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Taiwanese online hunk lures 20 women into bed

Matthew Ralston

And they all rolled over an one fell out...

...but he didn't care because he still had 19.

Kebabs pose 'no danger whatsoever', Russians claim

Matthew Ralston

No surprises there...

There is a well known phrase in Russia about it's two biggest newspapers:

"In the Pravda there is no truth and in the Novostiy there is no news."

("pravda" is the Russian word for "truth" and "novostiy" means "news")

I've never read it, but I'm lead to believe that the Pravda contains about as much factual information as the Sunday Sport.

No Russian would bat an eyelid at this story.

Burned by a MacBook

Matthew Ralston


Yup, my Magsafe started to melt a few weeks back. At the other end to yours, where it comes out of the 'brick'. Other than that it looked very similar to your photo.

When I rang up the AppleCare number, they were quite helpful and sounded concerned about the safety implications. They dispatched a replacement same day and I picked it up from the UPS depot a couple of days later (of course they deliver it to my house only when I'm at work). I sent the bad one back to them by return and that's the last I've heard of it.

Fingers crossed this one will be ok, but a bit of Internet trawling suggests the fault might be with the laptop itself drawing too much current due to a faulty SMC. I guess I'll see how it goes.

I noticed they've just launched new 'extra portable' 65W and 85W power supplies, so I wonder if any potential problem has been fixed with these.