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Hello Kitty hack exposes 3.3 million users' details, says infosec bod

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Good thing I didn't sign up for the Hello, Kitty MMO then.

Drunk? Need a slash? Avoid walls in Hackney

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Re: non-skid shoes?

Thanks, didn't think of it from that angle.

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non-skid shoes?

Would a coating of this on ordinary shoe soles make them anti-skid? That would be very useful, as it's easy to find a pair of shoes you like (and could then treat) vs. finding a pair of non-skids you like, many of which come with steel toes which you may not need.

Rebels defeat the Empire (again) by giving BB-8 an API

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Sometimes, dreams *do* come true. Cheers, mate.

Old jet bits, Vader's motorbike gear, sonic oddness: Hats off to Star Wars' creative heroes

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Nope, not gonna do it

I refuse to read anything Star Wars from this point on, just in case I do decide I want to see it after all.

Kids' TV show Rainbow in homosexual agenda shocker

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"all children"?

I'd hope they were aiming for kids already exhibiting a sense of flair.

Spanish village mounts Playmobil extravaganza

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Must have the flamingos!!!

Hackers add exploit kit to article asking 'Is cyber crime out of control?'

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So, Corbyn then.

Social media snitching bill introduced into US Congress by intel bosses

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catching terrorists?

Isn't that what we pay the 3-letter agencies to do? Are they saying they're incompetent at their jobs? That all the domestic spying they engage in doesn't produce shit?

Donald Trump wants Bill Gates to 'close the Internet', Jeff Bezos to pay tax

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"people that really understand what's happening."

Indeed, Mr Trump should hire some of those, they might be able to teach him.

Star Wars Battlefront: Is this the shooter you’re looking for?

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Re: I've just had the pleasure

Same here - just played KotOR and am now finally getting to play 2 with the Restored Content mod for the first time. :)

thomas k

... most perfect slice of Star Wars yet

Really? More perfect than KotOR 1 or 2?

Italians to spend €150m ... snooping on PS4 jabber

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not clear whether any useful intelligence was ever produced

Well, with Second Life, there may at least have been some happy endings.

Millions of families hit in toymaker VTech hack – including 200,000+ kids

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Didn't they use to make cordless phones/answering machines?

US gourmets sizzle in bacon-scented underwear

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Re: going on about their love of sausages

C'mon, who doesn't like a good sausage fest?



Hilton confirms hotel credit-card-snaffling sales till malware hit

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Still no guidance to employees on how to handle guest inquiries if we're asked about this but I suppose that would require Hilton telling us that the breach had occurred.

Ofcom asks: Do kids believe anything they read on the internet?

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No "I don't believe anything I read online" option?

Cat discovers GNOME desktop bug

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More proof

... that cats are awesome. (as if any were needed)

Prudish Indian censors cut James Bond Spectre snogging scenes

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Re: sheer evil

Not evil, unhygienic. Maybe he hadn't washed after going potty.

Kids' tech skills go backwards thanks to tablets and smartmobes

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If those were the tasks

I'd have a digital literacy in the negative range.

Microsoft capitulates, announces German data centres

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Re: Or,rather

Feds nick dick pics nichts?

LG picks up US smartphone crumbs, gains on Apple and Samsung

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I did my part :)

LG must be thrilled I upgraded my Tribute to a Tribute 2.

Sennheiser announces €50,000 headphones (we checked, no typos)

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Re: shit music

You mean, like Richard Strauss or Andrew Lloyd-Weber?

Microsoft's OneDrive price hike has wrecked its cloud strategy

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Re: Is it a habit or an addiction?

Necessity - PC gaming. Some of us have no desire to game on a console using a controller so we're stuck.

Cash injection fuels SABRE spaceplane engine

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Hesitant to say ...

what the first picture reminds me of.

Feds spank naughty Hilton, M.C. Dean in Wi-Fi jamming crackdown

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Wow, that Hilton in the picture is way nicer looking than ours.

HP Inc shares rocket 13% on Wall Street debut after split

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hmmm ...

So, the one run by Meg goes down while the one not run by Meg goes up?

Chrome OS is not dead, insists Google veep in charge of Chrome OS

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... exec in charge of ...

They're always the last to know, poor things.

Get 'em out for the... readers: The Sun scraps its online paywall

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What does Cyber Monday have to do with anything?

