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Things can't go on like this. You need to get fit for the sake of your health. I'm going to write you a prescription for... an e-bike

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As far as the health benefits of e-bikes go, maybe Sheffield City Council would accrue better value for money by prescribing the afflicted with circular cycle routes in which they travel only downhill.

Hmm has Sheffield got MC Escher involved in street planning

Three UK: We're sending you this SMS to warn you not to pay attention to unsolicited texts

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They would have done better to put that link as a warning page, to teach people not to click on a link by sticking up a warning banner.

Mind you send some people a link saying click here so you identity can be stolen and I’m sure a good percentage would do so.

F5 emits fixes for critical flaws in BIG-IP gear: Hopefully yours aren't internet-facing while you ready a patch

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Re: Last count...

I actually found that with a company router.

Router had been setup for telnet access only, I idly searched on shodan and got a login prompt.

Quick explanation to my boss and an ACL was added to remove all access from any address not in Rfc1918 got me enough breathing space to plan an upgrade to a newer image.

Brit MPs vote down bid to delay IR35 reforms, press ahead with new tax rules for private-sector contractors

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As someone who has worked as a contractor I think the following would be acceptable to most.

75% of your daily rate is taxed as an employee (as long you as you are above the threshold) the remaining 25% can then be put aside to cover sick, holiday, company fees etc. The corporation tax is only charged on that 25% as that is your profit margin.

I.e. contractor earns £1000 week

Pays tax on £750

£250 goes into the company and gives you the buffer for equipment, training, holiday, sickness etc

Seems sensible as an employee you have 10% of your working year as holiday, training included, sick pay included etc.

It's National Cream Tea Day and this time we end the age-old debate once and for all: How do you eat yours?

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Need clotted cream

Thanks to you lot I am going to have to go and buy some clotted cream now.

You have made me realise I need some proper stuff with a nice crust on the top, and I have some raspberrys I picked this afternoon..... along with a few strawberries.

Right off to the shops

Email innovator Hey extends an olive branch in standoff with Apple, tweaks code to make the iGiant appier

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Re: A subscription fee for email‽

I do the same but never have had this problem. It might be that i setup a catchall@(domain) email where anything unspecified goes into - I usually empty it once a week, sometimes 5 emails sometimes 500!

Anyone sending to anything at (domain) well it will get delivered but not read....

Windows fails to reach the Finnish line as Helsinki signage pleads for help

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Buy a tv with a slideshow function built in, stick images on a usb stick and leave it to get on with it.

Most TVs can play images from a usb these days and it is a lot simpler and less prone to borkage.

When I was at Thomas Cook we just had a media player console running all the screens in the shop. Completely black box solution which if it failed was swapped out.

Belief in 5G conspiracy theories goes hand-in-hand with small explosions of rage, paranoia and violence, researchers claim

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Re: 5G caused infertility in men and cancer in humans

What about telling domestic and feral cats apart?

Conspiracy theorists just prove how factional people can get.

Take this joke for example....

Once I saw this guy on a bridge about to jump. I said, "Don't do it!" He said, "Nobody loves me." I said, "God loves you. Do you believe in God?"

He said, "Yes." I said, "Are you a Christian or a Jew?" He said, "A Christian." I said, "Me, too! Protestant or Catholic?" He said, "Protestant." I said, "Me, too! What franchise?" He said, "Baptist." I said, "Me, too! Northern Baptist or Southern Baptist?" He said, "Northern Baptist." I said, "Me, too! Northern Conservative Baptist or Northern Liberal Baptist?"

He said, "Northern Conservative Baptist." I said, "Me, too! Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region, or Northern Conservative Baptist Eastern Region?" He said, "Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region." I said, "Me, too!"

Northern Conservative†Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1879, or Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1912?" He said, "Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1912." I said, "Die, heretic!" And I pushed him over.

It is the same with most things, there is always a smaller and smaller faction ready to grab the headlines, however the most heretical (and I use this not in a religious space) are parents complaining about mobile phone towers near schools, and then sitting outside checking their phones when picking up their offspring.

