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Not very bright: Apple geniuses spend two weeks, $10,000 of repairs on a MacBook Pro fault caused by one dumb bug


Re: BS

I sense the whiff of BS too...

I would have expected them to reset the NVRAM as a first step before switching out any physical parts... thence any new logic board(s) would have different settings saved in NVRAM and should have been reset on first use too.

Also, for a problem with the screen failing to light up, I would have more likely switched out the screen before the logic boards.

Definitely doesn't pass the sniff test...

Microsoft doles out PowerShell 7 preview. It works. People like it. We can't find a reason to be sarcastic about it


UM, are you actually blaming MS because you couldn't get Linux running on your wifes laptop?

I think, given Microsoft's balance sheet and market penetration, that they probably are already doing the "smart thing".

London's Metropolitan Police arrest Julian Assange


This also shows that the story about the USA wanting him extradited to Sweden so he could be spirited away was a load of codswallop which he invented to avoid questioning over sexual misconduct allegations. The USA could always have done what they are doing now, get him direct from blighty.


Re: final straw?

Which shows that the USA could have simply sought to extradite him from the UK all along and that he actually jumped bail to avoid questioning in Sweden over sexual misconduct allegations. Whilst trying to fool the "world" that Sweden would somehow funnel him away to Uncle Sam, in a barrel of pickled herring now doubt. Red Herring more like!

New Zealand cops cuff alleged jackasses who shared mosque murder video, messages online


Re: could be educational?

Could also be used to educate future offenders to perform more "efficiently". No thanks.

nbn™ isn’t fixing HFC, it’s ‘optimising’ it


Yeah right!

"...and will hit its 2020 deadline for finishing the network build."

and what is the deadline for the chosen technology to be obsolete?

Julian Assange said to have racked up $5m security bill for Ecuador


A very expensive guest!

FFS $66K/month!!!

That's the annual nominal GDP of 10 Ecuadorians every month. IMF Link

One wonders how the average Ecuadorian feels about their tax dollars being used in this way (or if they even know).


nbn™ CEO pleads with staff to control costs in ‘seeya later’ letter


Re: Um... he's leaving...

The problem is that only a government entity could achieve what the nbn is required to do in a place like Australia which has vast empty areas and many far-flung small-population centres. Leaving it to private enterprise will, quite properly, mean that only profitable areas will get any attention.


Um... he's leaving...

he doesn't get to leave AND keep bossing the staff around :)

Are you able to read this headline? Then you're not Julian Assange. His broadband is unplugged


I haven't read the article yet....

I just wanted to pop in to say HAHAHA!!!!

Off to read now.....

ACCC clamping down on Premium Billing Direct payments


Why so greedy????

What ticks me off most about this kind of story involving an entity like Telstra is that they are already wildly profitable and hold an almost monopolistic position over vast segments of the market due to previously having an actual monopoly.

It's not the greed which astonishes and appalls me but the level of greed.

Transport for NSW scrambles to patch servers missing fixes released in 2007



"Is that according to the recent Australian census cockup, run by, erm, IBM?"

Now there's a mouth full of coffee I'lll never get back ;) .


Whilst NSW does have the largest population, it is in fact the 5th largest state/territory.

Patch LOSE-day: Microsoft secures servers of the world. By disconnecting them


Re: Oh dear

"...Very poor practice to rely on static IPs, mostly by BOFHs who don't understand their network but it suddenly 'just worked' with static IPs. If you have to bodge, at least use DHCP giving out reserved IP addresses based on MAC address."

That sounds like some misremembered second hand advice that someone gave you about something else.

Slingshot malware uses cunning plan to find a route to sysadmins


Re: "...suggest it was developed by an English speaker." (UK then)

"...Because there spelling is atrosious."

Please, let that be intentional :)

Swiss see Telly Tax as a Big Plus, vote against scrapping it


Re: Foreigner Tax

"The problem with this is that 25% of the Swiss population are foreigners (like myself), most of which dont have any vote on this matter.

But yet we are expected to pay an exorbitant fee to subsidize a bloated TV system which broadcast esoteric content for a multitude of small regions and several languages in which we no interest."

So you're happy enjoy whatever benefit if its that drew you to the country but expect to not contribute to the bits you don't like. Such entitlement!


Re: Commercial TV is also a mandatory tax...

Not to mention the fact that commercial broadcasters curate the news and current affairs they inflict upon you to further their own agendas with little or no accountability.

Here in Australia, we no longer have a TV license fee, funding of our public broadcaster is decided by the government of the day according to some "rules". The ABC is constantly under threat of a "productivity review" especially if the government doesn't like something they broadcast. They are constantly accused of bias, yet time and again have been shown to be fair and balanced by various independent reviewers.