Does Ms. Brooks think those retail sales will be driven by ads viewed on the newly-free Sun website?

OEMs still the Achilles heel of Android security, say boffins

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Re: Security is not necessarily expensive

I just replaced my LG Tribute (paid $50) running KitKat 4.4.2 with a Tribute 2 running Lollipop 5.1.1 (paid $70). LG did provide an update to fix Stagefright. And in 6 months the next Tribute should be out.

We applied to Google's €150m journalism fund – here's what we sent in

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Re: including the specific outcome you want to achieve

My bad; using "hope to" instead of "want to" would serve better then.

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including the specific outcome you want to achieve

Umm, shouldn't the outcome be determined by the facts uncovered by investigation rather than structuring your investigation to support a pre-determined outcome?

TalkTalk CEO admits security fail, says hacker emailed ransom demand

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e-mailed ransom demand?

from extortionist72@gmail.com?

Bacon as deadly as cigarettes and asbestos

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Not bacon!

ITU rubber-stamps '3D' audio format

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To be popularly known as

Bullshit audio.

Apple ordered to write a $234m check to uni in A7 chip patent spat

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How much?

How much would it have cost Apple to license the patent? Perhaps it was a cost/benefits decision to simply pinch it.

Amazon Echo: We put Jeff Bezos' always-on microphone-speaker in a Reg family home

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Re: You said "speakers"

Separate woofer and tweeter, so two speakers but not stereo.

thomas k

You said "speakers"

Does that mean it has two and plays stereo? Or was that a misprint?

Android users left at risk... and it's not even THEIR FAULT this time!

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Why bother with updates ...

When they can just sell you a new phone? I mean, if you're *really* that worried, you'll spring for one, right?

I can see how people who prefer flagships might be hesitant with this approach, perhaps, but maybe if people stop buying flagships and switch to cheap land-fill models instead, manufacturers might get the message.

Dot-gay bid fails again: This time because it is too gay

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Re: Equal rights... But segregation in the Internet!

I see what you did there. ;)

thomas k

as I commented on last year's article

"And if the application had been adorned with glitter and sequins it would no doubt have been denied for being "too gay"."

PHONE me if you feel DIRTY: Yanks and 'Nadians wave bye-bye to magstripe

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Re: Redundancy

But isn't having a "back up" magstripe sort of defeating the purpose of switching to chip-and-whatever?

Verizon now owns AOL, so AOL now owns your web browsing habits, other personal info

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even more gladder now

that I switched to TWC a few months back.

Hyundai i30 Turbo: Softly, softly, catchee Audi

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no bumpers

I don't understand this "style" trend of no bumpers. Looks like even knocking into a shopping cart would cause major damage to that grill.

Beard transplants up 600% for men 'lacking length elsewhere'

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Geez ...

Wish I'd known about these transplants back when I might have been able to afford one.

Japan begins mega-rollout of 100 million+ national IDs

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Are the cards tamper-proof?

You know, like if thieves steal them from mailboxes during the mass distribution?

UK gets the Ashley Madison fear: Data privacy moans on the up

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Nothing reassures a customer like an oblivious "Huh?"

“There is increasing recognition that how an organization responds to the compromise of customer data can impact its long-term prospects as deeply as the incident itself," he added.

While Hilton publicly acknowledged the recent C/C breach faster than last year's breach of the HHonors rewards system, in neither instance did they send out anything to inform employees that the incidents occurred or, more importantly, how we should respond to possible guest inquiries regarding them. Even something like "I have little information myself but Hilton has set up a toll-free number you can call to speak to someone regarding that" would, I think, be a no-brainer.

Instead, we, like everyone else, only learn about it from the newspapers and are given no guidance on handling a situation where we may be asked about it. Nothing reassures a customer like an oblivious "Huh?"

Dodgy amphetamines drive drug-crazed man on to pub roof

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There is but they keep it for themselves

Manufactured by reputable pharmaceutical companies, everything from clinical mescaline to high quality methamphetamine, which they give to fighter pilots and other military personnel.

The only American soldier court martialed during the 1st Gulf War was an orderly (or somesuch medical position) for handing out meth to his bored buddies without proper authorization.

Woman makes app that lets people rate and review you, Yelp-style. Now SHE'S upset people are 'reviewing' her

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Re: Hat

Trilby - the bastard child of a fedora and a porkpie.