Paging technology providers: £3m is on the table to replace archaic NHS comms network

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Re: The NHS - uniquely the same

Well why don’t you apply for the funding and pocket the cash after giving them a cheap reliable service, if I was in the situation of doing that I would rather than boasting I could on a forum.

Only true boffins will be able to grasp Blighty's new legal definitions of the humble metre and kilogram

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Someone had to....

16 ounces to the pound of 108.003 milijub

14 pounds to the stone or 1.5119 jub

8 stones in a hundredweight or 5.8397 adult badgers

36 inches to the yard or 6.5317 linguine

1760 yards to the mile or 174.5721 double decker buses

Logitech G915 TKL: Numpad-free mechanical keyboard clicks all the right boxes

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Apparently this keyboard is a 1990 Ford Escort in Red.

Honestly manufacturers using uk registration numbers as part numbers......

June's Patch Tuesday reveals 23 ways to remotely pwn Windows – and over 100 more bugs that could ruin your day

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Re: Isn't the title the inverse? "23 ways to STOP remotely pwn Windows..."

Well as the article says patch Tuesday then exploit Wednesday.

I’m sure someone will be busy working out how to exploit machines which haven’t got the patches installed yet, and probably have something out to spam users with tonight...

If Daddy doesn't want me to touch the buttons, why did they make them so colourful?

Giles C Bronze badge

Re: In the days before practically everywhere had access controls

Actually happened where I was working.

Door entry button, with the emergency stop button below.

Somebody hit the emergency button and then the same person did it again a month later.

We then had a guard fitted so you had to hit it very hard to make contact.

Amateur astroboffins spot young brown dwarf playing with planet-forming hula hoop just 102 parsecs from Earth

Giles C Bronze badge

Re: Nice artists impression.

The artist must have been working in infrared shifted to be visible to normal human vision....

The UK's favourite lockdown cheese is Big and Red but doesn't require a stinking great audit after consumption

Giles C Bronze badge

The properly aged cheddars (at least 18 months) are good.

But then we have

Red Leicester


Cheshire - the sharper the better

Most of the other hard cheeses

I’m not a fan of blue cheeses.

But the worst cheese in the world is mild cheddar.... you may as well chew a bar of soap for all the flavour it doesn’t have.

Wanna force granny to take down that family photo from the internet? No problem. Europe's GDPR to the rescue

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Interesting point about concent

I am a member of site called photocrowd, where people post photos in competitions.

Should everyone be forced to obtain consent forms for every person in a photograph to keep the site legal?

Hooray! It's IT Day! Let's hear it for the lukewarm mugs of dirty water that everyone seems to like so much

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Tea addicts

Now I don’t drink tea or coffee personally.

But a good few years ago I went on a trip to Le Mans with some friends, there were 3 of them who drank tea, we were there for 4 days, they took a brand new bag of 1000 tea bags and brought back maybe 100 , so basically 300 tea bags each over 4 days or 75 a day, they were brewing up at least 3 or 4 times an hour all day.


One malicious MMS is all it takes to pwn a Samsung smartphone: Bug squashed amid Android patch batch

Giles C Bronze badge

Bug number

There are two bug numbers quoted in this article

Cve (common vulnerability and exposure) which is at 2020-12637 and covers most of the products out there

Save (Samsung vulnerability and exposure) is at 2020-16747 which if I am reading this correctly Samsung has found more security bugs in its own products than the cve has listed for all security bugs....

Wow..... unless I am reading the numbers wrong

BT suspends shareholder payments as folk forgo pricey sports TV deals for matches that won't happen anyway

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Yes the short term shareholders will winge, but as the comment above states they are expected to suffer the good and bad times. Besides if they do this, then they aren’t going begging for handouts or issuing new shares and they should come out in a better state that a lot of companies (virgin altantic?]

'A' is for ad money oddly gone missing: Probe finds middlemen siphon off half of online advertising spend

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Re: "middlemen siphon off half of online advertising spend"

The problem is with “targeted” ads is half the stuff once bought you don’t need again for years.

If I was to buy a garden rake, it will last me 20 years (provided it is reasonable quality), therefore I don’t need another one. But no, I will be stalked around the web with loads of adverts to buy more rakes, if they looked and said you have bought a rake do you want a hoe, then they might stand a chance of making a new sale but the algorithms can’t process that sort of logic...

