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Ditching VMware over the Broadcom buy? Here are some of your options


How is it a choice, its total rubbish, an afterthought by AWS/Azure? Between the two, they have a combined market share of 0.5%

The shoemaker, the array refresh and the VMworld smackdown


Total marketing rubbish. Clearly a bad VMAX configuration. A XtremIO or VMAX-F would kill these figures. Even an Unity-F can do better figures than both combined.

EMC Unity or VNX3? You tell me


Ok, I have being working on the Unity VSA for a while. Few things to note

- Its a VNXe. Same command like and service options as the VNXe. We all knew it was coming with the VNXe being the test bed to merge DART and FLARE.

- MIgrations, SANCopy is free and still supported. Recommended solution is Recoverpoint/V but with looking at the underlying architecture I cannot see why you can migrate from a VNXe

- Making the right choice. You forgot to mention that Unity actually comes with two distinct flavours of the same software, the Hybrid and the AFA. If you choose one, you cannot upgrade to the other. Hybrid limits the total amount of Flash to 25-30% I think. AFA has not support for any kind of disks besides Flash

Looks good, but very evolutionary.....

HPE adds power-fail-protected NVDIMM tech to servers


For that price I could purchase a two fully redundant UPS systems, and two systems to run a synchronous cluster and still be cheaper than using this. This needs at least a 50% price drop, or maybe a single battery for multiple modules to reduce cost.

Huawei humps up its DS8000 heavyweight array range


Free cloud storage

Amazing arrays. You forgot to mention the free unlimited cloud backup of your data. If you have a crash all you need to do is request a copy off the Chinese government servers......

Jokes aside, wouldn't touch these after the US Senate rulings against Huawei


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