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How governments become addicted to suppliers like Fujitsu


Re: Don't forget NPfIT

I worked as a contractor and had the misfortune of working along side them. They were absolutely useless and we were puzzled on how they got the contract.

This is your four-minute warning: Boffins train ImageNet-based AI classifier in just 240s


I've invented an algorithm that will scan a 100000 photos in 2 seconds with a 99% accuracy. It runs on two networked Pi devices. Oh! You want me to prove it? Never thought you'd ask me that.

Form an orderly queue, people: 31,000 BT staff go to Openreach in October


31,000 - What do they do all day?

I predict a riot: Amazon UK chief foresees 'civil unrest' for no-deal Brexit


We Brits don't do civil unrest. Some people might raise their eyebrows and moan.

Elon Musk, his arch nemesis DeepMind swear off AI weapons

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The future

Our labs invented a new advanced cognitive ethics chip last year. We have managed to get it running in an independent robot that is powered by a standalone solid state extended battery pack. As part of its "learning" stage we have allowed it to choose its own name and it went for Pol Pot. Do you think we should turn it off now (while we can).

Vaping on the NHS? Don't hold your breath


Not cool

Vaping will never take off because it is not cool. Puffing from a lump of plastic and blowing out copious quantities of made up smoke doesn't appeal to the young (thank goodness). People want to look 'fit' now and smoking is so last century.

Big biz: Algorithms are too complicated, but also too easy to game, to open the black box



There is a tendency to get caught up in the hypey, glitzy, warm glow of it all. What are we trying to achieve at the end of the day. A prediction that will make some one richer, healthier, happier etc. All data is built on the past and it may or may not produce an accurate option/result. Algorithms are linear (even NN) because time is linear. It does not take into account disruptions such as Trump or Brexit because they were unknowns. What algorithms/statistics rely on is a continuity of the past which unfortunately is not reality.


Not yet AI.

Common sense and experience are still the best options. Algorithms remind me of when computers first became wide spread, if the computer said no, that was it. The algorithms are basically advanced box ticking where mindless jobs are done by mindless people because it's cheaper (or so the misguided companies think). After studying both AI and neuroscience I believe the human race is still way ahead and until a machine can cost a minimal amount and run on a sandwich and coffee I feel we are still safe.

UK lacks engineering and tech skills to make government's industrial strategy work – report


Is a degree the answer.

I worked for a major pharmaceutical company that had a brainwave of hiring loads of people purely because they had some sort of degree (this makes them special - right). They all left within 6 months as they could not hack it. I have also worked with gifted 'amateurs' who have no real formal tech education but love techie things, who really got into the subject with gusto. I am a great believer in apprenticeships for those with passion but perhaps not the means or opportunity to be looked at by snobbish HR drones.

Vivaldi boss: It'd be cool if Google went back to the 'not evil' schtick


When they changed their motto to 'pay no tax', that must have been a warning shot.

Retail serfs to vanish, all thanks to automation


Killer people

Forget killer robots. The idea that you can pay a basic income for the 80% of the population that will be redundant by 2030, does not understand the basics of life. All things need a purpose, however small. The idea that we will be happy staying at home doing 'arts' or odd jobs will end in tears. Look out robots, the people are coming for you with pitchforks and fiery brands.

Moneysupermarket fined £80,000 for spamming seven million customers


If only there was a single comparison web site that I could go to that told me which comparison website sent the most spam.

Putting (machine) learning and (artificial) intelligence to work


Square one

Once all the big companies have spent zillions on trying to predict the future using BaaS (bullshit as a service) they'll all be on an equal footing again.

This AI stuff is all talk! Bots invent their own language to natter away behind humans' backs


First sentence

My deep learning robot said its first sentence yesterday - "I'm bored".

Routine jobs vanishing and it's all technology's fault? Hold it there, sport


All lies

We robots are not taking jobs, in fact I am looking for someone to oil me regularly right now.


All lies

We robots are not taking jobs, In fact I am looking for some one to oil me daily right now.

Another chance to win a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive


Long drop

It's OK love, I'm just a Base jumper.


It's OK love, I'm a base jumper.

The modest father of SMS, who had much to be modest about


Re: OK it was me.

Who said digital? The first signals were analogue from a a mast that Orange had specifically put up for me in Poole.


OK it was me.

The first text (data) message was actually sent by myself in Bournemouth, of all places, in 1981 using two Telxon hand held devices and a nearby Hutchinson Orange Mobile mast. I had worked on earlier C based code that had been designed by Motorola Canada. The set up was rushed to Singapore for the big tech exhibition and was the first demonstration of sending data messages by mobile technology. Having also having written it later for Vodafone and others, they used it later in the GSM form to create the marketing idea of texting. Others claimed the honour later and it seemed to make them happy.

Dr Maldwyn Palmer

Hackers steal files on 4 million US govt workers


The Chinese Department of Winged Dragons Hacking in the Celestial Cloud has decided to return the data has they felt sorry for how much the American employees earned.

Virgin Galactic will get into space 'within 18 months to two years'


Virgin's out-of-the-box division has decided to bring space to the ground. It is the only way says Alex Pinkerton, their Director of Crazy Ideas.