If I bought a pack of bog roll then yes I will need another pack relatively soon.... but I would just nip out to the shop and get one now the great bog roll panic of 2020 seems to be over....

Comms giant Telefonica confirms O2 in talks to merge with Virgin Media

Giles C Bronze badge

Vodafone is moving into fixed line, in Peterborough they are partnered with city fibre to bringing a fibre link to every house.

Prices aren’t that bad either...

Extra knobs and dials for Microsoft's Productivity Score while Azure Active Directory lays on the freebies

Giles C Bronze badge

From the article

He insisted that "there is no PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data in there

In today's post on the matter, Microsoft stated: "In the Employee Experience area there is now user-level granularity in all categories to help you determine who needs upskilling”

So if the first line is correct how does the second bit work....

Also Regarding time tracking.

Most people get in power up the laptop, open outlook, teams etc and go an get a drink whilst it syncs all the changes from the previous day (5 - 10 minutes usually).

Mind you when you get in and the machine starts on windows updates for 15 minutes that is annoying but not as bad as when you are finishing for the day....

International space station connects 100Mbps symmetric space laser ethernet using Sony optical disc tech

Giles C Bronze badge

Re: Nice technology

I used it between two buildings because they only put one duct in when the built the second site, only problem was the fixed link failed and it was running on the laser. Nobody had noticed and we got a day of freezing fog, when refracted the beam so it couldn’t reach the other side.

We had to go over to the site and when we got there you couldn’t see either building from the road (60 feet from the kerb).

I recently put a point to point radio in for another site and these days it is a lot more reliable and just as fast

Bezos to the Moon: Blue Origin joins SpaceX and Dynetics in a three-horse lunar lander race

Giles C Bronze badge

They would probably just load one of their cars into it.

They are already electric powered, just need some airless tyres....

Three things in life are certain: Death, taxes, and cloud-based IoT gear bricked by vendors. Looking at you, Belkin

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Consumer rights act 2015

According to this rule which covers everything bought in the uk. (I am not legally trained or own one of these)

Within six months of purchase, it’s up to the retailer to prove that you caused the problem with the goods: if they can’t, they’ll have to repair or replace the goods or give you a refund if that’s not possible.

After this initial six-month period, you will have to prove that any faults are not down to misuse of the product or general wear and tear. This might require you to obtain an expert report, opinion or evidence of similar problems across the product range. Factors such as the price, the specification/model of the goods, the length of time you’ve had the goods and the length of time which they should last will all be considerations.

If all else fails, you have six years from when you bought the faulty goods to take a claim to the small claims court and reclaim the cost of repair of the product.

Now if the manufacturer bricks the appliance...... then they have created faulty goods.

Airbus and Rolls-Royce hit eject on hybrid-electric airliner testbed after E-Fan X project fails to get off the ground

Giles C Bronze badge

Re: Electric planes?

Well I would guess that if you can power the planes by electric motors, then if someone comes up with some really efficient solar panels you could be on the way to a free fuel situation.

Thinking about it if the panels are good enough then as long as you are flying in daytime almost zero cost. Flying at night might be a bit trickier....?

Dumpster diving to revive a crashing NetWare server? It was acceptable in the '90s

Giles C Bronze badge

Well, I had just started at a company 22 years ago, and there was a big ups in the corner. It had an emergency bypass button on the front. For some reason best known to the manufacturer the button sat 1mm proud of the surrounding panel, and was built with a hair trigger.

I had been there for a week and was doing some work in the server room and my knee caught this button powering down the computer room.

The solution was to stick a backup tape box over the switch with sellotape so it could be removed if needed buy not if kneeded....

I was still working there until 18 months ago....

Famously flawed, it is 30 years since the Hubble Space Telescope was launched

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For those who can access the BBC iplayer there was an edition of Horizon last night (24th April BBC2 9PM) well worth a watch, as it covered all the servicing missions.

Forget tabs – the new war is commas versus spaces: Web heads urged by browser devs to embrace modern CSS

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As someone who is very colour-blind and also knowing how bad the colour calibration is on different monitors I can’t see why they need to be able to address so many colours.

