentation. I guess don't back down on the rules!

NBN costs creating budget time bomb: Deloitte


Re: No great surprise here

If you are asking why don't we just have a Ethernet port on the wall to plug into?

This would be down to the technologies being deployed.

The FTTP NTU had the option of running 4 ISP services, and 2 PSTN to VoIP services.

The FTTN needs a VDSL modem, which only allows for a single ISP and a single PSTN to VoIP service.

In Japan they must have a NTU with multiple ethernet ports servicing appartments. Technically we could have this is the FTTB model but the apartment buildings will need to replace their crappy phone lines for CAT5 ethernet cable.

Violin Memory resembles toast


This is a shame...

Their product was very interesting. I guess throwing yourselves to the wolves (stock market) may not make great sense when you have a very specialised product. Maybe staying a private company would have been better.

Maybe another small storage vendor could pick them up and keep their technology alive.

In dire straits after #CensusFail, ABS to axe up to 150 staff


Whos fault is it?

It should be the minister that oversees the funding of the agency.

Slashing IT jobs as cost savings only makes it harder to understand what the out source service is doing.

When outsourcing the IT staff you need to retain are generally higher skilled and come at a high price.

#Censusfail Australia: Not an attack, data safe, no heads to roll


Re: International...

Hey Oengus,

Think about it, you where posted an access code that you need to log into the portal. So they already have your postal addess and the access code. I am sure they can work out who you are even when using a proxy or any other method to hide your internet presents.

Labor's broadband policy decides 39% fibre is healthy NBN diet


Re: Do voters care?


I think you need to read this article on why there is a high count of users on 25Mbps or slower.


Also the number you are quoting is due to the FTTN cannot guarrantee what speed you will get when you sign up for a 25MB service, so to make it easier to report they have now lumped all speed tiers of 25Mb and below into one factor.

FTTP was able to guaranteed to deliver both 12Mb and 25Mb as well as 50 & 100 initially. FTTN cannot guarantee anything.

These big-name laptops are infested with security bugs – study


Hate to tell you this but the X220 doesn't run that software.

The Lenovo issue was with consumer products. Lenovo did have an issue with its Corporate product called System Updater but it has now been patched.

These articles seem to miss the point, most of the issues are with the cheap arse comsumer products. Wish they would list the machines or family the software is used on before carrying on about security issues.

Australian Government hopes to untangle NBN migration mess


Why do you need to switch your PSTN service

If the NBN is using the MTM tech why does anyone need to switch there services? I would assume that the PSTN line in a Cable area would not be touched.

If you are getting FTTN then NBN should be wiring the PSTN line back into the Telstra exchange after they cut and split your existing line on to the FTTN MUX.

iiNet warns NBN circuits too expensive in the Netflix era

Thumb Down

Re: Fast speeds or high quotas?


I wouldn't call 38% on 12Mbps and only another 38% on 25Mbps fail for justification of FTTP. Most ADSL connections would be luck to get anywhere near the sustained network speeds of 12Mbps.

And then again there is another 24% on speeds higher than 25Mbps.


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