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Microsoft to RIP THE SHEETS off Windows 9 aka 'Threshold' in April

Keith T. Grey, Sr.

Re: Is Windows trying to copy the StarTrek convention...

Confused? Not since Windows 3.1...

I credit my continued enjoyment of, and productivity in, my career (Oracle DBA) to dumping MS before Win95. Lack of a stable multitasking environment took me from 3.1 to O/S2 --> Solaris --> Solaris/Linux --> AIX/Linux --> Linux.

I would go back to a previous life as a sheet metal machine rather than put up with all the technology that has been compromised by the MS agenda of customer lock in and dirty tricks.

End in sight for IT jobs outsourcing massacre

Keith T. Grey, Sr.

Re: Henry Ford

As a matter of fact, the fairly new mgmt of Ford Motors 'woke up and smelled the coffee' about five years ago and 1) started to create quality products; 2) stopped trying to squeeze employees for the bottom line; and 3) declined to screw their vendors (did NOT file for bankruptcy). As a result, the firm actually shot to profitability, scooped up market share, won customer & employee loyalty, produced quality products and paid for some of my major remodeling projects when I sold some of those $2 shares of stock ( I bought in '09). For the record, I am VERY happy with the Ford Ranger pickup truck I bought last year -- first Ford I have owned in 40 years. :-)

Microsoft: 'You can get your data onto Azure for free!'

Keith T. Grey, Sr.

So what has changed in 20 years?

This was always one of my major complaints -- plenty of options under "File"/"Import", nothing or just "ASCII" under "File"/"Export". I have never put my data into anything I couldn't get it back out easily & intact and this is one of the first criteria I check...

Hotmail still not working? Use Chrome to fix it, says MS

Keith T. Grey, Sr.

And this is new?

Since when in the last twenty years?

Ireland scraps e-voting in favour of 'stupid old pencils'

Keith T. Grey, Sr.

Have the last laugh!

As a US citizen who had to suffer from the questionable results of the 2004 election, I say to the citizens of Ireland: "Let them laugh at you, YOU WILL HAVE AN AUDIT TRAIL!!!".

He who laughs last, laughs longest...

Conficker call-backs threaten to swamp legit domains

Keith T. Grey, Sr.

Identify infected machines?

Seems to me that having a known date of attack and known target is an ideal opportunity to log the IP addresses of the actual infected hosts. Since the http request has been identified, the botnet boxen can be singled out from legitimate users. Then the target sends the info to the ISPs with a legal request to stop providing the means of the attack. The ISPs for the botnet hosts should notify the account holders that their computers are now part of the problem -- clean up or be blocked from the 'Net.

Hope I don't offend anyone by implying ISP should actually ACT on this problem, or that -- horrors! -- computer owners be held responsible for their own negligence! One would think that knowingly being part of a botnet would render a party legally responsible just like failing to confine a vicious dog to the backyard.

US government cools on Real ID threats

Keith T. Grey, Sr.

"over 50.."

As a 59 year old WASC, I only hope I am dead & cold by the time these "1984" regimes have full control...

The only proof I need that the eVoting machines were fully cracked the the rightwing nuts is that bushie was "reelected" in 2004.

PC buyers: 'Vista Capable' machines weren't Vista capable

Keith T. Grey, Sr.


@ Windows sticker


You would have beat me to it, except mine read "Runs MS Windows 95 or better", so I installed Linux on my TP 600E and never looked back...

The terrorists I party with

Keith T. Grey, Sr.

@Adam Smith meets Bela Lugosi to produce Nation of Cowards...

"but history so far does not provide good evidence that the American people have that sort of retention"

All too true and going all the way back to the Puritan witch trials of the 1690s, when the theocracy whipped up hysteria to strengthen their hold on the populace...and forward to the "Red Scare" of McCarthyism in the 50's.

At least those in the arts can help remind people of the risks: here in South Carolina we just restaged Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" because of this regime's tendency to fear-mongering.

Thanks again for an insight commentary!


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