Mind you there is probably some designer out there who wants to move one colour register by a tenth of a percent to make it true to their ideal, although you would have thought using Pantone colours would be best as they can be the same no matter what you want to present to (screen, print etc)

In case you need more proof the world's gone mad: Behold, Apple's $699 Mac Pro wheels

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Re: Re Cycle Wheels

I just had a play on a site that builds custom bikes, managed to get to £12,621 for a bike, the wheels cost £7000 on their own......

Trello! It is me... you locked the door? User warns of single sign-on risk after barring self from own account

Giles C Bronze badge

Hence the reason I have personal devices and work devices. I also won’t use personal credentials to log into any work services (not that I have a job at the moment)

Feeling hot, hot, hot... in British Columbia? In December?

Giles C Bronze badge

Re: Wait...


There is but amazon want £62.92 + postage..... bit expensive

Google Cloud's AI recog code 'biased' against black people – and more from ML land

Giles C Bronze badge

A friends dog is biased against black dogs (he is a white Staffordshire terrier), other dogs no issue, black dogs doesn’t like.

They reckon is because is it harder to read the intent of a black dog as opposed to a lighter colour fur, presumably this is down to when you see the teeth you can’t tell if it is yawning, having its tongue hang out or getting ready to fight, and you can’t see the eyes against the fur....

So perhaps the data set was trained using dogs.....

BepiColombo probe swings by Earth on way to Mercury – the Solar System's must-visit coronavirus-free resort

Giles C Bronze badge

Just watched the video on the esa website showing the crafts route, that is a phenomenal amount of calculations to get that calculated.

Some people can’t even find there way to work without a satnav (I did hear a story years ago that someone had a car with a satnav, it went in for a service and they were given a loan car without the satnav, they then got lost on the way to the place they had worked for a couple of years...)

Truly amazing.

OK brainiacs, we've got an IT cold case for you: Fatal disk errors on an Amiga 4000 with 600MB external SCSI unless the clock app is... just so

Giles C Bronze badge

Re: I'm not sure why it happened

It could have been Alice instead of Angus and the boss would then be Lisa

Consumer reviewer Which? finds CAN bus ports on Ford and VW, starts yelling 'Security! We have a problem...'

Giles C Bronze badge

Given what I have seen on the roads

I think there are some drivers that would fail to notice if there car was sat on by an elephant.

The best one was a car that created its own smokescreen the back was completely covered in soot, or the one where two wheels were flat.

So most people are completely unaware of what there car is doing.

Remember Tapplock, the 'unbreakable' smart lock that was allergic to screwdrivers? The FTC just slapped it down for 'deceiving' folks

Giles C Bronze badge


The Mk1 could be opened with a screwdriver and a bit of work

The Mk2 can be opened with a magnet

Will the Mk3 need just a hard scare.

Most locks would be more secure with each new version, this seems to be getting weaker?

NASA mulls restoring Saturn V to service as SLS delays and costs mount

Giles C Bronze badge

Almost believed it

The first few paragraphs were very convincing but as I got further down the April fool starting becoming more apparent. The KBS comment finally clicked.

That awful moment when what you thought was a number 1 turned out to be a number 2

Giles C Bronze badge

Re: Technical management tips

That type of manager is a seagull manager, having one of those would make me start looking for a new job immediately.

My preferred manager type asks me to do something, let’s me get on and if there are any issues I let them know.

If all he’ll breaks loose they deal with the managers and let me fix the problems.

Giles C Bronze badge

There is a van belonging to a company that lives nearby.

The company website is ornametal but the font for their website used means that unless you are within an Osman of the van it reads omametal. Doesn’t help they used grey lettering on a silver truck either....

Oh-so-generous ransomware crooks vow to hold back from health organisations during COVID-19 crisis

Giles C Bronze badge

Spammers all still at it

Not as bad as the ransom operators but I just got this email in my junk folder - somehow it is staying there.....

We are all affected by the growing COVID-19 pandemic. It's an unprecedented health challenge and we know people and organizations everywhere want to help. The World Health Organization is leading and coordinating the global effort, supporting countries to prevent, detect, and respond to the pandemic.