Once a bastion of hard hitting investigative journalism which held our government to account, they are now a toothless tiger and the commercial offerings here are sycophantic shills pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Don't let tis happen to your national broadcaster!

Assange fails to make skipped bail arrest warrant vanish


Re: bit of an ass

"the whole thing was a set-up by various governments completely prepared to abuse their position of power to silence Wikileaks."

It hasn't silenced Wikileaks. Wikileaks is more than Assange.

In founding Wikileaks he did something great but I think that was the pinnacle.

Sweden is one of the least corrupt and most transparent countries in the world. In 2016 it ranked 4th when the UK ranked 10th.

If the USA was going to try to orchestrate something Sweden would not be the partner of choice. If fake charges are going to be created in order to get him into some place more accessible by the USA you'd want to use a country that has some degree of credibility but with an opaque and corruptible administration. What you and others suggest doesn't make sense.

What really happened is that Julian Assange allegedly sexually mistreated a partner in a way that is illegal in Sweden and then used his position and connections to avoid questioning and possible charges. Sounds a bit Weinsteiny to me...


Is the writing on the wall for on-premises IT? This survey seems to say so


From a different perspective...

Way back at the toward the end of the GFC, the cash flow at the place I worked went from a trickle to a very slow drip to non-existent. Pre-GFC my predecessor had the bright idea of purchasing all of our equipment (rather than leasing) which many people scoffed at but as it turns out it was a great decision.

What that meant was that when we didn't have any money to pay bills, or lease payments, we could keep working because we owned all of our equipment and software. Had we not been able to do that 500 odd people would have been out of work.

I see this cloud thing in a similar way. Had we been in the cloud at that time, when we were unable pay our bills we would have lost, or certainly jeopardised, access to the very tools we would have needed to make more money and at the time we needed them most.

Whilst I'm not advocating purchasing everything as my predecessor had done I think that its very important to secure the tools that make your business run, bill customers and collect payments with. Renting computing time in the cloud and software as a service is not the way to do that.

Microsoft won't patch SMB flaw that only an idiot would expose


Enough said

"... only and idiot would expose".

Telstra wants to become the Uber of Telstra


Not what they once were....

Both my personal and business experience of Telstra (living and working in a small regional city) is that where once Telstra was the go to service provider for mobile and Internet they are now merely an also-ran.

They once provided an expensive but reliable premium product and good customer service. They are still expensive but their product quality is not premium anymore and their customer service is woeful. The customer service staff whilst very friendly and pleasant are not actually very helpful because they are limited to following a script and are unable to do anything beyond that. At a technical level it takes a gargantuan effort to get to speak to anything remotely like someone who can understand and then resolve anything but the simplest of problems.

My employer uses Telstra Managed WAN and the service operates flawlessly. However, if I need to have any adds or changes made it takes an eternity and is usually implemented incorrectly the first time around.

They over communicate mostly meaningless and cryptic messages that provide little detail and they are so focussed on customer feed back they are actually turning that into a negative. Every time I deal with them I am asked to provide feedback in some way, by email, SMS or tone/voice response.

It is unbelievably annoying when you deal with Telstra as many times each week as I do.

Wow, what a rant, but I do feel a bit better. We must do this again some time. :)

ESET antivirus cracks opens Apple Macs to remote root execution via man-in-middle diddle


Less secure?

So, does this mean that adding, that version of, ESET antivirus actually makes your Mac less secure?

Apple's macOS is the safer choice – but not for the reason you think


Yeah but OS/2 is dead in the water these days ;)

Australia finally passes mandatory data breach reporting legislation


Re: Weasel words

Apparently the government is redefining mandatory to mean optional.

As South Australia blacked out, PM's office was told renewable power was not to blame


They still told us fibs...

It may well be true that this information is now out of date but at the time the PM and his deputy were criticising SAs switch to renewables and blaming it for the blackout they were doing so in contradiction to the advice at hand.

"Just after 7:00PM on 28 September, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PMC) was told: “At 1618 AEST, all of South Australia suffered a blackout, most likely triggered by strong winds which have brought down transmission lines and pylons and lightning strikes”.

That advice never changed: a 5:00 AM teleconference on 29 September heard this from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO): “the generation mix (i.e. renewable or fossil fuel) was not to blame for yesterday’s events – it was the loss of 1000 MW of power in such a short space of time as transmission lines fell over”"

Even though what they said may now actually be true at the time, as far as they knew, they were lying to us.

MacBook Pro owners complain of short batt life – so Apple kills batt life clock in macOS


Re: Command Option P R

Resetting NVRAM gets you back to a known baseline state.

Nothing wrong with that. Its a standard tech support procedure.


If you really wanna know....

Yu can always display the time remaining from within terminal using:

pmset -g batt



Isn't this old news????

I thought the "Time Remaining" indicator went with Mountain Lion years ago.

