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'This ruling does nothing to change the facts' thunders Apple in latest price-fix appeal blow

thomas k

... ruling doesn't change the fact

So, the reality distortion field is still going full tilt then.

Giant male member spontaneously ejaculates over Norway

thomas k

Gives new meaning ...

to the term "glitter bomb".

Windows 10 is due in one month: Will it be ready?

thomas k

a more pertinent question might be ...

Will we be ready for it?

Still, while ideally we'd like to go to release with the Windows we want, sometimes you just have to go with the Windows you have.

Subaru Outback Lineartronic: The thinking person’s 4x4

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nice pics

The pictures in the last couple of reviews are definitely showing improvement, keep up the good work.

Hi-res audio folk to introduce new rules and weed out impure noises

thomas k

Price differential?

So, the difference in price is due to the quality of the sound? I thought it was just to pay for the extra bandwidth the much larger file downloads entailed. Who knew.

Facebook dunks Instagram in new search filter sheep dip

thomas k

surely that's a typo

Didn't you mean to say "content free ad network"?

Those are nice-looking sheep, btw.

Second agent takes plea deal in Silk Road misconduct case

thomas k

hmm, did he also

regret what he'd done from the very beginning?

THEY WANTED OUR WOMEN: Neanderthals lusted after modern humans

thomas k

Lusted after our moden women

Take Kim Kardashian. No, please, I insist.

Slippery Silk Road spook will plead guilty to duping dealers

thomas k

And I would've gotten away with it ...

... if it weren't for you meddling kids!

Buh bye fakers? Amazon tweaks customer product reviews system

thomas k


Does this mean the reviews of Haribo Sugar-free Gummie Bears' explosive after effects will disappear? I haven't laughed so hard in quite some time.

Vicious vandals violate voluminous Versailles vagina

thomas k

Re: YELLOW paint?

If they'd used a greenish-yellow, we could say it had the clap.

WikiLeaks slips out YET MORE Sony SECRETS

thomas k

... can find nothing incriminating

That must be disappointing. Bummer.

The world .sucks at a minute past midnight on Sunday

thomas k

no dot-suck?

Sure, Verizon.sucks is great but Republicans.sucks is just bad grammar.

Noshing moth menaces misled into male-on-male mating

thomas k

gives new meaning ...

to the phrase "like moths to a flame".

INTERNET of BOOBS: Scorching French lass reveals networked bikini

thomas k

We can call it ... wait for it ...

An over the shoulder IoT holder?

thomas k


Unless the suntan lotion also contains soap, I think 'slather' is the word you want.

Belgium trolls France with bonkers new commemorative coin

thomas k

"... just a happy accident"

I guess you could say that's an accident just waiting to happen.