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Github's 'Atom' text editor hits version 1.0


Not impressed

After reading that this was inspired by Emacs I thought I would give it a go.

Sadly my enthusiasm lasted perhaps a couple of minutes as I got a dialog saying "The editor is not responding. Would you like to force close it or just keep waiting?" when I tried to open a file. Assuming user error I persisted, loading a different file finally. Not impressed with the text highlighting colours I thought I would change the theme. Took me ages to finally figure out how to select one of the preloaded themes from the list. A short while later when trying something else I again get the "The editor is not responding" message.

Think I'll stick to Emacs for now.


Re: Still no print capability?

Not unless there is a module to make it print on that fanfold paper with alternate green and while lines. Oh those where the days!

Cambridge boffins: STOP the rush to 5G. We just don't need it


5G? 4G? 3G? I would be happy with a good 2G signal !!

Can't get a decent 2G signal at my house on any provider let alone a usable 3G signal. Yes if I go to a few major cities I might pick up a 4G signal, but that's rare. Fat chance I would ever see a 5G signal!


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