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Atlassian: Look at our ginormous Jira revenues!


price rise

They needed that price rise. The lads at the top, Mike and Scott, have recently bought adjacent properties with waterfront to Sydney Harbour. How much did you say? One was about $70 mil and the other was a little higher at about $100 mil.

Microsoft yanks the document-destroying Windows 10 October 2018 Update


Re: OneDrive - Why even touch user folders?

I don't use One Drive or a Microsoft login and I had no trouble with the update on my TEST system. We all install on our TEST systems first so we can iron out the probs first before attacking our real system which has precious unbacked up data.

MyHealth Record privacy legislation published


Health minister resigns

The health minister, Greg Hunt, is one of those people who have resigned in protest against the Prime Minister. If that situation remains then that is the end of those changes. He is actually my local MP and I had him wrongly tabbed as a "wet" and I was getting ready to vote against him in the coming election.

Android ain't done until Samsung won't run? 9.0 Pie borks Gear watch app


Got several of these

No matter the Android version, my solar-powered Citizen dumbwatch will still excel at telling the time.

The nice part about it is no need to plug it into a charger, ever. The only downer is twice a year having to adjust for daylight saving.

Oz government offers privacy concessions on MyHealth Record


I'm out

I got out on day one and never going back. Would you willingly trust those politicians and the pubic circus with your health data?

Google kills off domain fronting – and so secure comms just got tougher


Re: Unsupported feature is unsupported

Yes, it can be difficult to rely on some Google services for any sustained length of time. For whatever reason, they do have a habit of dropping them. That said, I have been a Gmail user almost from day one. I don't think they would dare scrap that.

Gmail is secure. Netflix is secure. Together they're a phishing threat


Re: A Simple Solution

Not making the link directly clickable would then exclude half of the worlds population from being able to complete the task. There are many people who bumble along without really knowing what they are doing. I used to try to educate those that I had contact with but the task was too big and I gave up. Uneducated oldies are the worst. They just can't understand that they have to think before they click and clicking may have consequences.

Australia's new insta-pay scheme has insta-lookup of any user's phone number


Re: What happens when email is used as the Id?

or simply not using PayID.

That's my option too. It may change when the dust settles but I'll let someone else do the settling.

nbn™ scoreboard: our new way to look at Australia's national broadband network


You can add a third speed

3 Exactly what was sold to me.

Yes, there are some nbn services that work OK. I have fttp connected at 25/5 mbps and I get that speed most of the time. I did get a 3 month free trial of 100/40. It speed tested OK but it was no benefit to me so I reverted to 25/5.

On the fibre, I have two phone channels which are unused and 4 data channels. That is, I can have four simultaneous internet services from different suppliers. When changing service providers it allows you to get the new connection working before cancelling the old.

H-1B visa hopefuls, green card holders are feeling the wrath of 'America first' Trump


xenophobic vindictiveness.

You may call it that but in Australia it is used to get rid of recalcitrant offenders who somehow always seem to skate around the law. People who migrate to Australia and don't, like many UK citizens, take up Australian citizenship are at risk. Apparently there are many non citizens in our bikey (motorbike) gangs. We are fixing that with deportation. There are also quite a few New Zealanders awaiting deportation because they committed crimes. If people don't wish to become citizens and then commit crimes then they are at risk of deportation and family ties will not stop this happening. It's easy to avoid the problem. Become a citizen. It is far too easy.

Australia won't prescribe its national broadband network a high-fibre diet


This whole NBN system has been a shitty mess from the instant it was conceived on a piece of toilet paper by a previous government. It was conceived by a couple of politicians who then expected their dream to work. As an after thought they decided to include the techos. The end result has been a mess. The thought bubble cost was supposed to be about AU$4 billion IIRC. I think it's now heading towards AU$70 billion and rising like a baking cake.

The original concept was fibre to the home which was costing a lot of money to install the fibre into the houses. A subsequent government (different brand) decided the country could not afford the cost and asked NBN to come up with other ways to make the connection. They came up with the idea of fibre close to the home and existing copper pairs for the last "mile" or few metres.

This, I believe, is what BT is doing in the UK. There was a recent comment by a BT exec that fibre to the home was a noble objective but too costly and too long to implement. However, they are aiming for FTTH in the future but get everybody a service first.

The maximum speed of the services being offered now are fast enough for most people. It appears many people are opting for considerably less than the maximum speed probably because of cost. People can still do a couple of channels of Netflix and browse simultaneously at those lower speeds. If people want it is possible to pay extra and get FTTH. Indeed, why should the rest of Australia subsidise the needs of a few gamers and commercial users.

I have FTTH right into one of the bedroom cupboards and it is good but probably no better than any other service that supplies the data at a speed that you can pay for. I only pay for 25/5 megabits. It works well enough for me. My previous adsl2+ worked OK also.

I live in a new village development and a previous government (same brand who used shit paper for the design) mandated that these developments should have fibre. The house was built with conduit and draw wires all the way from across the street by the developer. When the NBN guy came to do the install about 3 years back it took him about 60 minutes including testing. It would have taken much longer if he had to run the fibre all the way into an existing house. This is where the heavy cost would be that the current government is trying to lower by using existing copper.

Exit-tel customers can't even upgrade their plans to stay


I was with Exetel for a couple of years. They were a bit weird. They did not like you to not have a contract. I'm happy to be gone from them.


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