The greatest need right now is to help ensure all countries are prepared, especially those with the weakest health systems. Donations support WHO’s work to track and understand the spread of the virus; to ensure patients get the care they need and frontline workers get essential supplies and information; and to accelerate efforts to develop vaccines, tests, and treatments.

Now you can help us by donating any amount you want with the help of BITCOIN NETWORK

DONATE NOW with Bitcoin payment

World Health Organization bitcoin address (BTC Wallet) for donations is: (no I am not publishing the code)

Your contribution will matter!

© 2020 WHO

World Health Organization

Hey, friends. We know it's a crazy time for the economy, but don't forget to enable 2FA for payments by Saturday

Giles C Bronze badge

Not on amazon

Just placed an order on amazon, no login checks just went straight through without any further prompts, ok it was only for £12 but still with the new rules they would have at least asked for the cv2 code?

Budget 2020 in tech: UK.gov splashes cash on broadband and R&D while trying to limit impact of COVID-19 outbreak

Giles C Bronze badge

They will probably lower the prices a bit and pocket the difference, someone has to pay for the accounting software changes

BOFH: Here he comes, all wide-eyed with the boundless optimism of youth. He is me, 30 years ago... what to do?

Giles C Bronze badge

Re: Cynicism? It's just another word for experience

Where can I apply, I need a new job soon

Microsoft's latest cloud innovation: Printing

Giles C Bronze badge

Re: Why, just why?

Having seen some print jobs from a training department 100+ page double sided documents 30 odd copies. It is obvious cloud printing will bring your internet link to such a slow rate that you won’t be able to watch cat videos!

Seriously what are these people on, just print to the devices up address and save on the infrastructure

We regret to inform you there are severe delays on the token ring due to IT nerds blasting each other to bloody chunks

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Re: Token Ring in the early '90s?

I joined a company in 97 IBM AS400 token ring bridges CAUs and LAMs all over the site using type 1 cabling.

I remember upgrading the network to token ring switches (IBM8272) to improve performance and then we moved over to Ethernet about 2005. Btw an old 3550 series switch can be brought down if you have a cat 5 to type 1 token ring wired cable connected. If it is wired for Ethernet then it will be fine but wired for token ring it shorts out the Tx and Rx lines.

And they said IoT was trash: Sheffield 'smart' bins to start screaming when they haven't been emptied for a fortnight

Giles C Bronze badge

Re: A fortnight?

Rubbish bin for me could be as little as every 3 months,

Now recycling is full every fortnight, might have something to do with a physical paper every day and this week the box for a large window blind

Can AI-enhanced virtual sports presenters do the job? It's a big ask

Giles C Bronze badge

Re: I thought a "smart thermostat"

I looked at a smart thermostat, and went instead for a radio linked thermostat so it can be with me in whichever room is best, and a plain old mechanical on/off clock on the boiler.

Simple reliable and the only problem is if you get a power failure, or turn it off for some reason you have to remember to reset the clock.

I am looking at a bathroom refit and they will now sell you an app controlled shower. Please explain to this network security engineer, why I need to set the temperature on my shower using a phone! I am going for a thermostatic mixer bar, cheaper and more reliable, and a lot easier to install.

Nothing smart in my house... unless you mean the cat who is trying to outwit me and winning.

Cache me if you can: HDD PC sales collapse in Europe as shoppers say yes siree to SSD

Giles C Bronze badge


Just reading these comments and got to the bottom of the page and there is an advert for a 16tb toshiba hard drive

3.5” 7200 rpm, sounds ideal for a backup drive when my existing one gets full...

We're afraid it might be terminal: Tesco top-up box looking less than tip-top

Giles C Bronze badge

Re: Can Be Your Toilet Paper Scratching You Ow!

That Is one of the worst websites I have seen for a while,

The links go all over the place, there is a bad case of stretched images on the staff page and an inconsistent layout.

And as to the links, well the blog says coming soon on most pages, but on the press page it links to that page.

If you are designing pos terminals then you would think they want people to use their website to look at what is on offer....



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