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Intel adopts 40Gb per SECOND USB-C plug for Thunderbolt 3.0


"...if I could finally replace 10Gb ethernet and 8Gb Fibre..."

Congratulations, you not only re-invented FCoE but added a display protocol to further overcomplicate the mess. Given the price difference between the FCoE switches and the "vanilla" 10 GbE switches one is left to wonder how pricey a VESA-n-FC-over-Ethernet port would be...

FCC to Verizon: Blocking 911 calls? That's a $3.4m paddlin'


Re: Looks to me like El Reg is most fortunate Verizon is in the US instead of the UK

You are suggesting that by outsourcing a key service to a third-party Verizon is free from any obligations to:

a. ensure the service is resilient?

b. provide any replacement and/or alternative?

c. provide the said service at all?

No, Optus: don't try US-style net neutrality arguments in Oz


Re: Nothing wrong with Australian Internet...

It is good to be proud downloading a gig in just ten minutes. I am ashamed to admit ringing my local ISP support line if a gig takes more than a minute or two. Spoiled by the link speed I can download up to 100 GB in a single day.

Now I am ashamed to be European...

Swedish government wins legal case to seize Pirate Bay domains


Re: The government can take stuff it thinks belongs to you if you've been convicted?

Isn't the reasoning about the government paying for renting the domain a bit flawed? Following the same train of thought the government should continue paying the car rental of those running people on the street, or house rent for rapist houses, etc. It is all for the safety of the society, to prevent another rape.


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