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Who is out there waiting to spy on you or steal your data?


You could be monitored by something you don't know as long as you have online activities. Once I was monitored by my father using a Micro Keylogger. It is a windows keylogger. He knows my FB password and other accounts. He is always here remotely spying on you without your knowing.

Hacking Team: We’ll be back in the spyware biz before you know it


I think this is a problem concerning about our privacy

I think this is a problem concerning about our privacy. I have been monitored by my father using a Micro Keylogger installed on my computer. Now I can understand this, I know that they try to protect me from something bad. And I know that I am talking about something serious.

How British spies really spy: Information that didn't come from Snowden


To monitor or not to monitor, that's a question. The article show me that Britain’s anti-terrorism law maybe a kind of protection to the citizens, as internet monitoring is legal practices for the country's part. It's for the country's security. But monitoring spy app like Micro Keylogger is forbidded when using without others' permission, it all depends on person.

If hackers can spy on you all then so should we – US Senator logic


I think that we are living in a peace and democratic world, all of us are free and can do what we like as long as we are legal. But now I feel some anxiety. I used to use spy software name Aobo Filter to block some bad and porn URLs to my little son to protect him. But now if we are being monitored by someone, it is so terrible. We need to take some actions towards this.