$17k win for man falsely accused of a terrible crime: Downloading an Adam Sandler movie



Have they invented some kind of new push based torrent that forces people to download crap movies?

How else would anyone have a copy of this movie?

Local TV presenter shouted 'f*cking hell' to open news bulletin


Watershed or not?

If the watershed ends at 9pm what's the difference if its 10 seconds or 10 minutes afterward?

If it's ended it's ended.

'Toyota dealer stole my wife's saucy snaps from phone, emailed them to a swingers website'


Re: Maybe...

I am so fucking tired of hearing the words "victim blaming"!!! I'm not trying to pretend that victim blaming doesn't exist, but its gone far too far.

If I tell a person "don't walk down that dark laneway alone, there have been a few muggings there recently" thats good advice and I'm would be appreciated for it.

However, if I say "don't walk down that laneway alone, a number of people have been raped there recently" suddenly I'm accused of victim blaming. Some feminazi will have my head off because women should be able to wear what they like and walk where they like with impunity.

I agree, all people SHOULD be able to walk wherever and wear whatever they like. The reality is they can't because there are dickheads about that might harm them.

No spoilers! Norway won't tell Snowden if US will snatch him on a visit


Why would Norway (a NATO member that has a border with Russia) do anything to offend the USA (its most heavily armed ally) in order to present some bloke with an award?

Without new anti-robot laws, humanity is doomed, MPs told


and don't forget

"...meaningful human control."

Bureau of Statistics hides trade data about monitors. Yes, monitors!


It's a what?!

“Automatic data processing machines, weighing 10 kg or more and presented in the form of systems, (excl. personal computers and machines comprising in the same housing at least a central processing unit and input and output unit)”

So, it's not a computer or anything like a computer but it's an automatic data processor and it weights more than 10kg. WTF?

Snoop! stooge! Yahoo! handed! all! your! email! to! Uncle! Sam! – and! any! passing! hacker!


Hmm... feeling nostalgic...

That was my oldest email address. Now deleted....

Native Skype for Windows Phone walked behind shed, shot heard



And if Microsoft can't be bothered developing apps for Windows Phone, will anyone else?

That's the whole point really isn't it. Sad really.

I recently had to set up a Windows Phone for one of my users (we were strictly iPhone before that.) and I was very impressed. It really is a very nice smart phone. It's too bad they were so late to the party with a decent OS. They could have been (and still may be) a major player.

Nitwit has fit over twit hit: Troll takes timeless termination terribly


Re: It's all for the best

No thanks, we don't want them here either. We're taking donations to build a wall between us and the US.

Just ask Trump to get the Mexicans to pay for it. ;)


I don't get twitter

Twitter just seems to be the place for people to slag off those they hate on the latest reality TV show.

I'm not surprised they can't figure out how to make that pay. It's price....er, I mean worthless.


Re: It's all for the best

I think its hilarious that they think that Canada would have them? :)


It's all for the best

Many of @nero's followers have said they will leave Twitter in response to the permanent ban

Sure that can only be a good thing. If only they'd follow through with their threat.

Alleged Aussie plum plucker pleads guilty to motel tissue swipe


When is it surgery?

I realise that this event IS surgery but at what point on the scale from helping someone remove splinter using a needle and removing someone's nad does it become surgery?

Also, why can't someone perform surgery on another if they are both consenting adults?

Philando Castile death-by-cop vid mysteriously vanishes from Facebook


Re: Police are officer or constable ...

I don't think they demand to be called "sir". I think the citizens are trying to be as respectful as possible, you know, to avoid being shot.

I am surprised at how calm that young woman was. Is it because being shot is so common place? A sad state of affairs.

Israeli researcher fans fears: here's another way to cross the airgap


Re: Distance

It depends where you come from...


Chinese demand end to canine carvery festival


Don't be evil!

I don't have a problem with people eating dog or cat meat provided the animals are slaughtered in a human manner.

It's the barbarism that is so abhorrent.

Nokia to Oz: 5G will need fibre, and lots of it


Re: So 93% FTTP is the right build mix

"The biggest improvement in internet speeds rural speeds since 2007 has come not from the NBN, but from the backhaul links that were installed across the country..."

Your argument is help massively by the fact that hardly any rural areas have NBN.

Sysadmin 'fesses up to wrecking his former employer's IT systems



Surely a competent sysadmin could cover his tracks adequately. Any wonder he was laid off!

One espresso is not theft, Oz judge rules, it's part of civilization


Re: Ar*$#holes

Yes, the facilities manager Ms Trudy Turnbull at CMC Markets.


Re: What was the Alain de Botton quote?

Its was in the linked judgment :

“Office civilisation could not be feasible without the hard take-offs and landings effected by coffee and alcohol” - Alain de Botton