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Top-secret Android handset surfaces on YouTube

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tastey, tastey,

very very tastey!

Anonymous relaunches fight against Scientology

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I truly hope you are kidding, Simpson :p

I searched for the word 'magenta' and got 34,300,000 results! Does this mean there is a secret organisation that is yet to poke its agenda into the limelight? unlikely, kindly distinguish between common usage words and organisational names when possible!

Kaminsky (finally) reveals gaping hole in internet

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Put simply.

The DNS protocol is how your computer (through it's server, your ISP) finds websites.

When an address is requested, the Website address is matched to a special number (called an I.P address) which the computers use to communicate with one another. This is the sole purpose of the D.N.S protocol to my understanding.

The D.N.S protocol has a hole in it, where it can be confused.

If this is done properly, the DNS server may be mislead into allocating a web address to the I.P address of a malicious users system, where they can emulate the website or otherwise provide tainted services.

The Internet user will have little clue as to any changes as even a valid 'safe' address maybe hijacked by someone able to use this exploit.

Hope this helps, your personal routers and broadband modems are not at issue here. A lot of D.N.S servers are patched anyway, btu there is still a threat of false websites.

Thales wins first UK ID card contract

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Of course

It would make a great impact on fraud, makes it easier, with all you information IN ONE BASKET, er, I mean CARD. And it's proven that it's not that hard to crack and copy those things only a few years ago.

New Labour = Not Labour and I've had enough for one.

New MoD push to silence internal dissent

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Whatever you do! DON'T MENTION THE WAR!!

Yeah, fact was that Britain was in debt to the USA at the time and prior to the attacks of little real conscequence and of propagandised significance (9/11). The UK was likely leaned on to support the corporate action (I mean, War on Terra, I mean terror). Now the UK is piggy in the middle trying to both atone for mistakes to it's public by taking up multitudinous(love that word) humanitarian causes (live eight, live earth, darfour, Carbon footprint measures.. more to come I expect) and shut up it's own forces at the same time to get everyone to forget the stain on the governments reputation. Cynical? Maybe, but remember what "New" (meaning, in part, "Not" or "No Longer") Labour is built on PR control.

I stopped watching TV, you should too.

Pipex invites customer to get 'c**ted'

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Learn to read.

Yangtze river dolphin is an ex-cetacean

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is technology natural?

Technology I see is a form of evolution, simply a removed and accelerated form. It is human induced but extinction as a result of technology is a form of natural selection, therefore.

Question is, is it right?

People complain and protest intentional abuses of humnans and animals. But unintentional abuse tends to evade our consciences, because we are only generally conscious of what we mean to do and the benefits to we humans.

On Christmas Island, humans over-populated and slaughtered eachother for crops and livestock. Eventually turning to cannibalism to survive the burnt out landscape (since regenerated). Eventually, presumably, dying out.

In New Zealand, the Maori hunted the Goa bird to extinction, their staple food source. Elders (leaders, for their wisdom and experience, not amounts of financial backing) decreed that every species that was taken as food was to be cared for to ensure that the extinctions would not continue.

Two microcosms, Are we Christmas Islanders? or Maori? (metaphoricaly, before anyone starts talking genetics)

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Nature is a web of interconnected life, and we, humans are just as dependant. It isn't simply a case species relying on the ecology, it's the other way around. For every species that dies out, everything and anything around it is affected. In effect, each species pegs down part of that web of life, each species that goes, part of the web COLLAPSES. Sometimes it's fairly localised, sometimes it is catastrophic.

Every species counts, bio-diversity = bio-stability.

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re: failure to adapt

Idgarad, as far as exploring the our extent of knowledge, we have assumed there is only life on this of nine planetoids. Many the environments on this same planet, that we thought could never support life, in fact do so. From bacterium inside of rocks miles deep to shrimps living around sub aquatic volcanoes, to spiders and fish in cave systems 'poisoned' with sulphuric acid. Life is pretty tough, and it's fairly prolific, don't discount it. If life can make it on this planet in the way it has, life then has the ability to 'bruteforce' it's chances to exploit any ecosystem it can access.

Fist-sized monkey flies from Florida to New York

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So let me guess

The Zoo get a free marmoset

The marmoset gets fed regularly and healthily for the rest of its life, and likely will get breeding privileges

...and the man gets punished by american law, maybe deported or imprisoned.


Orange dismantles Bristol Tower of Doom

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Not that I'd advocate genocide but,

Kill em all..

Free Software Foundation plans protests at 'corrupt' BBC

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Two points, the BBC is a Corporation, the BBC is chartered by the Royal Sovereign of the time. If the BBC did not adhere to standards of practices that are industry-wide, heads will roll. One such standard is Copywright, Television and Media artists have enjoyed having their work protected from economic parasitisation (piracey and also plaguerism). Allowing unprotected content out to the whole web is against the interests of the copywright holders who may wish to continue making residual profits from their works, which is entirely reasonable.

I am sure to maximise their market, the BBC will, in fact, develop players for Mac and the opensource community. I personally don't care much as the iplayer is low-resolution, bandwidth dependant, and poor sound quality.

Stem cell fraudster made 'virgin birth' breakthrough

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Seredipitous it is. Just.. wanted to say that.


False positives run amok in Vista anti-virus tests

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I don't understand..

Why Vista was released, at all?

From all the reports on it, it wasn't ready as a basic package, let alone a wide ranging platform. Vista is a victim of it's developers being pressured to produce novelty to match Mac and create enough range to market to all possible computer using sectors.. As supposed to developping a strong, rugged platform from which to release business and executive models.

On a side note, the PR on Vista has been exceptional, much like american coverage on Americas "victory" in iraq (2005, remember? "mission accomplished")

Intel revolted by its own 'insensitive and insulting' ad

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I saw it striaght off.

(Main issue aside)

Although on closer inspection, the spandex DOES seem reminiscent of Wolverines uniform in the pre-movie X-men comic books. Are they saying Wolvering is black? or that black people have super powers.. is the white guy therefore xavier? so does that mean his handicap is a ruse!


btw, fairly shocking way to drop the ball there.

Worm eats music on infected PCs

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If I wrote it...

I'd have it delete all MP3s that haven't been listened to inside of 6 months, and all mp3's at 56K or less, cos they are just SINFUL.

Reader succumbs to apostrophe apoplexy

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Uniformity of language only serves the ease with which it is read. Thus, I want more challenge! expand my braynePowr!

Fort Bragg grunt in gay porn vid shocker

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I'll get my coat...