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'I am so TIRED of your bullsh*t...' Sprint boss flips lid at T-Mobile US CEO


You clearly aren't living in the US. Every carrier has their issues in certain locations. The US is large, with states larger than some countries! I live in Texas, about the size of France.

at&t isn't all that, either. VERIZON is the best carrier for service across the board, but ask anyone, and they tell you, the crown jewel is Tmobile in the US. Pricing is much more fair, they are honest and up front about everything, including areas where they aren't so strong in coverage, etc.

Since the failed merger with at&t, TMo has acquired lots of spectrum as part of the breakup, and their network today is the fastest in most areas, both in HSPA+ and LTE, and coverage is closer to par with the big 2 now. Its not the fastest growing carrier for no reason, my friend.

Cricket sucks. Throttled pieces of bug legged trash. MetroPCS is better, and on TMo network. I'm in the US. I cover this industry here. Trust me, the old marketing messages about TMo are no longer true.


Re: to those of us with far fewer bodies and far more territory to cover

Where are you guys getting this false info??

TMo has unlimited deals in the $60ish dollar range, and throttle you after 21GB or so. Its a non issue, since Wifi is so proliferated, you never use that much, and everyone has home broadband service. Maybe you should update your info on US carrier deals. Its changed. We don't even HAVE 2g data anymore in most places, but HSPA+ is the fallback, and its almost as fast as LTE, faster in some areas.


Re: I'm in the UK, but...

Well maybe its a cultural disconnect. He speaks on behalf of the consumers, and we LOVE this man. There's a reason TMoUS is the fastest growing carrier. He's what we call a straight shooter. With the carrier landscape as it is now, we NEEDED a straight shooter that spoke honestly, from his heart, and cut no corners. He's a national hero, and they are just jealous.



He's a national hero in the US! Fastest growing carrier standing up to the big guys. Honest, accessible, and with swagger of a typical American. He speaks our language, and cuts no corners.


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