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BBC iPlayer launches, but with limited viewer reach



The BEEB needs to be substantially reduced and focused.

The license fee (TAX) scraped and advertising time SOLD to generate revenue! Its a huge anomaly in the modern multi media age to have a STATE BROADCASTER in a capitalist country.

The number of local radio stations completely closed and RADIO 1 sold to the HIGHEST BIDDER (Its effectively a commercial station anyway. Selling pop songs is WHAT IT DOES !)

Retain TV channels BBC1 and 2. National Radio 2,3 and 4 only.

Also in the digital spectrum they need ONLY TWO TV Channels one for Children and one for specialist interest BOTH broadcasting 24 hours !

Not the current nonsense of two children channels during day time and two extra evening adult channels this is plain stupid !

ALL other service expansion should be subscription based giving us the choice to buy or not !

News 24/BBC World should be merged (in many way the share resources and programming already and these services paid for from general taxation with the current independent governor system in place to ensure independence from political interference maintained.

iPlayer platform restrictive DRM'd to death pile of hot air still BETA and effectively by invitation only SO not even in the spirit of their own charter !

Typical !


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